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LifeMiles offering 150% bonus sale, but proceed with caution

LifeMiles' latest sale offers miles for just 1.32 US cents each, but know what you're getting into.

LifeMiles offering 140% bonus sale; up to 33% off Star Alliance redemptions

Buy LifeMiles at 1.375 US cents each, and redeem selected routes for up to 33% off.

LifeMiles Black Friday sale: 150% bonus on miles, up to 43% off Star Alliance awards

Buy LifeMiles at 1.32 US cents each, and redeem selected routes for up to 43% off.

LifeMiles offering up to 145% bonus and discounted Star Alliance awards

Check out what bonus you were targeted for and redeem discounted First/Business Class awards on Star Alliance.

LifeMiles on sale with 145% bonus, plus discounted Star Alliance awards

Buy LifeMiles at 1.35 US cents each and redeem discounted First and Business Class Star Alliance awards.

LifeMiles offering transfer bonus: buy miles for 1.3 cents each

LifeMile's latest transfer bonus allows you to effectively generate miles at 1.3 US cents each, way below the regular sales price

24 hours left to register: LifeMiles Black Friday Sale for Milelion readers: 145% bonus

Register by 26 November and purchase LifeMiles by 27 November. Discounted award redemptions also available.

LifeMiles Singles Day Sale: Up to 140% bonus on miles purchases

Use LifeMiles to unlock discounted Star Alliance First and Business Class redemptions.


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