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HSBC Revolution: A designated survivor guide

As the HSBC Revolution hurtles towards its demise, here's the options for holdouts.

HSBC Revolution nerfs 4 mpd for contactless payments and travel transactions

HSBC has gone full BDSM on the Revolution, axing bonuses for offline spending in July 2024, then removing bonuses for travel-related transactions in January 2025.

HSBC Revolution: Keep or cancel?

The HSBC Revolution has had a dismal 2024 so far, and some cardholders are glancing at the exit. Should you join them?

Finally: HSBC points pooling to be added from May 2024

HSBC cardholders will be able to pool their points and enjoy 21 airline and hotel transfer partners from 28 May 2024, with a waiver of conversion fees till January 2025.

HSBC Revolution nerfing bonuses for groceries, food delivery and fast food

From 1 May 2024, the HSBC Revolution will no longer offer 4 mpd on groceries, food delivery and fast food, another blow to this once-attractive card.

Review: HSBC Revolution Card

The HSBC Revolution is still useful to have, but its scaled-back whitelist means it's not the incredible card it once was.

HSBC Revolution nerfing Airbnb, Klook, Pelago and many hotels from January 2024

From January 2024, the HSBC Revolution Card will drop MCCs 4722 and 7011 from its bonus whitelist, meaning no more 4 mpd on some popular merchants.

HSBC Revolution: Up to S$180 cash or Samsonite luggage for new sign-ups

From now till 2 July 2023, get a bonus S$30 from SingSaver + S$150 cashback or Samsonite luggage with a new HSBC Revolution Card.