Singapore Airlines makes Brisbane an all Airbus A350 route

A mix of the regionally configured and long haul configured Airbus A350-900 to serve Brisbane.

Singapore Airlines currently operates the regional A350-900s and the Boeing 777-200ERs to Brisbane with the 2006 Business Class product. From 1 May 2019, Brisbane will be served exclusively by the Airbus A350-900 aircraft. 

Edit: SQ currently flies the B777-200ER to BNE which features the 2006 Business Class seat.

A mix of regional and long haul A350s

From 1 May 2019, Singapore Airlines is swapping out its ageing Boeing 777-200ER aircraft serving the Brisbane route for a long-haul Airbus A350-900. The flights which will see this change are SQ265 and SQ266.

Singapore Airlines does not differentiate between its regional, long haul and ultra long haul A350s on the booking page and you will only know which configuration you will be getting only when you are at the “Seat Selection” page.


But in any case, you will either be flying on the new Regional Business Class seat:

Singapore Airlines new Regional Business Class Seat

Or the 2013 Business Class seat:

Singapore Airlines 2013 Business Class Seat

For the Brisbane flights, here’s a table showing which Business Class seats you will be getting on your flight (note that aircraft types are subject to last-minute swaps):


Flight Number A350 Variant Seat Type
SQ255 Regional New Regional Business Class
SQ265 Regional New Regional Business Class
SQ245 Long Haul 2013 Business Class
SQ235 Regional New Regional Business Class


Flight Number A350 Variant Seat Type
SQ256 Regional New Regional Business Class
SQ266 Regional New Regional Business Class
SQ246 Long Haul 2013 Business Class
SQ236 Regional New Regional Business Class

For easier reference, you will be flying on the regionally configured Airbus A350-900 if your seat map shows the below configuration:

Otherwise, it will be on the long haul configured Airbus A350-900.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s actually pretty nifty to have an entire destination being served exclusively by the same aircraft type and as Singapore Airlines takes delivery of more regionally configured Airbus A350-900s, I foresee that Brisbane will be made into an all-regional A350-900 destination.


Until then, you still have the choice to fly on the 2013 Business Class product to Brisbane and back.


For a more detailed seat guide, check out the most recent one here.

(Credits: Routesonline)

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Article is wrong SQ dont fly the 2009 regional biz to BNE. B777-200ER always flys SQ265&266 with 2006J. So this is a downgrade for me I’ll take the wider biz class any day


SQ regional business class seats are impossible to sleep in. The whole business class feels so cramped up. Only 3 toilets for 40 seats.


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