A look at SQ’s 70th Anniversary amenity kit (and will this become a fixture?)

This could be the start of something grand.

I love amenities kits. I can’t say I’ve ever used any of the products inside (what with my flawless skin and lack of upper body strength to open some of those tight containers) but they make great souvenirs of a journey. Here’s my pickings from a few years of travel…

Anyone who’s flown in SQ’s premium cabins recently will know that the airline has partnered with fancypants brand The Laundress to offer a special limited edition amenities kit to mark SQ’s 70th anniversary. I’m not quite sure what to make of the fact that The Laundress’ press release has a file photo of one of SQ’s 747s but anyway…

I received my kit on a recent SIN-DXB flight, handed out straight after takeoff. (I did not get a kit on my return leg from DXB-SIN, for reasons I can’t quite explain. I’m pretty sure they’re distributed both on inbound and outbound legs- maybe someone forgot to load them)

The kit is wrapped in protective plastic. I got the grey version, but there’s a black version floating out there too with separate contents.

Inside you’ll find hand sanitizer, fabric deodorizer (didn’t know that was a thing) and crease release spray, a thoughtful clear ziplock bag in case you need to bring these through security (in all my journeys no one has really cared I never put my liquids into a clear ziplock bag) and a loofah. At least I think it’s a loofah.

I later took a more glam shot at home.

At least I think it’s more glam. Try to ignore the chair legs on the LHS.

I mentioned that there are two types of kits and they have separate contents. Mark over at The Shutterwhale flew SIN-PEK a while back and here’s what he got-

Singapore Airlines' 70th Anniversary Amenity Kit Singapore Airlines SQ802 Business - SIN to PEK

I have to say I prefer the black kit, both from an aesthetics point of view and contents. Or maybe it’s just because he photographed it better.

In typical Singaporean fashion, these kits are already selling on Carousell. I suppose that’s one way of picking them up if you’re a collector.

Could this be the start of something grand?

SQ’s historical disdain for amenities kits is well documented, as this article by AusBT shows-

“I ask myself, ‘Do I want to spend $6-8 million just on an amenity kit?”‘ poses Mr Tan Pee Teck, Singapore Airlines’ Senior Vice President for Product & Services

“At last count, I think there were 38 airlines with business class that gave amenity kits (but) you can’t really differentiate yourself through an amenity kit” Tan explains to Australian Business Traveller.

“And if you travel very often, this thing is just left behind. So we decided to pump the money into other things for business class, and just make sure that our bathroom is stocked properly.”

Amenities kits are only given out in First Class and Suites on SQ, with business class passengers having to settle for toothbrushes and eye masks cobbled together from the trolley and loo.

But Loyalty Lobby reports that SQ has been circulating surveys to Krisflyer members asking them what they think of the kits.

Man, whoever answers “not necessary at all” to question 5…

This leaves me hopeful that SQ is smelling the coffee and seriously contemplating adding an amenities kit as a regular fixture in their J cabin. I’m not privy to the financial details, but I always assumed many cosmetics companies would kill to be able to market their products to a well-heeled audience like those who travel in SQ’s premium cabins. Surely the cost of sourcing sample sized products plus a fancy bag wouldn’t be too much?

There are limited supplies of this 70th anniversary kit and the airline didn’t announce when it will be on offer till. In fact, what I find interesting is that Singapore Airlines didn’t announce anything at all (or if they did, I missed it). All the PR on this has come from The Laundress’ side, all the coverage is quoting The Laundress. The only mention I can find from SQ is this small notice on their PPS club newsletter.

It’s almost as if SQ doesn’t want people getting their hopes up…

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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This 70th anniversary Amenity bag is only given ex-SIN.


I think I saw it in their press release or on their Instagram before they removed that post about this amenity kit.

Jake Woo

Yeap ex-Sin for me too. Only got it for a SIN-SFO flight recently and didnt get one on the way back. I had the black one and liked the lip balm which lasted me about a week.


I flew SIN-HKG-SFO in J at the end of June and didn’t get this kit. When did they start rolling it out?

Aaron Chew

I actually asked and it was only ex-SIN. They don’t load sufficient for the return journey. I think this started in July. I flew SIN-PVG in late June and didn’t receive it and SIN-HKG in July and received it. The contents are quite practical for frequent travellers.


Most frequent flyers do not use most of their accumulated amenity kits. It is a waste of resources.


Got the kit heading to DUS, made liberal use of the lip balm and cream. Strange that the black kit didn’t have a loofah thing though. Best part in my opinion is that quality black leather (prob not genuine but I’ll take it anyway) pouch, infinitely reusable. Highlighted in the SQ survey how pleased I was.

Does it make economic sense for SQ though? Prob little, but all things being equal it’s a differentiator and shows they’re open to change.


received the same amenity kit from SIN-CGK flight on A350 business.
flew A330 on the way back and didn’t get the amenity kit.

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