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DBS Altitude Visa double miles promotion

From 1 March to 31 July 2017, DBS Altitude is running a promotion on their Visa Signature card for members who register via this link. Cardmembers can earn up to 6 mpd, depending on the category they spend in.

Here’s how it works- recall that the base earning rates for the DBS Altitude Visa are 1.2/2/3 mpd for local/overseas/online hotel and flight bookings respectively.

If you spend a minimum of S$2,500 per calendar month, you’ll enjoy 2.4/4/6 mpd on the $2,501-$5,000th dollar of spend. Any spend fro mthe $5,001th dollar on earns the regular 1.2/2/3 mpd.

In reality your actual mpd will be something less than the 2.4/4/6 promised because your $1-$2,500 will be earning the regular 1.2/2/3 mpd rates.

6 mpd sounds like a a fantastic earning rate for online hotel and flight spending- it’s above the HSBC 4 mpd rate (which may very well disappear come 31 March). But when you do the math, you come out only marginally higher. Suppose you were buying a $5K flight ticket- your effective rate is 4.5mpd because of the first $2.5K of spend earning 3 mpd. If you don’t have a HSBC Advance card then of course it’s a fantastic deal though. Full T&C here.

A reminder that if you do not yet own a DBS Altitude Visa card you can get a 10,000 mile sign up bonus (or 15,000 miles if you’re new to DBS credit cards altogether) when you charge a minimum of $1,000 a month for the first 2 months after getting your card. This is valid for sign ups till 31 March.

DBS Altitude is offering 8 Miles per $1 with Expedia, but beware the T&C

DBS has launched a new promotion with Expedia that offers Altitude cardholders the chance to earn 8 miles per $1 on online hotel and flight transactions till 30 August 2016.

Remember that under the baseline T&C of the DBS Altitude card, you earn 3 miles per S$1 on online hotel and flight transactions, capped at S$5,000 per month

This promotion tops that up with

  • 3 miles per S$1 if you spend less than $2,500 in a single transaction
  • 5 miles per S$1 if you spend $2,500 or more in a single transaction

So TL;DR version- spend $2,500 or more= 8 miles per S$1, spend less than $2,500=6 miles per S$1. The maximum bonus you can earn is still capped at S$5,000 of spend, meaning you max this out at 40,000 miles (or if you broke your transactions into amounts less than $2,500, you’d max this out at 30,000 miles).

Very important points to note about this promotion

  • Registration is required and can be done here. You must use this link to book your travel
  • If you’re booking a hotel, you must prepay your reservation at the time of booking. If you pay at the hotel, you will not get your bonus (this does not mean you can only book non-refundable rates. You can also book refundable rates but must provide your card details at time of booking)
  • If you’re booking flights, Expedia must be the “merchant of record” on the transaction. What that means is slightly unclear to me, but the list of “approved” airlines is provided in the T&C and includes
    • Air France
    • Air India
    • Finnair
    • EVA
    • Air China
    • Cathay
    • China Southern
    • Ethiopian Airlines
    • Garuda
    • Transasia
    • Gulf Air
    • Air Astana
    • Korean Air
    • KLM
    • Latam
    • Malaysia Air
    • Silkair
    • Air Niugini
    • Qatar
    • Lao Airlines
    • SIA
    • Turkish
    • Thai
    • Vietnam Airlines

If you have both the DBS Altitude Visa and the DBS Altitude AMEX, you can register both cards and enjoy a combined cap of $10,000.

Of course you might always want to check out Kaligo, which gives 10 miles per $1 on hotel spending. I’ve often found Kaligo’s rates to be much higher than other OTAs, but still worth a check.