Lifemiles on sale at up to 140% bonus, buy miles at 1.375 cents each

Lifemiles are on sale again. Should you partake?

Lifemiles are on sale again with a 125% bonus, plus 15% for readers of OMAAT (which is basically everyone). In order to get the 140% promotion you need to register your Lifemiles account via this link. After 24 hours, you will be able to buy Lifemiles at these promotional rates below-

You need to register by 18th September and buy your miles by 19th September latest. A 140% bonus means buying miles at 1.375 US cents each.

Check out the Lifemiles award chart here. As a point of reference, it costs 78,000/99,000 miles for one way business/first class from SIN to the USA, or US$1,073/US$1,361 if you were to buy Lifemiles (there will be some airport taxes payable too, but those are minimal and Lifemiles does not levy fuel surcharges).

You can see an example of the options available to you if you want to get to JFK below. Both EVA and ANA have amazing business class products, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

Lifemiles transactions code as airline spend, so you can consider using

  • DBS Woman’s World Card- 4 mpd
  • DBS Altitude AMEX/Visa- 3 mpd, first S$5K per month only
  • Any other card where you’re trying to hit a minimum spend

I’d recommend you play around with the Lifemiles booking engine and see if you can identify dates and flights that work with you. Miles purchased credit instantly, so if you see something you like lock it in quickly. Do remember though that Lifemiles has recently increased cancellation fees, so don’t be too trigger happy. As always, I don’t advise buying miles speculatively.

Remember that you will not be able to book SQ long haul premium award space (77W, A380, A350s) through Lifemiles, nor Lufthansa or Swiss cabins (although exceptions pop up here and there). If you need more education on Lifemiles be sure to check our historical posts on the topic.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hope one day lifemiles, mileage plus give milelion readers similar or 150-200% BONUS. Milelion will make it happen.


But! You have 0.22 more pages per visit and actually have a worldwide rank as compared to him! #silverlining


Plus Aaron appears to have something Lucky will never have – a Milelioness…


Is there a cap to the amount of lifemiles that I can purchase?

Is it dificult to redeem star alliance flights using lifemiles?


i have a rather noob(ish) comment. i went to search for the flights i was interested in on lifemiles. somehow the price they quoted me is cheaper (significantly) than the amount that i would need to pay if i fork out miles instead. is there a reason why or did i just screw up somewhere?


Which class of seats did you search for?


Hey Aaron,

what card is good to buy this offer other than women’s card?
uob visa sig can get 4mpd ?

thanks alot!


Are we able to do stopovers with Lifemiles purchased tickets?


no stopovers allowed


DBS Woman Card max first 2k right?
Correct me f I am wrong


im not sure if you’re aware, but lifemiles has rolled out a booking interface (engine?) that some are seeing. it seems like with the new interface mixed cabin bookings are priced differently from before. e.g I see SIN-ICN-JFK (SQ J, OZ F), for 90590 miles; SIN-NRT-ORD (NH J, NH F) for 91780 versus the 99k it would’ve cost on the old interface.


While checking for flights for my next year’s trip to Canada, I suddenly saw a mixed cabin redemption of sin to Vancouver at only 46980 miles. Sin to haneda on SQ economy and haneda to Vancouver on ana biz class. Needless to say, I just grab it first as there are only 2 seats available on ana biz.


It appears there is some pricing anomalies for ANA flights. After booking 2 tix from SIN to Vancouver at 46980 miles each, I explored other flights on LM since now I have miles to spare (I bought 157,600 miles in anticipation of 2 tix at 78,000 miles each). I noticed where ANA biz flights form part of a mixed cabin redemption, the price in miles dropped tremendously. For eg. If I search a direct flight from Vancouver to Tokyo, the price for an ANA biz seat is 75,000 miles. However if I search Vancouver to Singapore for the same day,… Read more »


Is anyone going through the same problem as me?
The ‘Bonus’ part only seems to work up to the LM 40,000 mark and no Bonus miles are given beyond that amount…



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