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Live: Amaze Card InstaPoints redemptions

InstaPoints earned through the Amaze Card can now be converted to cashback at a rate of 2,000 points= S$20.

Instarem Amaze Card Review: Less amazing, still essential

Despite its numerous nerfs, the Amaze Card still offers 4 mpd with no FCY fees. And maybe that's all it has to.

Instarem’s Amaze adds wallet top-up feature (but what’s the point?)

You can now top-up your Amaze wallet with a Mastercard or Visa, but it's very hard to see who would find this useful.

Nerfed again: Amaze Card no-notice cashback devaluation

From 1 July, Amaze will end cashback on local spend and introduce an InstaPoints system with minimum cash-out amounts.

After the nerf: My new Instarem Amaze Card strategy

DBS cards no longer offer rewards on Amaze transactions. How does this change your optimal Amaze strategy?

PSA: Amaze FX rates now higher than spot & Mastercard rates

Amaze FX rates, which were historically very close to spot rates, are now diverging noticeably for several currencies.

Nerfed: DBS adds Amaze to rewards exclusion list from 1 June

From 1 June, DBS will no longer issue rewards points on Amaze transactions. Here's my new strategy going forward.

PSA: Why your Amaze Card refund won’t go through

Expecting a refund on your Amaze Card? It might bounce depending on how the merchant processes it. Here's my experience.


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