Limited registrations: DBS Power The Things You Love- 8% rebate on dining and shopping

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Pre-registration starts soon for DBS's latest spending promotion: Get up to an S$880 rebate on shopping and dining.

DBS has launched a new promotion called “Power The Things You Love”, which opens for pre-registration from 23 October 2020. Registered cardholders will receive an 8% cash credit on their dining and shopping spending, which can be used for shopping, dining or staycations in 2021. 

DBS Power The Things You Love Promotion

The first step is to register for the promotion, which can be done via this link from 23 October 2020 to 31 January 2021. Registration is capped at the first 30,000 cardmembers. 

DBS Power The Things You Love Promotion

After registration, cardholders will receive a personalised spend goal (revealed on 1 November 2020- don’t panic if you don’t see anything yet) which they need to hit from 1 November 2020 to 31 January 2021. Only the spend made after registration will be considered as eligible, so don’t delay. 

A full list of the possible spend goals is shown below:

Tier Spend Goal
(Spend: 1 Nov 20- 31 Jan 21)
(Redeem: 15 Feb 21 – 15 May 21)
1 S$600 S$48
2 S$2,300 S$184
3 S$3,600 S$288
4 S$6,000 S$480
5 S$11,000 S$880

The spend goal can be met by spending across all the DBS/POSB cards under your account during the promotion period. 

All spending must be made on qualifying categories, which DBS defines as the following:

  • Apparel (5600-5699)
  • Electronics and Computers (5732, 5734)
  • Specialty Retail (5999)
  • Bars & Restaurants (5812, 5813)
  • Home/Office Furnishing & Appliances (5712, 5722)
  • Department Stores (5311)
  • Watches & Jewelry (5094)

DBS has not provided the specific MCC ranges that qualify, but I’ve taken a stab at adding them based on this MCC guide. Don’t take it as gospel; check with DBS when in doubt. 

This spending can be made in SGD or foreign currency, offline or online. Online is generally preferred, as it’s an opportunity to earn 4 mpd with the DBS Woman’s World Card. 

How does the reward work?

An email notification with the cash credit amount will be sent to all qualified cardmembers by 15 February 2021. This can be used to offset shopping, dining and/or staycation spend made between 15 February -15 May 2021, credited 5 working days after the transaction is made.

If your transaction is less than the credit amount, the balance will be used to offset the next purchase. For example, if I qualify for Tier 4 I’ll receive a S$480 cash credit. I can spend the S$480 over as many eligible transactions as I wish- a S$300 staycation, S$100 dinner and S$80 shopping spree, for instance. 

DBS again has not provided MCC ranges for shopping, dining, and/or staycations, instead using category descriptions. I’ll attempt once more to add them below, with the same caveat as before:

  • Apparel (5600-5699)
  • Electronics and Computers (5732, 5734)
  • Specialty Retail (5999)
  • Bars & Restaurants (5812, 5813)
  • Home/Office Furnishing & Appliances (5712, 5722)
  • Department Stores (5311)
  • Watches & Jewelry (5094)
  • Hotel/Lodging (3500-3999, 7011)
  • Tour Agencies (4722)

You should be able to use this for stays at any local hotel, or for buying staycation vouchers. Likewise, there should be no issues using it for dining or shopping online at major e-commerce platforms like Qoo10 and Lazada.

DBS will periodically send you emails with the balance of the cash credit until it is fully utilized. To update your email address with DBS, click here.


This is a neat little promotion, provided you’re able to meet your spending goal with online transactions. Otherwise, you’d be better off using your HSBC Revolution or Citi Rewards card for offline dining and shopping respectively. 

Remember to wait till 1 November 2020 to receive your personalised spending goal. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Is buying a car considered Speciality Retail? Performance Motors / C&C?


Tried to register but the website says that the offer’s not applicable to me 🙁


From 23rd Oct dude

Sorry Not Sorry

Thanks very much


Hi Aaron, just to point out in your article you mentioned registration is between 23 Oct 2020 to 31 Jan 2021.

However based on the DBS promo page it states 23 Oct – 31 Oct 2020.


23-31 Oct is pre registration


Hah. A $0 target and no reward aside from the 8% cash back. Better than nothing, I suppose.


I think it will update at noon time


Damn those spend brackets. I can only do the $600 one.


Anyone knows if I can get Tier 5 reward if I spent above $11K even though my spend goal is only Tier 4? Can’t find information on this on promo T&Cs and FAQ…


isn’t it a lot faster to call the number on the back of your card than to wish someone on the internet had accurate information?


Anyone managed to see their spend goal? Mine is still $0 although it’s already 1 Nov.


Same, still showing 0 for me.


I got $2300


Same, mine still shows $0 as of now


Ok just got refreshed to $2300


Just to confirm, where so you guys see your spend goal? I hit refresh and it still shows 0


The registration website. Keep logging in every so often I guess


Alright thanks Bryan, perhaps I have to wait longer for my case.


I just saw mine too. $3600. Guess just need to wait….


Great to hear! Too bad mine is still showing 0…


$11,000 for me


Same still zero today, I called the no on my credit card to enquire, but they can only get back to me later or a few working days on this


Okay they got back: I’m tier 2


$0 here too


mine is 11k. they have a lot of confidence in me.


Thanks Aaron. Got it.. Mine is now showing 600


It’s now 6.20 PM on 2Nov, mine still showing $0



I just bought some furniture online. Called DBS to verify MCC. 1 is picket & rail website, 1 is gaming chairs.

Both merchants are coded 5734 under electronics and computer. Hoping it qualifies


i registered for this; i’m able to see my limit on the website, but there’s no tracker showing in the DBS lifestyle app. Anyone facing the same problem?


its not in the lifestyle app as stated in the FAQ Q13 on the website


did anyone receive the credit notification for the Nov spending? I just installed the DBS paylah recently, and I didn’t receive any notification on the credit amount. But i received an email last Nov, informing that I spent and met the target.

I looked inside the paylah app… cannot find any info on the credit amount either:(


Because the reward is not a straight up credit.



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