OCBC 90°N offering 6 mpd on staycations booked with Agoda

Earn 6 mpd on staycations and 7 mpd on overseas hotels, for stays booked by 31 July 2021 and stayed by 31 December 2021.

OCBC 90°N cardholders who book hotels through Agoda can now earn 6 mpd on Singapore hotels, and 7 mpd on overseas hotels. This promotion runs until 31 July 2021, and stays must be completed by 31 December 2021. 

Update: OCBC VOYAGE has launched a similar offer as well, with identical terms.

OCBC 90°N x Agoda Promotion

OCBC 90°N cardholders must make their bookings through the special landing page below. Bookings made through the regular Agoda page will not be eligible for the bonus miles.

OCBC x Agoda Booking Page

Whenever a promotion requires you to book through a special landing page, you’ll always want to compare it to the regular site and make sure you’re not paying additional money for miles. I did a cursory check and found the prices to be the same for both the regular Agoda page and the OCBC one, but you definitely should check for your specific dates and properties.

The number of miles you’ll earn depends on whether you’re booking a local or overseas hotel:

  Base Miles Bonus Miles
Local Hotel
1.2 mpd 4.8 mpd
Overseas Hotel 2.1 mpd 4.9 mpd

The bonus component will be credited to your OCBC Travel$ account within 2 months after hotel check-out date, so if you’re booking travel for way in the future, don’t expect to get your miles anytime soon. 

This promotion is only valid for prepaid bookings made through Agoda; if you pay at check-out, you won’t earn any bonus. Travel$ will be awarded on the final amount charged to the card, inclusive of hotel tax and service charge. 

The full T&C of this offer can be found here

How useful is this for booking staycations?

It depends, really. Agoda does offer flash sales, but you need to compare the rates to those available on the hotel’s official website. Since many hotels are offering staycation packages, it’s not a simple matter of comparing final cost; you’ll want to look at inclusions like late check-out, or additional F&B credits. 

For a summary of various staycation deals currently available, check out my consolidated deals post, or browse budget-specific deals below:

How does this compare to other card promotions?

Agoda has tie ups with other banks too, and you may be able to unlock more miles simply by paying with a different card. 

  Offer for Staycations Book By /Stay By
DBS Altitude
DBS Woman’s World Card
10 mpd 31-Dec-20/
Cit PremierMiles 6.2 mpd 31-Aug-20/
OCBC 90°N 6 mpd 31-Jul-21/
UOB PRVI Miles 6 mpd 31-Dec-20/ 
HSBC Revolution 4 mpd +
12% off*

*Do note that HSBC will be upsizing the discount to 20% from 14-16 August; I plan to publish something about this in the next couple of days. 

For example, if you have a DBS credit card, you could earn significantly more miles (10 mpd) than an OCBC 90°N cardholder (6 mpd). The DBS offer has a cap on bonus miles, but it’s up to S$5,000 per month on the DBS Altitude and I highly doubt anyone will spend that much on a staycation. 

These offers all have their specific promotion pages, which you can access here:

As always, please check the prices on different portals. They should be the same, but it’s just best practice to do so. Should the prices be different, you’ll then need to decide whether the incremental miles warrant the incremental price- here’s where your trusty valuation of a mile figure comes in. 


OCBC’s new Agoda promotion adds yet another angle to explore when making staycation bookings. It’s certainly not the highest in the market, but worth looking at if the 90°N is your primary miles card.

Remember to book by 31 July 2021, and stay by 31 December 2021. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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