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Does Singapore Airlines “give chance” with elite status requalification?

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In order to qualify for Krisflyer elite status, you need to earn 25,000 or 50,000 elite miles within a 12 month period for Silver and Gold respectively.

Krisflyer Silver has fairly few benefits but Gold is a decent enough proposition for the frequent traveller. You get priority check-in, luggage and boarding, plus lounge access. You also get to say you’re part of the same (non-swimming) club as Joseph Schooling.

Access to an extensive network of lounges

I can’t say the Krisflyer Gold lounge in Singapore is anywhere near my list of favourite lounges (no toilets, showers, champagne or happiness), but you are able to access the Silverkris lounges outside of Singapore, including the very nice “Home” themed ones they’re gradually rolling out.

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50,000 miles, however, is a hefty target to meet especially if you only do regional travel (Singapore to SFO- 8,440 miles. Singapore to Bangkok- 890 miles).

So what if you’re just short of that target? This was the case of my colleague who was 70 miles short of re-qualifying for Krisflyer Gold.

She asked me whether she could write in and ask for an exception. I laughed. Loudly. Tears streamed down my face as I chortled at her naivety. “Do we remember the man who almost climbed Mount Everest?” I said in my most condescending tone. “Or the guy who almost discovered America?” (I’m not an easy colleague to have). I patted her on the head and told her that there was no way on earth an airline that doesn’t upgrade its highest tier Solitaire PPS members unless it absolutely positively has to would make an exception.

She said something to the tune of “up yours” (we’re a flat organization) and went to write in to membership services. And  got an email a few days later congratulating her on re-qualifying.

To say I’m surprised she got an exception is beyond an understatement. But I asked around and found another friend who had managed to get a waiver of a 150 mile difference a few years back. Another reader wrote to me and said that SQ had given him an additional 2 months to requalify for PPS when he was a few hundred dollars of PPS value short and had imminent business travel planned.

So credit where it’s due, it does appear that SQ has some degree of flexibility in renewing memberships. If you’re just short of a little bit, I’d encourage you to write in and try your luck.

Remember that if you’re working for a fairly large-ish firm and have existing status with a competing airline + a lot of forward travel booked with SQ, you might be able to apply for a status match on a case by case basis.

Krisflyer DOES status match. Who knew?

I always assumed that status matching, like upgrades, lifetime status, giving elite economy class flyers a half decent lounge in Singapore or caring about mileage brokers, was something that SQ simply didn’t do.

Well, shows what I know, because in the course of poking around my company’s intranet I came across this document.

Download (PDF, 467KB)

That’s right, this is an application for a status match with SQ. Now before you get all excited, it’s only for Krisflyer Gold status, and you need to come from an eligible company in order to submit the form. I have no idea what companies are eligible, but I’m guessing they’d have to be fairly sizable.

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As per the T&C, submitting the form does not guarantee the status match. If you do get matched, you have Gold status for 12 months and need to requalify in the normal way subsequently.

You need to present proof that you hold the equivalent of Elite Gold status in another FFP, although it doesn’t specify which FFPs are acceptable. You also need to hold a senior position within your company and/or travel regularly in the next 12 months. The form asks you for your future travel, and says that you should have forward bookings on SQ and show future commitment.

I always suspected that if Krisflyer had a status match program they’d be super niao about it. Although it’s “only” Krisflyer Gold status, they’re not going to give it out without a fight. I mean, when you have airlines like airberlin who will match your status with a simple email (need to put your home country as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Netherlands and USA though), or Delta which will do pretty much the same, or Alitalia which was doing it for a limited period no questions asked, it’s quite amusing how many hoops Krisflyer wants you to jump through.

But if you desire to be part of the same club that Joseph Schooling is in (airline, not swimming), and if you’re working in a fairly large-sized company with status in another airline, and if you think you can catch the Krisflyer membership department in a good mood, why not give it a try.

He said, rhetorically.

Sydney to be launch destination for new SQ A380 products

I wrote about playing A380 roulette a few months ago, identifying London and Sydney as the most likely routes that SQ would launch its new A380 cabin products on, and making a handful of speculative Suites bookings in the hope that there’d be an aircraft switch.

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pffft. so 2007.

Well, it looks like Sydney will indeed be the launch destination for the new A380 products. As per AusBT (who I’m expecting will invite me as their +1 for their launch event, because I look stunning in an evening gown)-

“Whether we will get there on the same day is still a bit touch and go, because the aircraft is still going through new product fittings,” Singapore Airlines Regional Vice-President for South West Pacific, Mr TK Tan, told Australian Business Traveller on the sidelines of a dinner in Sydney to celebrate 50 years of the Singaporean flag-carrier flying to Australia.

“If that doesn’t happen it may be there a few weeks later or a few months later, but we are working hard all together to make it happen and for Sydney to be the first point in our network to have the new product.”

Tan hinted that London would be next on the superjumbo’s dance card, “but we are waiting to surprise everyone on where it will go and the plans for the whole A380 fleet.”

The article also mentions that SQ is looking to operate its first new A380 flight on 25 October 2017, 10 years to the day they operated the first A380 commercial flight (which, incidentally, was also to Sydney).

I highly recommend you read the rest of the AusBT coverage on this– they also identified that Suites will be moved the top deck of the A380.

Looks like all there’s left to do is make the announcement and do the product unveiling, which I think we can expect within the next 3 months.

Anyone else going to load up on Sydney seats now?