How to convert your Singapore vaccination certificate into an EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC)

Travelling to Europe? Here's how to convert your Singapore vaccination certificate into an EUDCC, which makes your trip much more convenient.

👍 Conversions no longer needed!
Great news! From 25 November 2021, Singapore vaccination certificates will be granted equivalency with the EUDCC, so there is no longer any need to convert. Your Notarise certificate will be accepted in any EU country, as well as 24 participating non-EU countries and territories

If you’re planning to travel to Europe anytime soon, you’ll find that life is a lot easier for those who have an EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC).

An EUDCC removes a lot of fiction to visiting Europe

Many VTL countries in Europe now require an EUDCC to visit restaurants or attractions, attend events, or basically participate in day-to-day life. Some even require an EUDCC to avoid quarantine on arrival, as we saw with Denmark’s new restrictions on travellers from Singapore. 

🇩🇰 tl;dr: Denmark Quarantine Requirement

Denmark requires travellers from Singapore to self-isolate for 10 days immediately after entry. It is possible to end the isolation after four days by producing a negative COVID-19 PCR test. 

This requirement applies regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not. Exemptions apply for Danish citizens, business travelers, transit (<24 hours stay), children below 16, and individuals holding the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) or Danish Coronapas. 

There was initially some uncertainty as to whether a Singapore resident holding an EUDCC would qualify for the exemption, but based on what the Embassy of Denmark is saying, I’m leaning towards yes. 

While Singapore is in the midst of applying to join the EUDCC system (non-EU countries like Israel and Panama are already included), travellers planning year-end holidays to Europe may need to find an interim solution. 

In this post, we’ll look at how you can get your Singapore vaccination certificate converted into the EUDCC format. All EUDCCs are interoperable, meaning that once you have one, you can use it across all EU countries and non-EU countries which have joined the EUDCC system. 

Converting while in Singapore


Switzerland COVID Certificate app

Switzerland requires a vaccine passport for all individuals 16 or older to access “red zones”, defined as large-scale events, indoor events (concerts, sports, cinemas), nightclubs, indoor areas of bars and restaurants, attractions and museums. While not required by law, businesses are free to require vaccine passports for “orange zones” too, such as outside seating areas at restaurants, open air events and workplaces. 

Visitors can use Switzerland’s online portal to convert non-EU vaccination certificates into a Swiss EUDCC for a 30 CHF (~S$44) fee. This can be done in advance of your travel to Switzerland. 

While you will need to upload proof of a hotel or flight booking, I understand a common tactic is to make a refundable booking, get the EUDCC, then cancel the itinerary subsequently. In that sense, this would be a workaround to get an EUDCC for travel to a country which doesn’t have a conversion mechanism. 

Do note that Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccinations will not be recognised for conversions for those without a Swiss residence permit. Only vaccines on the EMA list will qualify. 

Converting while overseas


French Health Pass

France requires everyone aged 12 years 2 months and above to present a Pass Sanitaire (Health Pass) to access most public spaces, such as casinos, restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, museums and sports stadiums. 

It was previously possible for visitors from outside the EU to convert their vaccination certificates into a Health Pass for free via an online portal. However, that functionality has now been removed, and visitors are instead instructed to visit a pharmacy upon arrival in France to make the conversion, at a cost of €30 (~S$46)

Do note that Sinovac and Sinopharm are not recognised in France, unless you take a Moderna or Pfizer booster dose after completing the entire Sinovac or Sinopharm course. 


Germany operates a system known as the “3G rule”geimpft (vaccinated), genesen (recovered) and getestet (tested). This means that individuals will need to show proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test to enter places such as airports, casinos, concerts, gyms, swimming pools, nightclubs, restaurants, attractions and museums.

3G sign in Munich

Some states have adopted a stricter 2G rule which only allows access to those fully vaccinated or recovered. 

In practice, Singapore vaccination certificates are widely accepted in Germany. On both my VTL trips to Munich and Frankfurt (and smaller towns outside), I encountered no issues at all using the physical certificate generated from Notarise

However, if the plan is to travel outside of Germany, you can visit a pharmacy (called an apotheke) and get your Singapore certificate converted into an EUDCC. Look for those advertising “digitaler imfpass” services, which means “digital vaccination pass”.

Pharmacy providing vaccination certificate digitisation

There is no hard and fast rule concerning the conversion. Some will do it for free, others will charge a nominal fee, still others will refuse to do it. I visited the Lowen Apotheke located in Marienplatz, Munich, and got my certificate converted for free. 

Yes, I am fully cognizant of the irony of holding a paper copy of the EU Digital Covid Certificate

Germany does not recognise Sinovac or Sinopharm, so you won’t be able to get a Germany EUDCC if you’re vaccinated with either of these. 


Italy Green Pass

Italy adopts a Certificazione Verde (Green Pass) system which is necessary for entering all public venues, as well as boarding flights or trains/buses connecting different regions. 

The Italian Tourism Bureau says that Singapore residents can present their local vaccination certificate for entry into Italy (remember, you’ll still need to do a pre-departure PCR/ART in Singapore within 72 hours of entry into Italy, even if you’re vaccinated). 

However, it’s less clear whether the Singapore vaccination certificate will be accepted for entry to restaurants/attractions etc.. Anecdotally, I’ve read some reports that restaurants and cafes have no issues accepting Singapore vaccination certificates. 

If you face issues with acceptance, you can visit or contact a local health authority (Azienda Sanitaria Locale or ASL) to get your overseas vaccination certificate converted into an EUDCC equivalent, at no charge. 

For example, this health authority in Veneto (where Venice is located) explicitly states that you can obtain a Green Pass by submitting the following:

  1. IN CASE OF VACCINATION CARRIED OUT ABROAD: vaccination certificate issued by the foreign health authority which contains at least the following contents:
  • identification data of the owner (name, surname, date of birth);
  • data relating to the vaccine (s) (name and lot);
  • date (s) of administration of the vaccine (s);
  • identification data of the person who issued the certificate (State, Health Authority).

For more information on the conversion process, refer to this article (paywalled, but if you select and copy fast enough you can paste it into Word and read at your leisure). 

Italy does not recognise Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccinations. 

Countries not offering conversions


Due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, Denmark will be reintroducing its Corona passport requirement from 12 November 2021.

This will be required for entering indoor restaurants, nightlife venues, as well as indoor events with >200 people or outdoor events with >2,000 people. These events include concerts, sports events with paid entrance, cultural events, museums, amusement parks etc.

While Danish citizens vaccinated abroad can register their vaccination online (after completing a serology test), there is no avenue for tourists to do the same. However, based on the Danish government’s advice, vaccine certificates issued overseas can be used in day-to-day life.

If your documentation for corona passport is from abroad, you are in principle able to use the documentation in Denmark provided it meets the rules for obtaining a Danish corona passport and that it is written in a language that the person inspecting your corona passport understands. You are generally advised to bring an English or Danish translation of your corona passport. Your foreign corona passport can be documented both electronically and by physical documents.

Keep in mind that travellers from Singapore must still present an EUDCC on arrival in Denmark if they are to avoid quarantine on arrival.


A COVID passport may be required to visit restaurants, gyms,and attractions in Finland. 

Finland has granted municipalities the right to issue EUDCCs for those who have been vaccinated outside the EU. However, it’s explicitly stated that certificates will not be issued to tourists or “others who are visiting Finland for a very short time”. 


The Netherlands requires a COVID Certificate with a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery to dine at restaurants or attend events /activities. 

Singaporeans who do not have an EUDCC will have to undergo testing instead:

If your country is not linked to the EU DCC, your international QR-code cannot be scanned at venues. You will have to take a free rapid (antigen) test in the Netherlands. You can book a free test appointment online. The negative test result is only valid for 24 hours, so you may have to get a test several times during your stay.

The Netherlands does not have a mechanism for recognising vaccinations done outside the EU, except for Dutch citizens, residents, and those vaccinated in Aruba, Curacao or Sint Maarten.

According to this website, Singapore vaccination certificates are accepted by the Netherlands. However, it’s unclear whether this is referring to acceptance for entry into the country, or for use in day to day life. 


Sweden does not currently have a COVID passport system, nor is it offering vaccination certificates to those vaccinated outside the EU. 


Spain does not use a COVID passport system on a national level (though some regions are attempting to unilaterally introduce one). 

Those vaccinated overseas can get their certificate converted into an EUDCC, but it is unclear whether this concession only extends to those with Spanish residency. 

United Kingdom

You won’t need a vaccine passport in the UK if you’re travelling to England (although the government may introduce one in winter if necessary). 

However, from 15 November 2021, Wales will require the NHS Covid Pass to gain entry to venues like cinemas and concert halls. This pass is already required for nightclubs and large events. Scotland requires the NHS Covid Pass to enter nightclubs, adult entertainment venues and large events. 

There is currently no mechanism for those vaccinated abroad to get an NHS Covid Pass. 

Displaying your EUDCC

EUDCCs can be displayed on apps like TousAntiCovid

Once you receive your EUDCC, you can display and show it through the following apps:

If you prefer not to install a separate app, you can visit and convert it into a digital copy that can be added to your Android or iPhone mobile wallet. 


I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Singapore gets added to the list of EUDCC equivalents, but travellers with year-end plans may need a temporary solution. 

The simplest way for someone in Singapore to obtain an EUDCC is to apply for one via the Switzerland portal. Alternatively, those visiting Germany or France should plan a quick visit to a pharmacy to get their certificate converted.

For what it’s worth, I know from firsthand experience that the Singapore vaccination certificate is widely accepted in Germany, and have heard anecdotal reports that visitors to Italy and the Netherlands have not had issues either.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Mr. D

I couldn’t get a EUDCC in Frankfurt, the pharmacies were adamant that I need a permanent address in Germany. I had a local friend call a few of them to help me out but no luck.


I managed to get my certificate converted to EUDCC in Frankfurt at Hirsch Apotheke located at Zeil 111 (opposite MyZeil shopping centre).


Thanks for the tip Wilson. Just to update travellers that Hirsch in Frankfurt is still willing to do the conversions as of this morning. I popped out to town to do it as i had a long transit in Frankfurt enroute to Italy.

We asked three other pharmacies in the airport and town area and all said that it was avail only to citizens and residents. Hope this helps.

sharon chia

Hi did you manage to convert to EUDCC at the frankfurt airport? Can i know what’s the cost like?

Happy Camper

I, too, did mine mid Oct at Hirsch Apotheke located at Zeil 111 (opposite MyZeil shopping centre), at €0.


Is it possible to download the certificate from the Swiss Covid Certificate app into a PDF? This would be insurance against loss or theft of your phone (or simply running out of battery), since you can save it in the cloud or print it out.

Swiss Resident

Yes it is.


No one checks in Holland


How about US?


US will vary a lot based on state and perhaps city. Some places have mandates for indoor dining etc but many don’t and there is no national app for proof of vaccination.


I’m in California right now. Nobody checks for masks, let alone vaccination status!


Just need some kind of proof and you will be fine 99.99% of the time. Eg. the PDF from notarise would work.


Excellent, I got it to work. I went to this site and updated my information.
Took them less then an hour to approve and give me the soft copy.

I download the Covid Cert ap, scanned the QR code on the certificate and now I have a copy on the ap I can use in most of the EMEA countries.

Thanks Aaron! great advice.

Agrim Singh

Damn that’s fast!? I’ve had my application stuck on ‘in progress’ for 10 days now and hasn’t even started undergoing a review. They say it usually takes 26 days to process an application 🙁


Same here. Applied 7 days ago, still under review and they state 27 days to process an application based on the last 30 days.


My wife got her approval within hours; I’m still waiting for mine after 14 days…

Edmund Teo

Seems like the procedure is no longer allowed. Any updates on this?


I click on the link and it says procedure closed. Any idea how to get a health pass?


Nevermind. I saw the information below.


The EU Digital COVID Certificate: EU has set a standard ( According to this press release, 60 countries are interested in joining the EU system, whereas technical discussions are on-going with 28 of them. It would be quite a surprise if Singapore were not one of them. Plus, systems are now ready in Europe to issue a new certificate after the booster shot, which means for us going through the conversion again after that shot. I would not take proactive steps to convert unless I had a trip planned in the near future and would just wait for interoperability between… Read more »


It’s free. Better than having a last minute trip and finding out that it’s no longer free to convert.


How about US?


thanks for this, saved me 60CHF for the swiss cert!

Lady G

Any idea for Austria? 🇦🇹

Changing flights at Munich airport, so won’t have time to head into town, so any tips appreciated!

Lady G

This is fantastic Aaron, danke! 🙂 Yes will have some time before taking a separate flight to Vienna (yet to book), if it’s quick then I’m guessing approx 3 hours layover should be okay.

Flying for Christmas, will update how it goes, hopefully it’s smooth! 🤞


I was in Austria back in September and had absolutely no issues using my Singapore Notarise vaccination certificate everywhere.

Janice W

Heading to Amsterdam from Munich & UK with a Singapore vaccination cert, are the daily tests by Testen voor Toegang free for tourists from SG?


Keen to know this too.


Yes, the tests are currently free.


Thank you muchly.


Hi Aaron. Tks for the article n link. I jus managed to download my EU Digital covid certificate! In time for my Italian trip this Sat via VTL 😉

I emailed my passport pic n notorised vaccination certificate to this email add
[email protected]

A wk later I received an AUTHCODE n I followed the instructions on this link to download my certificate in PDF format, with Chrome to help with translation.

It this helps others planning to visit Italy!



Hi Raymond! Flying a few days after you, and found your info very helpful. Could I ask if the EU Cert you obtained is the equivalent of the green pass? Or do you need to make a further conversion to get the green pass when you arrive in Italy?

I had thought that the Singapore cert would be good enough, until I read the Straits Times article today by journalists covering the G20 summit about how our cert was not accepted in Rome.

Thank you!


Hi JC, I would think the EU Cert will be acceptable cos that was one of suggestions to download the certificate included in the email sent to me from the Italian health authorities. Fingers crossed🤞 Enjoy your Italian travels too! 😏


Awesome. I just emailed them, let’s see how this goes


Hi Raymond, thanks for the information provided. Could you let me know what you wrote in the email? I sent them an email and instantly received an automated mail in Italian, the gist of which is that foreigners can’t apply for the Green Pass as of now. Seeing as you had success in getting your EU Digital covid certificate, I’m just wondering if you did something different, or whether I’m missing something. Thanks!


Hi Traveller, here’s the content of my email, nothing special: “ I would like to request for a green pass which will be useful when I come to Italy. I have attached a notorised vaccination certificate issued in Singapore after receiving 2 doses of Pfizer ( Cominarty) vaccine earlier this year. And a copy of my passport.” Nothing happened and a 1-2wks later the email miraculously with EUDCC arrived. Maybe I was really blessed 😋 Hmm I wonder if they have changed the system cos of overwhelming requests from foreign tourists 🤔 The more cumbersome alternative (which my partner is… Read more »


Hi Raymond! This is strange and rather disconcerting. I’d written to the Italian embassy in Singapore, and gotten a written reply that our notarised cert is “considered equivalent to the green certification for purposes provided by the law”, as long as its with an EMA authorised vaccine (i.e., Pfizer or Moderna). But i don’t suppose it would be useful if the restaurants are taking a tougher interpretation. I had also checked with my hotel and they said that none of their guests have had problems, except those who had non-EMA vaccines. We’re flying off tomorrow, so too late now to… Read more »


Hi JC , prego! Hope you enjoy your trip.

ARTs are quite fast – 15-30min can get
Results. Will be printed copies with QR codes. That last 48h.

As you travel further away from major cities, it might get a bit more challenging. Some pharmacies don’t do, some do with appointments. So we found it useful to ask our hotels in advance for advice , or even help to make appointments for you.

Jus swab every 48h n not let it spoil your holiday! ‘Til this issue is resolved 😅


Thanks for the tip Raymond! i got my EU cert as well through this method.


👏 👍


could I check if the Italian green pas is recognised as an EUDCC and can be use throughout Europe?


Not sure leh cos I’m only travelling in Italy this trip , but my green pass does say it’s a EUDCC n according to this article u jus read by Aaron , they are interoperable. Sori not much help.

At CT 😑


Thanks for reply. Good enough for me.
As I’m going to Italy via Switzerland and spending 2 nights there. May have no choice but to pay CHF30 for the Swiss pass


Hi All,

We’re now in Italy (we’ve been to Rome and Florence). From our experience, most places accept the “Notarise” version of the Singapore vaccination certificate. This applies to regional trains and various tourist attractions – you just have to show them the Singapore vaccination cert, and explain to them that you’ve received the Pfizer / Moderna shots.

Hope this helps!

Kimberly Chow

I can confirm that you cannot upload the Swiss covid cert to luca, or to the get it added to the Samsung wallet as mentioned above. The Swiss cert is not recognised.


oops, i just paid chf30 to apply for the swiss cert. the prev free version didnt work and my transfer code expired already. i guess swiss cert can be used/recognised in Italy too right? am going to Italy&Spain, but getting the swiss cert as it seems like the only available way out.


You’re saying if we get the Swiss cert that it is as good as the EUDCC in other European countries?

Kimberly Chow

Yes it can be used! But some night clubs in germany don’t accept paper (pdf) based vaccination certs 🙁 so converting mine was a waste of money as I can’t get it into the German app. Will have to try and convert mine again at a pharmacy in germany.


I was able to successfully load the Swiss certificate onto the Luca app (on iPhone) this week for both my wife and I. I paid the 30CHF for each of us and it took about 2 days for processing. When our certs arrived I opened the Luca app on our iPhones and took photos of the QR code’s from the certs opened on an iPad.


Data point: 3rd day in Italy. No issue showing my SG cert at airport when taking domestic flights. So far no one asked to see my cert in restos or shops, except last night at a restaurant who insisted to scan the barcode. It works using my chf30 Swiss cert in hard copy, but my friend’s cert from UK wasn’t readable my the scan machine. Luckily he had a few digital EU certs and finally the one fr Paris was readable by the scanner and we were let in. Good luck to all.


Hi all, anyone knows if France is still opening the online submission for the covid pass conversion?

I tried again today and it says “This procedure has been closed, it is no longer possible to submit a file.” Pretty sure it was working last week.

Or anyone knows if we can do the conversion in France itself i.e through pharmacy or something?

Neetha Nair

Yes. Closed. I sent a email to the. Embassy and received : The online procedure to obtain a Digital EU COVID Certificate through the French authorities is currently closed until further notice. You may however request for the conversion of your foreign vaccination certificate at a pharmacy after your arrival in France. The procedure costs about 30 Euros. A temporary QR code can also be generated by a healthcare professional after obtaining a negative result on a RT-PCR or antigenic test valid for 72h. All RT-PCR and antigenic tests generate a proof, as soon as the result is entered by… Read more »

Edmund Teo

Any updates on the procedure in france? Seems like it has been discontinued. And no alternative procedures that I can find from government websites


From the embassy website, it looks like you can only get it after you arrive in pharmacy.

In order to facilitate the stay of non-European tourists in France, on 26 October, pharmacists were given the authroity to convert the foreign vaccination certificates into the “EU digital COVID certificate” format, for a fee of 30 Euros (excluding taxes).


Has anyone successfully converted to the EUDCC in a Pharmacy in Berlin?

According to their embassy website in the VTL FAQ page, seems the local pharmacy are not “legally obliged to issue to non-EU residents” i.e. Tourists.


Nope they won’t do it for tourists. I asked the embassy too and nothing can be done


book a refundable Swiss hotel and pay for the Swiss dcc if you want to go to France/ Netherlands. It will be processed very fast( for me, 1day) and save a lot of trouble thinking whether they will accept or not.


This is exactly what I did too.

The processing time was only 2 hours for me. Just need to submit few documents, and fill out online form, then pay.

AJay Styles

Hi Wan and Ben – thanks for the details above. And kudos to Aaron for this! Any potential repercussions from doing the above? I am flying to Netherlands from SG on 21 Nov. and don’t want to do the free ART test on offer every morning.

If I get the Swiss DCC (hope it really allows us to move around within Netherlands) and then cancel my refundable hotel booking – hope Swiss DCC won’t cancel the certificate?


The technical system used by the EUDCC makes it impossible for the certificate authority to revoke only your certificate. If they want to revoke some certificate, they will have to revoke all certificates that were signed by the same certificate authority (which probably means at a cantonal or national level).

AJay Styles

This article from the official Netherlands page states :

Singapore vaccination certification accepted in the Netherlands – We are pleased to share the good news that we now received confirmation that the Netherlands will accept the vaccination certification from Singapore as well as the PCR-tests if needed! Hopefully this clarification will take away the uncertainty for travelers.


Over here in Greece, Athens seems pretty cool about it. We could enter by showing them my SG passport and vaccine certificate. But in the island of Crete, it’s stricter.


Aaron, is your EUDCC hardcopy in German? How long is the waiting time for the conversion at the pharmacy? Btw, is the validity of 1 year based on the most recent jab which happened to be my booster jab? Thanks.

Sheng Lin

I am visiting Geneva and was directed to apply the Swiss cert via the canton website (which also appears to be free). Is there a difference between this cert and the Swiss National vaccine passport? Will I still be able to use the canton issued cert across Europe?

Salmon Lee

I was also directed to the site for the Canton of Geneva. Some knowledge of French helps but not essential. I was not asked to make any payment. If approved by the authorities, I’ll be testing this out and see if the certification can be recognised and uploaded on to France’s TousAntiCovid app.

Last edited 2 years ago by Salmon Lee

How did you get to the free site? Also was it recognised in France? Or other part of Switzerland?


Can I ask if you managed to obtain your Swiss Covid Cert and if you did, how long did the entire process take? Thanks!

Apotheker Mouazzen

Hallo Sir,
I hope you correct the Information in the Website, It’s a wrong Info, that all people can get the QR Code from Germany! I’am a pharmacist here in Germany and we can make these Codes only for the people who live or work in Germany not for the Visitor!!! Please correct the Infos!

Last edited 2 years ago by Apotheker Mouazzen
Wee Lin

I have a printed out EUDCC from a pharmacy in Cologne laying here which suggests otherwise. I trust your answer may be by the book, but most of your colleagues either don’t know or happily take the business.

Last edited 2 years ago by Wee Lin
Happy Camper

I do not know what pharmacy you work at but I’m very much a Singaporean who was a visitor in Germany this mid October and I had my Singapore issued Vaxx cert converted at a pharmacy in Frankfurt, free of charge.

Therefore the in information on the website is absolutely accurate.


Officially, pharmacies are not allowed to make a QR code for vaccination certificates from Singapore. I have reached out to a few pharmacies in Germany and they all told me the same, they can’t do it for a certificate from Singapore.


Slovenia (small EU member) also recognises the vaccination certificate from Singapore but currently it cannot be converted into an EU Digital COVID Certificate.


Metropolitan Pharmacy at Munich Airport does not allow conversion. Been told it’s only for Germans and residents.


Oh dear… still thinking of trying our luck there when arrived at Munich Airport next week.


Thank you, I just managed to convert my Singapore Certificate to the Swiss one using your link. I got it within 15minutes. Then I used your other link to convert the Swiss one to a EU one.
I don’t know yet if this will get me into Denmark without quarantine or testing – has anyone done so yet. Please update us here.


Hi HL, May I know if we need to book the hotel duration equivalent to our length of stay? or just 1-2 nights will do to obtain the address. Appreciate sharing as our family is also stuck with the same situation. Thank you!

Salmon Lee

You just need a booking of say 3 or 4 days in a hotel in Switzerland. Note that the application is via the canton’s government of the location of that hotel, e.g. if it’s Geneva, then that particular canton, or if Lucerne then the canton government of Lucerne.

The link above on Aaron’s story leads you to the federal government’s health authority’s site; you will be directed to the appropriate canton government’s site after you fill in your details.


I also have a trip planned to Denmark early Dec and hoping that the Swiss one will aviod quarantine. Please advise if anyone was able to do so. Thanks

Salmon Lee

A friend who obtained her certification via the Swiss authorities in advance, has just passed customs / passport control in Copenhagen with no let and hindrance. In fact, her sister who is travelling with her, reported that the officer looking at her passport did not even ask for any health certification or declaration.


Thanks for sharing the info, I have successfully converted mine in Dusseldorf, they recommend me to download Covpass to display the EUDCC.

Salmon Lee

Thanks. You mean the Luca app for Germany, right?


Hi Salmon,
Nope, its CovPass app that I downloaded from Play store (Andriod).


PSA: In Berlin now, our notarise vax cert isn’t scannable by their handheld QR scanners. Had no problems until this morning when Pergammon Museum (major museum on Museum Island) turned us away and insisted that we needed a EU cert. Managed to get an apotheke to do it, no charges. Funnily enough P was our second museum of the day, first one no issues.


Hi, has anyone tried to go Norway Finland and Sweden? I was told that Norway are not allowing visitors unless they have the EUDCC. If i were to create the EUDCC cert, will i be allowed to enter Norway with this method? Please share. Thanks!


Hello everyone. I am in Berlin now. I can guarantee 100% that no attractions/museums/restaurants will accept the Notarise version of the SG vaccination certificate and the pharmacies here will not do it for you. Have emailed the SG embassy and the reply is basically a too bad, so sad situation.


Oh no sorry to hear that and just read this. We managed to get an apotheke near Hackeschermarkt to do it (also the museum’s recommendation). In any case hopefully with the SG one now being EUDCC equivalent it helps.

BJ Choy

Hurray ! Singapore has been added to the list – Recognition of COVID certificates from third (non-EU) countries. No need to pay extra for the workaround / conversion 🙂


Update from Germany: Luca app is amazing and used almost everywhere to show vax cert and check in (in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt incl airport). Highly recommend and of course thanks to Milelion for recommending it here first.


May I know if anyone has done the conversion at Munich Airport? Is there any Apotheke within Munich Airport that can do the conversion? Thanks.



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