DBS seems to have backtracked on the Altitude AMEX bonus sign up cap

Latest version of T&Cs no longer include 1,000 cap for 10,000 mile sign up bonus.

Earlier this month, I wrote about how DBS had retroactively tweaked the T&Cs of its Altitude AMEX card sign up bonus to add a cap of 1,000 customers. This change was quietly made on 29 September with no notice.

LHS: T&C before 29 Sept, RHS: T&C after 29 Sept

This Facebook post on 9 October pretty much summed up how I felt about the situation. Prospective applicants who wrote in to find out if they were within the first 1,000 were told there was no way of being sure, but they should spend $2,000 each month for the first 3 months anyway. That’s just insane.

Well, interestingly enough, it seems that DBS has quietly updated its T&Cs yet again to remove the 1,000 customer cap. Here’s how that same portion of the T&Cs looks now:

The 1,000 customer cap has been removed. The trusty document properties tab suggests this version of the T&Cs was updated on 10 October

No one from DBS told me anything about this, and I reached out to them over the weekend but have yet to get a response. I’ll update this post when I have.

If so, great. DBS has (eventually) done the right thing, and this is a sign up bonus I’d heartily recommend. With the sign up bonus, you’ll get 10,000 bonus miles when you spend $2,000 each month for the first 3 months after application, plus 7,200 base miles on your $6,000 spend. All in all, 17,200 miles for $6,000 spending is pretty decent.

Let’s continue to keep the banks honest!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Wonder what possessed DBS to try being dishonest in the first place? Hopefully the person who surreptitiously added the 1000 cap be sternly told off that the UOB way of doing things – isn’t the right way!


Try telling that to a judge. Dishonest? The mentality of some of the people surfing this site is amazing.


To be fair….it’s for the better this time , so it’s ok. 😉


I guess DBS decided not to join the pathetic UOb bandwagon. Why run a promo that has limitations, might as well not waste the money to market the promo. Third world mentality.


trying to decipher the meaning of three consecutive months from date of card approval

if card was approved in Jan 19, does that mean my three months starts from Feb 19 onwards?

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