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Welcome to For The Record, or #ftr, a place to catch up all that’s been shared across The Milelion’s Telegram and Facebook Groups where people talk about miles and points, 24/7. Here’s my attempt to summarize the things I found interesting in the past week. 

There’s so much chatter going on that this list will be far from comprehensive, so if you want all the details be sure to join the Telegram and Facebook groups. If you have something important to share, be sure to label it with #ftr in the Telegram or Facebook groups. Thank you to everyone for contributing to the community! 

Check out previous editions of #ftr here

This is a double edition of #ftr given the relative lack of data points from 11-17 June. Enjoy!

  • Apple Pay merchants: Clarke Quay and 313 Haidilao, Cristofori, DFS, taxes for SQ redemption tickets (conflicting reports), Shang Palace, Phoon Huat, Yayoi Ken (but capped at $100 per transaction), Man Man Unagi, Klook (albeit with 1% currency conversion fee), Universal Studios (limit $100 per transaction), Kah Motors, Kaisen Ichi, Yoku Moku, Simply Wrapps, Ma Maison, Lush, Climb Central, ASOS (but it’s a 10X merchant so 20X only with Citi Prestige), Zouk, Edith Patisserie, Comfort Furniture Eunos, Best Buy iOS app, The Ship Restaurant at Shaw Centre, Wo Peng Cuisine, The Ranch by Aston (Clarke Quay), Awfully Chocolate (313), Wheat (Raffles City) Yakun (Paragon) and Grains and Hops (Yotel) (Esm, Ak, mx, Nerite, Qiimm, CC, jon, LC, Ab, Keith Ng, DonDon7219, Eddie, DJ Ang, Kate, Nobody Nobody, ZY, Ansley, WS W, Chin Beng)
  • Certain Harvey Norman contactless terminals may have a restriction limiting you to using the same contactless device 3 times per day i.e. S$300 when buying gift vouchers through Apple Pay. You may be able to work around this by adding the same card to a different device (Long Lu)
  • Cold Storage 7-Eleven at NUH accepts Apple Pay for Qoo10 Gift Card purchases (Veronica)
  • Itacho Sushi allows you to order and pay through their app even when dining in, presenting an opportunity to earn 10X with the WWMC (Isaac)
  • Using Google Pay for Android in-app payments yields 10X with WWMC (Isaac)
  • Pizza Hut delivery with Masterpass does not yield 10X with WWMC, requires an appeal to the CSO (Isaac)
  • No 10X for MyRepublic payments with WWMC, best bet is to use DBS Altitude (Isaac)
  • WhyQ transactions don’t earn 10X on the WWMC for now, but this is under review (Jei)
  • Mega Discount at Kallang only allows a maximum transaction value of $200 for Apple Pay, splitting transactions into smaller amounts not allowed by staff (Srad Lynn)
  • Japan appears to be tightening requirements for the use of the APEC Business Travel Card, removing people from the priority queue who cannot prove they are entering Japan for business purposes (S)
  • Fourth night free benefit for Citi Prestige card stacks with 10% Citibank Expedia discount code (CDQ)
  • If you accidentally credit miles earned through Mileslife to the wrong FFP, it may be possible for Mileslife to reverse the transaction and credit it to the right one. Of course the longer you wait the harder this becomes, so (A) don’t be unreasonable when it can’t be done and (B) the default expectation should be that it can’t be done (Bryan)
  • Conflicting reports about iPayMy earning 10X with the Citibank Rewards Visa card. Test at your own risk (Jei, Suning, Zac)
  • The perennial will it/won’t it debate about UOB PPV earning 10X points on Paywave transactions overseas continues. UOB CSO claims it will not qualify, but anecdotal evidence says otherwise (B B, Teck)

As far as possible I always try to cite the source for proper credit, but feel free to PM me if I’ve goofed up. Please note that this is all community-sourced data and YMMV. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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The UOB PPV does earn 10x for overseas Paywave transactions when I used it in Sydney in May this year. The only transaction that did not earn any UNI$ was a top up for the Opal card, with a MCC of Govt related services.


No updates on Keefe’s relationship status? Shame!



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