Here’s why you can’t book Singapore Airlines award seats after 28 March 2020 (Update: resolved)

Move over Nostradamus. Singapore Airlines has predicted when the world will end, and that date is 28 March 2020. 

Update 2: New inventory has been loaded and you can now book up to the 355 day mark as per normal
Update 1: It’s been clarified that this isn’t so much a glitch as it is a matter of new schedules not being uploaded yet. Thanks Alvin & Wayne! 

Singapore Airlines award seats can normally be booked 355 days in advance. Booking so far in advance doesn’t guarantee that seats are available; in fact, some routes open straight to waitlist. But it does mean that you’ll at least be able to add yourself to the waitlist and view the various flight options.


It seems that there is now a problem with Singapore Airlines award space. Although you can still select a date 355 days from today at the initial booking screen…

Any attempt to view award space on date that’s after 28 March 2020 results in an error.

I’ve tried this on numerous routes and cabin classes. No matter what destination I pick, 28 March 2020 is the last date where award space appears.

Check availability in the KrisFlyer award calendar parlance means “not available”

I’ve called up KrisFlyer membership services, and they’re also not able to see any award space on any route after 28 March 2020. They say it just means the airline hasn’t opened it yet, probably because the schedules are not loaded. For what it’s worth, you can’t book revenue tickets either.


I don’t think this is a new policy (i.e that SQ is opening award seats in a shorter window), because this incident was first reported by a reader named David on Monday 15 April. He mentioned that the furthest date he could view was 28 March 2020, which is the same date I see today. If SQ were enforcing a new 340/350 day policy (as some other airlines do), then logically speaking I should be able to view dates after 28 March 2020 by now.


If you’re hoping to book tickets for the April period next year, sit tight. The new inventory should be loaded shortly and you’ll be able to make bookings as per normal then.

In the meantime, those of you looking to book your award tickets for April 2020 you may want to monitor the site daily. I’ll update this post when the situation is resolved.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Aaron, have not read the content but i must say that your opening caught my eyes!


Nothing to do with awards happens most years at this time. Can’t even book a flight using cash, check any route. Basically they haven’t finalized summer schedules yet so no flights are loaded after 28Mar.

W Ho

Winter/summer schedule
Aaron, you are slipping ..
What used to be your forte – RTW trip reports – are now few & far between
Like SIN EWR SIN saver Biz awards


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