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Emirates Skywards+ subscription: Save 20% off Skywards award redemptions

Buy an Emirates Skywards+ membership and enjoy discounts on award tickets, lounge passes, bonus miles and more.

Emirates Skywards devalues First Class awards from July 2021

Emirates Skywards will eliminate First Class Flex awards from 1 July 2021, leaving only the more expensive (25%) Flex Plus awards.

Emirates offering 100% bonus on Skywards miles purchases

From now till 8 May, enjoy a 100% bonus on Emirates Skywards miles purchases, the biggest sale this program has ever offered.

Emirates offering 35% discount on Skywards miles (and brings back Saver space)

Emirates Skywards miles are still too expensive, but the return of Saver space and removal of fuel surcharges make it a viable place to transfer credit card points.

Emirates Skywards returns to American Express transfer partners

After going AWOL for a month, Emirates Skywards returns to American Express once more.

Emirates cuts fuel surcharges on Skywards awards, but removes Saver availability

Emirates has quietly cut its fuel surcharges by more than 50% on most routes, but Saver space has also gone AWOL.

American Express removes Emirates Skywards from transfer partners

Membership Rewards points can no longer be transferred to Emirates, leaving SCB as the airline's sole Singapore partner.

SCB X Card offering 100% bonus on Emirates Skywards transfers- is it worth it?

This could be your best chance to get naked at 30,000 feet. Just mind the fuel surcharges.