Last 3 days to buy SPG points at 35% off

Buy SPG points at 2.275 US cents each in anticipation of August's hotel category changes

SPG is currently running a 35% off sale on SPG points that ends on 21 July at noon Singapore time. You can max out this promotion by buying 30,000 SPG points at US$682.50, at an effective purchase price of 2.275 US cents each (vs 3.5 US cents each normally).

Buy SPG Points at 35% off here

Normally I don’t buy points speculatively, but given what we know about the new Marriott award categories, I couldn’t resist pulling the trigger for myself and The Milelioness for 60,000 SPG points in total.

That’s because SPG points will have much upgraded power come August 2018, when Marriott’s new award chart kicks into place. Here’s how Marriott’s award chart will look from August 2018 (all SPG points will be multiplied by 3, so keep that in mind when reading this chart):

You can see how each Marriott/Starwood property will be categorized from August 2018 here.

Category 8 will only be introduced in 2019, which means the highest award tier until the end of 2018 will be Category 7. Award bookings can be made about a year in advance, so if you book a hotel before the end of 2018, you’ll pay at most 60,000 new program points per night. That’s amazing, considering SPG’s top tier hotels currently cost 90,000 SPG points per night (270,000 new program points).

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho-90,000 SPG points now, or the equivalent of 20,000 SPG points come August

I’ve written about my plan for August when the booking system will very likely become a free for all as people try to snap up the top tier hotels. I’ve also laid out who should and shouldn’t be buying points. If you need some reminders of what SPG points can be used for, try reading one of our past articles on points sales.

Final pointers: you can purchase a maximum of 30,000 SPG points in a calendar year, but there are some ways of getting around this restriction. If you’re buying SPG points, the transaction is processed by which means you have the following payment options:

Credit CardMiles Per Dollar (mpd)Bonus Spend Criteria/Cap
DBS Woman’s World Card

UOB Visa Signature

Citibank Rewards

4.0DBS Woman’s World: capped at S$2,000 per calendar month. ‘’ transactions do not earn 10X automatically, you must call in for a manual adjustment of points for all transactions made on ‘’

Citibank Rewards: capped at S$12,000 per card anniversary for 10X transactions

UOB Visa Signature: minimum spend of S$1,000 in equivalent Foreign Curency Transactions (FCY), capped at S$2,000 equivalent spend in FCY

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite3.0Minimum S$2,000 spend per month
Standard Chartered Rewards+2.9Capped at 20,000 bonus points per card anniversary year. i.e S$2,222 in FCY equivalent
HSBC Revolution2.0No cap/minimum spend criteria

Purchases made through any of the links in this article support The Milelion through the generation of an affiliate commission.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Note.. SPG Account has to be at least 14 Days old in order to buy, gift or be gifted for points.. I found out the hard way for when creating wife’s account.. ☹️


What happened? You bought and the points didn’t come through?


Sorry, thought I was quite clear.. because the ‘membership’ was less than 14 day old, member cannot buy or gift points.. its stated ‘quite clearly’ at bottom of buy page.. what wasn’t so clear is that said membership also cannot be gifted points, this term is found somewhere else..


Sorry, didn’t quite get you. So if I create an account today and buy 30k points. After the 14 days have lapsed, can I transfer these 30k points to another member sharing the same address?


I don’t know how to reply you.


You can’t create an account today and buy points straight away – you would need to wait 14 days by which time the sale will be over


You’re a better man (or person) than I am, @Chris.. ?


Will like to confirm that using Citi Rewards Credit Card to buy SPG points via, we will receive 10x points (4 miles)? Have not been able to see this anywhere else.


It’s sort of a “by left” kind of situation, the 10X is not explicitly stated in the T&Cs. Playing the points/miles game always has the inherent risk of the opportunity being shut down at any time. However, opportunities like the Citi Rewards giving 10X on points have been verified to work in the past, so we make hay while the sun shines.


How did you get “The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho-90,000 SPG points now…”. It is only 30-35k SPG points based on Cat 7 today. I think your numbers are wrong.



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