Blossom Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 4 Review

The only publicly-accessible lounge in Terminal 4 now accepts Priority Pass. How does it stack up?

There are currently two lounges in Changi Airport Terminal 4; the Cathay Pacific Lounge and the Blossom – SATS & Plaza Premium Lounge.

In mid-December, I found myself eating 担担面 (dan dan noodles) in the Cathay Pacific (CX) lounge while looking across at Blossom and thinking, hey, shouldn’t someone be checking that place out? I’d planned to gain access using Aaron’s favourite card, the OCBC Voyage (which grants direct access to Plaza Premium lounges), but lo and behold – the lounge now accepts Priority Pass!

Since most of those playing the miles game probably hold cards that offer complimentary Priority Pass visits, this would be good news for many of us.

About the lounge

Blossom occupies a rather large area – if you look at the location map below, you’d see that it’s even bigger than the CX lounge.

(A1 represents Blossom, while A2 represents the Cathay Pacific lounge)

The lounge is jointly operated by Plaza Premium and SATS, and can be accessed by members of the public willing to pay the relevant fees ($50 for adults; $25 for children aged 2-11).

For complimentary access, you can get in if you possess one of the following:

I popped in just to take pictures and get a sense of the place, so I’m unable to comment on specific details like the quality of food served. For those more experienced than me, do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dining area

The first thing you’ll see upon entering the lounge is likely to be the dining area.

It offers plenty of restaurant-style seating mostly optimised for 2, although the tables can be easily reconfigured for larger parties.


On one side of the dining area are self-service fridges and counters for soft drinks, fruit, bread, coffee/tea and water.


On the other end of the area is where the hot food is served. You can request for made-to-order laksa or vegetarian noodles, or help yourself to some buffet items. They were serving fried mee, grilled tomatoes, sausages and scrambled eggs when I visited during breakfast hours.


There are two other self-service booths in the dining area. The first offers a choice of juices, cheeses and cereals during breakfast hours. The second offers a selection of pastries, light snacks, and newspapers.

Main lounge area

Just beyond the dining area, you’ll see rows of cubicle-style seating.

They’re well-suited for the solo traveller, since they’re also equipped with power points and USB ports.

Just beyond that are some armchairs and coffee tables, which are probably friendlier for those travelling together with others.


Most of the seats face out of the lounge – from here, you get to look at the airport’s shophouse facades and either wax nostalgic about times gone by or curse the hipster epidemic raging through the country.

Washrooms & showers

The washrooms (separate from the showers) sport a rather modern design. Being a new lounge, they’re pleasantly clean as well (for now, anyway).

The lounge has two showers, which doesn’t sound like much but is infinitely more than what’s available next door at the CX lounge (read: 0). They’re probably not all that relevant for the average Singaporean who lives within an hour by car from the airport, but if you do want a shower just before you fly, this is pretty much your only choice in T4.


(Addendum) Inside the showers

René (also known as Hottub Cowboy in the Milelion Telegram group) has generously furnished us with additional photos from inside the showers.

On one side there’s the sink and space for you to place your belongings, with towels and other amenities laid out for you to use…

On the other side are a toilet and the shower proper.


I really love that the toilet features a Japanese-style washlet. Will this one day be the norm in Singaporean toilets? One can only hope.


As for the actual shower, we have a handheld showerhead and wall-mounted dispensers for shampoo and shower gel.


René reports that there’s “great water pressure”, and that the lounge was “very busy but no one using the showers”.

(Addendum) Sleeping area

René also shared some pictures of a sleeping area that I’d missed – it’s currently in the midst of being cleaned and readied, and should be operational soon enough.



The bar area is like a floating island connected to the main lounge area by two walkways. When I was there, the section was closed – I suppose the lounge doesn’t cater to thirsty people in the morning.

The lounge staff did allow me to enter and take a look, though. There’s plentiful seating in the area, with a number of seats at the bar itself, and others at smaller tables. The seating around this circular area probably captures the most attention, though.

There’re also the same armchairs that are present in the main lounge area – I thought it amusing that a large number are optimised to allow the user to look wistfully / triumphantly into the CX lounge.



All in all, I thought Blossom was a more than decent lounge and would be happy to make use of it before flying out of Terminal 4, if I had complimentary access to it (via one of the many credit cards that grant it).

I still prefer the Cathay Pacific Lounge, but since it requires you to be flying out on business class or to possess Marco Polo elite status, it’s great knowing a decent accessible alternative exists in Terminal 4.

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Would have been nice if you had photos of the shower area though.

Aaron Wong

hear that louis. shower scene demanded.


Hi! Would you happen to know if Priority Pass members get to use the shower areas for free? For walk in passengers, lounge access and shower areas are paid separately, so I just want to make sure. Thanks in advanced!


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