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Great deal: Get 45,000 miles and S$280 eCapitaVouchers with a new StanChart Journey Card

From now till 31 July 2024, get 45,000 bonus miles and S$280 eCapitaVouchers, S$250 cash or 15,000 Max Miles with a new StanChart Journey Card.

StanChart Journey Card now offering 10,000 miles for renewal

StanChart Journey Cardholders who pay the second and subsequent years' $196.20 annual fee will receive 10,000 miles, which will also be awarded retroactively.

How to check credit card points breakdowns

Regularly checking your points balance is part of miles game hygiene. Which banks make it easy to track your points, and which don't?

How to calculate credit card points: General spending cards

How do banks calculate credit card points, and how does rounding affect you? Here's all you need to know for general spending cards.

Which banks pool credit card points?

For those who hold multiple cards from a single bank, points pooling makes life so much easier. Which banks offer it, and which don't?

PSA: Standard Chartered’s unusual points expiry policy

StanChart 360° Rewards points aren't valid for three years. They're valid for "up to" three years, which can cause some nasty surprises if you're unaware!

How strict are credit card income requirements?

Credit card income requirements may seem daunting, but beyond a certain minimum, banks actually have a lot of leeway to bend the rules.

StanChart Visa Infinite offering S$300 cashback on tax payment facility

Till 30 June 2024, earn a 100% rebate of the admin fee for StanChart's Income Tax Payment Facility, capped at S$300- but only if you're in the first 50 per month!