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Avianca LifeMiles selling miles with 165% bonus

From now till 23 February 2023, buy Avianca LifeMiles with a 165% bonus, or 1.25 US cents per mile.

Avianca LifeMiles offering 165% bonus sale

From now till 26 January 2023, buy LifeMiles with a 165% bonus (1.25 US cents each) and earn qualifying miles towards Avianca status.

Deal: Buy LifeMiles with a 125% bonus & receive 10% rebate on next award booking

Buy LifeMiles with a 125% bonus by 30 September, and enjoy a 10% rebate off your next award booking, with no cap.

Avianca LifeMiles offering 145% bonus sale

From now till 18 May, buy LifeMiles with a 145% bonus, or 1.35 US cents each.

Avianca LifeMiles offering 150% bonus sale: Is it time to buy again?

With Singapore's borders now fully open and the VTLs scrapped, is it time to take a second look at buying LifeMiles?

LifeMiles Cyber Week Sale: 200% bonus on miles purchases

From now till 4 December 2020, buy LifeMiles with a 200% bonus or 1.1 US cents each.

LifeMiles offering largest-ever 200% bonus miles sale for 11.11

From now till 16 November 2020, buy LifeMiles for just 1.1 US cents each...but remember the risks involved.

LifeMiles offering unprecedented 200% bonus sale (there’s a reason, though)

LifeMiles are now being sold for just 1.1 US cents each, but it'd take a brave man to buy now given all that's going on.


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