Grab adds new airport benefits for GrabRewards elites: Discounted lounge access, F&B

GrabRewards elite members will enjoy up to 55% off lounge access plus discounts at F&B restaurants at major airports across South East Asia.

The following is a sponsored post by Grab. The opinions and analysis are those of The Milelion.

Grab has been doing some work on their GrabRewards program, and one new benefit they’ve just launched today is discounted F&B and airport lounge access for Silver, Gold and Platinum GrabRewards members.

Discounted access to 68 lounges across 25 cities

Plaza Premium Lounge, KLIA

GrabRewards members can enjoy discounts of up to 55% off walk-in rates at lounges in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Myanmar. The discount you enjoy depends on your status with GrabRewards, as the table below shows.

  Discount off walk-in rates Average Price
Platinum Up to 55% US$10-20
Gold Up to 45% US$15-30
Silver Up to 25% US$25-40

In Singapore, you’ll be able to access the Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 1, the Ambassador Lounges in Terminals 2 and 3, and the Blossom Lounge in Terminal 4. I’ve visited most of these lounges before and although they may not have the bells and whistles of an airline First Class lounge, they’re still very comfortable places to escape from the crowds and get some work done.

Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Terminal 1
Plaza Premium Lounge Changi Terminal 1

Elsewhere around the region, you’ll enjoy access to other contract lounges like the Miracle First & Business Class lounge in Bangkok, the Sky View lounge in Manila and the Plaza Premium lounge in Penang.

To redeem your discounted lounge access, go to the GrabRewards section of the Grab app and select “Travel”. You’ll see a list of lounges and can redeem a discounted lounge pass for 0 points. Show this to the lounge attendant, pay the discounted rate and you’re in.

Note that the list of lounges you’ll see in GrabRewards depends on the country you’re currently in. Therefore, if you’re in Singapore, you’ll see only the Changi Airport lounges. You can always view the full selection of lounges on this page to plan your travel.

You can claim your discounted lounge access for both yourself and your travel companions. More importantly, it doesn’t matter what status your companions have- so long as one of you has Grab Platinum, all of you can enjoy the discounted rates (up to 5 times per day per user).

How does this discounted pricing compare to Priority Pass/Dragon Pass?

I’m sure most readers of this site would already have a Priority Pass or DragonPass thanks to their credit cards.

If you have an unlimited use Priority Pass, the kind provided by the Citi Prestige, HSBC Visa Infinite and AMEX Platinum Charge, then you’re unlikely to get much mileage out of this benefit unless the number of guests you’re bringing exceeds your allowance.

However, if you have a limited-visit Priority Pass (e.g DBS Altitude, Citi PremierMiles), you’re looking at an additional visit fee of US$32 (increased from US$27 back in Sept 2018) each time.  If you’re using DragonPass, the additional visit fee is US$27 (increasing to US$31 from May 2019).

In that case, you’d definitely want to compare those rates with Grab’s discounted ones. Here’s Singapore as an example:

  Plaza Premium (T1) Ambassador Lounge (T2/3)  Blossom Lounge (T4) 
Regular Price S$58* S$59^ S$58*
Priority Pass S$43 S$43 S$43
DragonPass S$42# S$42# S$42#
Grab Platinum/ Gold/ Silver S$28/ 34/ 46 S$25/ 33/ 45 S$28/ 34/ 46

*S$58 reflects 5 hour usage. Limited-time promo of S$38/3 hours is available
^Promotional rate of S$40 is available for use between 5 am and 5 pm
#S$36 until 1 May 2019

In the table above, Gold and Platinum members enjoy better rates through GrabRewards than paying for additional visits on their Priority Pass/DragonPass. Silver members may find better value through taking advantage of whatever walk-up promotions are being offered by the lounge.

F&B discounts also available at ~80 restaurants across the region

The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Changi Terminal 3

In addition to the airport lounge benefits, GrabRewards Gold and Platinum members will enjoy discounts of between 10-20% on F&B at selected airport restaurants and fast-service concessions.

Image result for the world is flat by tanuki raw
The World is Flat by Tanuki Raw, Termianl 1

In Singapore, Gold and Platinums will enjoy discounts at the following restaurants:

  • Kaveri Indian Restaurant (10% Gold, 15% Platinum)
  • Chutney Mary Restaurant (10/15%)
  • Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (10/15%)
  • The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck (10/20%)
  • Pret A Manger (10/20%)
  • Hudsons Coffee (10/20%)
  • Tiger Den (10/20%)
  • TGM (10/20%)
  • Tanuki Raw Express (10/20%)
  • The World is Flat by Tanuki Raw (10/20%)
  • Pappa Mia (10/15%)
  • Colonial Club (10/15%)
  • Central Thai (10/20%)
  • 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (10/20%)

It’s worth noting that the list consists of restaurants before and after immigration, so you could even enjoy some of these benefits even if you weren’t flying.

To enjoy your discounts, follow the same process as for lounge access- find the merchant in the travel section of the GrabRewards app, redeem the voucher for 0 points, and present it to the merchant.


The new airport benefits may not make much of a difference to those who already enjoy unlimited lounge access through their cards, but those on limited-visit passes will find the GrabRewards elite rates more worthwhile than paying for additional Priority Pass/DragonPass visits. Moreover, keep in mind that 80% of Singapore cardholders prefer cashback cards which don’t feature any lounge access at all.

If lounge access isn’t your thing, the F&B discounts at least help to moderate the cost of dining at the airport.

Be sure to check out the list of lounges and restaurants before you head on your next flight!

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Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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Hi…do I need to call the lounge and book a timeslot when I purchase the lounge access on Grab? What if the lounge is full on the day/time of my visit? Tks..


Hi there, can i find out where did you get the information that i can share my platinum grab rewards with my partner? Thank you.


Thank you for your reply. Because when i emailed them they replied me “Kindly be informed one Grab account is valid for one person access”.


Them= The lounges. I messaged grab too and they told me to check with the lounges so the information is a little confusing.


Lounge access not found under the rewards > travel section of app. And yes I am using the latest app.


Yeah, the lounge access does not show up in Rewards>Travel on my app. I am a Gold member, and I have a 40% discount on partner-lounges of Grab, including the Plaza Premium Lounge in Singapore. I am in Manila at the moment, and could it be that you have to be in Singapore or Changi Airport to have the lounge choices appear automatically on the Rewards>Travel section of the app?