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SG Arrival Card will be a permanent feature of travelling to Singapore

Singapore may have dropped almost all of its COVID-era travel restrictions, but the SG Arrival Card is here to stay.

Singapore opens borders to unvaccinated travellers from 29 August

From 29 August, Singapore will drop the entry approval and SHN requirement for unvaccinated travellers, though pre-departure testing remains.

Singapore to reopen Changi Airport Terminal 2 in 2022

Changi Airport Terminal 2 will reopen its doors this year, as air travel picks up again. Solari Boards, anyone?

VTF: Singapore scraps travel insurance requirement for tourists

From 1 April 2022, fully vaccinated visitors to Singapore will no longer be required to purchase travel insurance.

Singapore-Malaysia land border to reopen without testing or quarantine, for all modes of travel

From 1 April, fully vaccinated travellers can take any mode of transport across the Singapore-Malaysia causeway, with no testing or quarantine.

Germany designates Singapore as high-risk area (but quarantine-free travel still possible)

Germany will designate Singapore as a high-risk area from 24 October, but there'll be little disruption to the plans of fully vaccinated travellers.

Singapore – Hong Kong ATB likely to be delayed as Singapore tightens COVID-19 restrictions

The Singapore - Hong Kong ATB looks set for another delay, as COVID-19 community cases continue to rise and Singapore tightens its measures.

Singapore – Hong Kong air travel bubble delayed till 2021. What now?

Leisure travel to Hong Kong is off the table for 2020, as a fourth wave of COVID-19 cases leads to a further postponement of the ATB.