Announcing the launch of The Milelion’s Community on Seedly

Ask questions. Get answers. Build community.

One of the best things about doing The Milelion is helping the miles and points community grow in Singapore.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve experimented with creating online spaces for the community to gather, chat, and share knowledge. To that end, there’s currently a Milelion Facebook group and Telegram chat, but while they each serve their own purpose, they also have some structural limitations. The biggest problem is they’re not easy resources to browse- searching can be difficult, and great questions (and answers) often get lost amidst the chatter. 

So a few months ago I reached out to the folks at Seedly to see how we could leverage their expertise with online community management. Today, I’m excited to announce the results: The Milelion’s own community space on Seedly.

Who’s Seedly?

For those of you who don’t already know, Seedly is Singapore’s largest personal finance platform, helpings users make smarter financial decisions through community crowd-sourced questions, answers, and reviews. The site has 1.1 million monthly visits from a 90,000-strong community, and to date, more than 13,000 answers to 5,000 questions (questions can get multiple answers, which adds more information and perspectives).

Apart from community spaces, Seedly publishes a very popular finance blog, runs a mega annual personal finance festival, and publishes an app that allows you to budget and track your expenses.

What’s The Milelion’s Community?

The Milelion’s Community is a place for miles and points enthusiasts to ask questions, share answers, and give thanks we’re not cashback users. Think of it like a crowdsourced FAQ, where you can post questions and tap the collective wisdom of the hive mind (I’ll be answering questions there too!)

What kind of questions? Pretty much anything to do with travel hacking! Ask about credit card rewards, card recommendations, miles building strategies, ongoing promotions, sweet spots for award redemptions, airline product reviews, hotel loyalty programs, destination tips, and anything else you need to travel better for less.

To post a question, simply click that big “Ask a Question” button at the top of the screen. Fill out the fields, click post and wait for the calvary!

Launch contest: Win a trip to Bali

To mark the launch of the Milelion’s Community, Seedly is running a Secret Santa contest with a top prize of a 3D 2N trip to Bali for two.

To take part, follow The Milelion’s community and be among the top 10 members as of 24 December 2019. You move up the rankings by asking questions (1 point), receiving upvotes (2 points per upvote) and answering questions (3 points). Better answers get more upvotes, so put your heart into it!

Your score will be counted from 2-24 December 2019, so everyone, Seedly veteran or virgin, starts on level footing.

The top 10 members will be invited to the draw at Seedly’s Christmas party on 26 December 2019, where your odds of winning the grand prize scale according to your position in the Top 10 (don’t worry, no one walks away empty-handed).

The full T&C of this contest can be found here.

So get cracking! Whether its posting a question or answering someone else’s, join the community and share how you travel better for less.

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Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Lion Fan

I hope this does not lower the quality of content. While seedly is popular, it is notoriously known for poor quality of answers and sometimes even factually wrong answers. Milelion stands out in this sea of “amateur” crowd sourced answers and I hope this does not change that.


I think you have nothing to worry about if the existing community follows milelion to seedly.


Congrats! This is a fantastic idea.