Kris+ Feast to Fly: Earn up to 14 mpd on dining at selected restaurants


From now till 30 June 2024, earn up to 14 mpd via Kris+ at 40 restaurants across Singapore, plus special dining deals and voucher discounts.

For the past couple of years, Kris+ has been running an annual promotion called the Kris+ Gastronomy Series, which offers upsized miles at participating restaurants across Singapore.

This promotion is back again for 2024, albeit with a different name: Feast to Fly.

The underlying idea is the same, however. From now till 30 June 2024, Kris+ users can enjoy an upsized rate of 10 mpd at participating restaurants, stackable with a further 4 mpd from their credit cards for a total earn rate of 14 mpd. 

S$5 for new Kris+ Users
Get S$5 (in the form of 750 KrisPay miles) when you sign-up with code W644363 and make your first transaction

There’s also special dining deals and discounted cash vouchers available for purchase in the Kris+ app, plus the opportunity to earn Elite miles or PPS Value as part of Singapore Airlines’ ongoing Earn Status Credits Beyond the Skies campaign. 

Kris+ Feast to Fly 2024

Kris+ Feast to Fly runs from 3 May to 30 June 2024, with upsized miles and special dining discounts at participating restaurants. 

Earn 10 mpd on dining

During Feast to Fly, the following restaurants will offer an upsized earn rate of 10 mpd for payments via Kris+.

Restaurant Regular Rate Upsized Rate
ASAP & Co. 3 mpd 10 mpd
Bangkok Jam 3 mpd 10 mpd
Canton Paradise 3 mpd 10 mpd
Cherry & Oak 3 mpd 10 mpd
Joo Bar 3 mpd 10 mpd
Ryan’s Kitchen 3 mpd 10 mpd
Suki-Ya KIN 3 mpd 10 mpd
Tajimaya Yakiniku 3 mpd 10 mpd
Tanglin Cookhouse 3 mpd 10 mpd
Taste Paradise 3 mpd 10 mpd
Tsui Wah Singapore 3 mpd  10 mpd
Wa-EN Wagyu Yakiniku 3 mpd 10 mpd
Eden Restaurant 4 mpd 10 mpd
Issho izakaya 4 mpd 10 mpd
L’Entrecote The Steak & Fries Bistro 4 mpd 10 mpd
Riviera 4 mpd 10 mpd
Sabio 4 mpd 10 mpd
Tajine Moroccan Taps & Cocktail Bar 4 mpd 10 mpd
Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar 6 mpd 10 mpd
Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery 6 mpd 10 mpd
Cheeselads 6 mpd 10 mpd
Chingu Dining 6 mpd 10 mpd
Enjoy Eating House & Bar 6 mpd 10 mpd
Georges 6 mpd 10 mpd
JU95 6 mpd 10 mpd
Kagura Singapore 6 mpd 10 mpd
Sushi Jiro PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay 6 mpd 10 mpd
Tanoke 6 mpd 10 mpd
Tung Lok Seafood 6 mpd 10 mpd
Tung ok Signatures 6 mpd 10 mpd
665°F Andaz Singapore 9 mpd 10 mpd
Alma by Juan Amador 9 mpd 10 mpd
Amo 9 mpd 10 mpd
Asian Market Cafe
(Fairmont Singapore)
9 mpd 10 mpd
CLOVE 9 mpd 10 mpd
GEMMA 9 mpd 10 mpd
OverEasy 9 mpd 10 mpd
SO France Bistro 9 mpd 10 mpd
The Coconut Club 9 mpd 10 mpd
The Spot 9 mpd 10 mpd
TONITO Latin American Kitchen 9 mpd 10 mpd
WAKANUI Grill Dining Singapore 9 mpd 10 mpd

The upsized rates should already be reflected in the Kris+ by default at participating restaurants. 

To earn miles at a Kris+ merchant, all you need to do is:

  1. Scan the merchant’s Kris+ QR code
  2. Enter the amount to be paid, and press “Pay” to pay via Apple/Google Pay

Don’t forget to transfer any KrisPay miles you earn to KrisFlyer within seven days of the transaction, in their entirety. If you wait longer than seven days, or spend any of the accrued miles, the balance will be stuck in Kris+ (where they expire after six months).

A big “Transfer to KrisFlyer” button appears after every transaction, so there’s no excuse!

Dining discounts and voucher sales

In addition to the upsized earn rates, many of these partners are offering discounts on cash vouchers or special dining privileges. Some examples include:

  • 10% off total bill at Sushi Jiro PARKROYAL Marina Bay
  • 10% off total bill at Georges
  • 10% off total bill at The Spot
  • 10% off S$100 cash voucher for Tung Lok Seafood
  • 15% off S$100 cash voucher for Eden Restaurant
  • 30% off S$100 cash voucher for CLOVE
  • 30% off S$100 cash voucher for OverEasy

You will still be eligible to earn 10 mpd at these restaurants even if you take advantage of the cash vouchers or dining discounts, so stack away. 

Note the earn rate of 10 mpd applies even to vouchers

What card should I use to pay?

In addition to 10 mpd from Kris+, you can earn up to an additional 4 mpd by paying with the right credit card.

As a reminder, all payments on Kris+ must be made via Apple Pay or Google Pay, and usually retain the same MCC as the underlying merchant. In other words, you should use the same card you normally use for online dining. 

🍽️ Best Cards for Kris+ (Dining)
Card Earn Rate Remarks
UOB Lady’s Card
4 mpd Max. S$1K per c. month. Must choose Dining as bonus category
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
4 mpd
Max. S$2K per c. month. Must choose Dining as bonus category
4 mpd Max. S$1.5K per c. month
Citi Rewards + Amaze
4 mpd Max. S$1K per s. month. Do not use Citi Rewards Card alone- no bonuses
HSBC Revolution
4 mpd* Max. S$1K per c. month
UOB Pref. Plat. Visa
4 mpd Max. S$1.1K per c. month
KrisFlyer UOB Card
3 mpd No cap
*Exercise caution because from 1 May 2024, MCC 5814 and 5499 are ineligible for bonuses

Stack with Makan+ or Quandoo for up to 150 extra miles

Earn 100 bonus miles per reservation with Makan+

Kris+ has its own restaurant reservation portal called Makan+, which offers 100 KrisPay miles per completed reservation.

If you find a Feast to Fly restaurant on Makan+, that’s an easy extra 100 miles.

Miles earned through Makan+ will be be credited to Kris+ on the 15th day of the month following the reservation (for example, a booking made for 26 September will receive miles by 15 October). These can be converted into KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 ratio, within seven days of crediting.

Reservations can be made for yourself or anyone you please. However, Makan+ does not support the editing of reservations; if you need to change your date or time, the only option is to cancel the entire reservation and make a new one.

Alternatively, be sure to check whether the restaurant is available on Quandoo, because the reservation platform is offering an extra 150 miles from now till 27 May 2024. 

Earn status credits with Kris+


From 5 March to 4 June 2024, PPS Club and KrisFlyer members can earn PPS Value and Elite miles respectively for spending made at:

  • Kris+ (both in Singapore and Australia)
  • KrisShop
  • Pelago

Earn rates for PPS Club and KrisFlyer members are as follows:

  PPS Club KrisFlyer
Earn Rate 1 PPS Value per S$3 spent* 1 Elite mile per S$1 spent**
Cap 2,500 PPS Value 5,000 Elite miles
*Or 1 PPS Value per A$3 spent via Kris+ in Australia
**Or 1 Elite mile per A$1 spent via Kris+ in Australia

PPS Club members will earn 1 PPS Value per S$3 spent, with an overall cap of 2,500 PPS Value, while KrisFlyer members will earn 1 Elite mile per S$1 spent, with an overall cap of 5,000 Elite miles. Caps apply for the entire campaign period. 

Status credits earned via Kris+ will post instantly (unless you visit Pelago via Kris+, in which case they’ll be credited within 14 days after 4 June 2024).

Refer to the article below for the full details.

Details: Earn PPS Value or KrisFlyer Elite miles without flying


Kris+ has launched Feast to Fly, with an upsized earn rate of 10 mpd at participating restaurants, plus up to 4 mpd more from your credit card. Kris+ members will also be able to choose from specially-priced set menus, and enjoy exclusive flash deals via the app. 

As always, be sure to transfer your KrisPay miles immediately into KrisFlyer upon earning, otherwise they’ll be stuck inside Kris+ after seven days, with a six-month expiry and dismal value.

Which restaurants will you be trying out with Feast to Fly?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Dont forget about accor plus dining discount on some of the eligible restuarants.


eden restaurant if want to enjoy accorplus 50%, then cannot use krispay

A+ member

Don’t bother with Eden Restaurant at Pullman Orchard. Does not allow Accor + and Kris + to be used together. In any case, not missing anything much as the menu there is extremely limited, food quality is poor in an attempt to be ”fusion and eclectic”, portions are tiny so you don’t have to chew too much tough and bland meat!


Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont allows Kris+ payment with Accor Plus

Dennis C

Any particular reason, or it boils down to individual restaurant choice?

Thing is, there are only so many Accor restaurants worth eating in even with the Accor Plus 50% discount for two. Mikuni, Asian Market Cafe, Skai (for the ambience)? Everything else is average or at best on par with other choices, assuming 50% discount.

Dennis C

I tried Racines and it’s OK, but nothing that stands out in that price range. Ambience is also nice as it’s in a Sofitel.

We’ve confirmed that Asian Market Cafe does allow Kris+ and Accor stacking, right? This makes it a decent local food option in city center especially if taking out an overseas guest.

Dennis C

If only Accor Plus covered the Raffles Hotel restaurants… one can dream.


Which restaurants are worth to visit?

Dennis C

Is there an easy way to check which restaurants are in each area? Hard to navigate Kris+ partners as the app is not perfect in terms of telling you what are near you.


Does the purchase of the restaurant cash/discount vouchers earn 4mpd under “Dining” category for UOB ladies card?


Hi Aaron,
Just to clarify – I thought DBS Women’s should only be used for in-app Kris+ purchases to get the 4mpd rate. If we pay using Kris+ ( Apple Pay) at the restaurant, we don’t get the 4mpd correct?


Hey Aaron, For UOB Ladies card – Does the category selected need to be Dining/Shopping or Travel to use with Kris+? Asking as I’ve heard conflicting guidance on this.

Last edited 2 months ago by Meena
Dennis C

Can I confirm that for most people, if you can choose between 10 + 4 mpd through Kris+ and a 20% discount, you would take the 20% discount (assume Aaron’s valuation of 1.5 cpm for discussion)? This is because you should always compute in dollar value and not get carried away by mpd bonuses? For a SGD100 meal, if you pay full price with Kris+, that’s 1,400 miles (1,000 direct to Krisflyer). At 1.5 cpm, this is worth SGD21. With a 20% discount and assuming you pay with a 4 mpd card, this is SGD20 cash savings and 320 miles… Read more »