Singapore vaccination certificates now compatible with EUDCC system

Vaccination certificates issued by Singapore are now valid with the EUDCC system, paving the way for easier travel across Europe.

Last month, the European Commission announced that Singapore vaccination certificates would be granted equivalency with the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC). 

An EUDCC removes a lot of friction when visiting Europe

Till this point, the recognition of Singapore vaccination certificates across Europe had been patchy. I had no issues using my certificate in Germany, but those travelling to France or Switzerland needed to convert theirs for a fee (at least they had that option- other countries like Denmark and Finland didn’t!). 

With EUDCC equivalency, Singapore vaccination certificates will be recognised across all EU countries, as well as 24 other non-EU countries (and territories) which have joined the EU Digital COVID Certificate system.

🇪🇺 Countries adopting EUDCC system
•    Albania
•    Andorra
•    Armenia
•    Switzerland
•    Faroe Islands
•    Georgia
•    Israel
•    Iceland
•    Liechtenstein
•    Moldova
•    Monaco
•    Morocco
•    New Zealand
•    North Macedonia
•    Norway
•    Panama
•    San Marino
•    Serbia
•    Singapore
•    Togo
•    Turkey
•    Ukraine
•    United Kingdom
•    The Vatican

While the announcement was made on 25 November, technical implementation only took place from 7 December. You should be able to digitise your Singapore vaccination certificate into one or more EUDCC-compatible apps from today, though my experience so far is hit and miss. 

Scanning your Singapore vaccination certificate

While you can show a paper copy of the QR code on your Notarise vaccination certificate, it’s much more convenient to scan and save it in an EUDCC-compatible app. 

To do this, you’ll need to regenerate another copy of your Notarise vaccination certificate. A new version is required because it has EUDCC-compatible codes added at the bottom.

You can then try to scan both codes with any of the following apps (scanning the Dose 1 code is optional; Dose 2 is the important one since it qualifies you as fully vaccinated):

Country Android iPhone
🇫🇷 France TousAntiCovid TousAntiCovid
🇩🇪 Germany luca luca
🇬🇷 Greece Covid Free GR Covid Free GR
🇵🇹 Portugal Passe Covid Passe Covid
🇸🇮 Slovenia GreenPass GreenPass
🇪🇸 Spain SpTH SpTH
🇨🇭 Switzerland COVID Certificate COVID Certificate
Similar apps exist for Cyprus/ Denmark/ Netherlands, but they require a SingPass equivalent to work, and won’t be an option for tourists.

You don’t need to use the app of the country you’re visiting. That’s the whole point of interoperability- an EUDCC displayed on the French TousAntiCovid app will be accepted in any country using the EUDCC system.

In any case, only the Switzerland option worked for me, and even then, not perfectly- my name is displayed as Null Null. 

Other apps said my certificate had expired already, or that the QR code was not valid with the EUDCC system. My guess is that we’ll need to wait for each country to push updates to its own app.

However, I had better luck with non-official apps like Green Pass Wallet (Android | iPhone), which displayed all my details accurately.

As an alternative, you can also try visiting to generate a digital copy of your EU Covid Certificate and save it on the Apple or Google Wallet (if it shows “expired”, try downloading the YourWallet app to display it).

This does not override individual country vaccine recognition

Sinovac-vaccinated individuals may still face issues travelling across Europe

Even though the QR codes on Singapore vaccination certificates are now readable by EUDCC scanners, this does not override individual country vaccine recognition.

For example, Germany and France do not recognise Sinovac. A Singaporean who has received Sinovac can have his certificate scanned, but the venue still reserves the right to reject him once they read the data and see exactly what vaccine he has received. 

In other words, Singapore vaccine certificates now speak the same language as EUDCCs, but the content of that conversation still matters. 


Singapore vaccination certificates are now compatible with the EUDCC system, which is great news for anyone headed to Europe (or any other country that’s part of the system, for that matter). This means you won’t need to pay fees for conversions, or worry about gaining acceptance into a vaccinated-only venue. 

That said, it may take a while for software and readers to be updated and recognise Singapore-issued EUDCC codes. You may encounter some teething issues over the next few days/weeks, so keep your paper certificate handy. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Tried but the pass is expired…


Same problem here. Guess the EU side has to update their systems.


I think the QR codes generated by are incomplete, lacking validity information. Hopefully they fix this soon’ish.


You are correct. Notarize does not have expiry date, so Getcovidpass puts it as 1970.01.01 as default.


Thanks for the update! 🙂 Managed to load my cert into the Swiss Covid Cert app. My name is displayed correctly, but it doesn’t have the validity notice as depicted in your photo.


Ahhh! I got it! I didn’t click on the “i” button… I ended up with 2 separate covid cert qr codes – the first one was for my primary series of 2 jabs. The second one was for the booster with validity of 1 year post-jab. Thank you!


The Swiss app works for me very well. Thanks!


Including name?


Yes. Name, date of vaccination and validity are all properly displayed.


Same for me.


My name appeared as “null null” like what Aaron experienced. I wonder if it is due to my using the chinese name which is not just first name and last name.


Mine is null null too


The app links for Slovenia point to the apps relevant for Slovakia, which would suggest you were likely referring to Slovakia and not Slovenia.


Thanks for the update Aaron. Loaded all 3 shots onto TousCovid but also showing as expired


Tried on android, downloaded the Yourwallet app as suggested, QR code well displayed.

Tim Leon

Hello Aaron – Any idea if our vaccine certificate is valid in UAE?


visited and download YourWallet as prompted on screen to download the cert. android user. the most sleek looking cert, very EU style template.

the swiss app, only recognise dose 2/2. dose 1/2 cannot verify. so would rely better with YourWallet’s EUDCC

Last edited 2 years ago by silverbomb

The new QR codes from SG vax cert dont work on the TousCovid app.


or the Spanish one


Any alternative for the French one? I’m reaching in around 1 hour and the app cannot import the cert. I was told that’s required to use the health sanitaire to dine in like how we use our tracetogether. Do they accept the eu wallet?


Sorry I don’t know. I tried it on Luca, the German app, also cannot recognise :/


It’s damn irritating. I can’t buy stuff from the street stalls here!


Hi everyone, even though i successfully converted to Swiss and EU certs, they were not valid when the local restaurants scanned the QR code. So the backend infrastructure is not fully setup


Yes, it happened to me too. I guess they are using the same apps that we tried to load the QR in to scan. So if we can’t load it into the app for the country, it won’t work. Sigh.

Last edited 2 years ago by Watson

May I know if the restaurants or public spaces allowed entry to you guys? what about just the QR code from Notarise? or from Thank you


I think it’s SG that needs to change the data. I doubt all the different countries (and different apps) will update their software to “support” SG’s. BTW, the different apps does not do anything to the QR code itself. If you look at QR code in all the apps that managed to successfully add it in, they are identical to the original one from Notarise. The apps doesn’t change or value-add in any way. They just validate that the QR satisfies its internal criteria, and if so, store it within the app. Ultimately, it’s the scanner apps (all the different… Read more »

Salmon Lee

My friend who’s in France now said she can get the French AntiCovid app to scan the Singapore notarise QR code for her booster shot. No issue at all. France apparently sets the expiry at 7 months after your second shot, so you do need to have the booster shot shown.


In Italy now and none of their apps could validate the notarise QR code. Pretty frustrating


I called Govtech support hotline about this issue and they said we can write in to the Notarise support email ( I already wrote to them explaining the problem. It would be great if all of you wrote in too, so they can get as much info as possible and fix the problem asap 😁😁


If you’re having problems, have you recently tried to get a new cert from Notarise? The freshly issued ones right now have the QR code expiry date set.

I haven’t tried the verifier apps, but so far at least can add my dose 2 cert to FR TousAntiCovid and CH Covid Certificate (but displays < in my name instead of spaces). Can't add it to Luca because they insist on matching against separate first name / last name.


I was able to import the QR code into CovPass App which is by the German Robert Koch-Institut (

Salmon Lee

When I tried installing this app on Google Play, I was told I have no access…


yeah, apps not being available globally in the app stores is a problem. my partner and i are struggling with that too.
went through the entire notarise process again today, now managed to import it into the german Corona-Warn-App ( which previously didn’t work. it also says the cert is valid, great! the app doesn’t seem to be on the SG ios store, though. luca still doesn’t work.


So this confirm dosent work for netherlands?


The notarise QR code finally worked for me today in Amsterdam.

1) Go to
2) Scan Dose 2 QR code
3) Add to wallet!
4) Show QR code to shops/museums. It should work!

I had issues for the pass few days due to ‘expiry date’ issues etc, but no issues today (10 Dec).


It also worked when the staff scanned directly from the MOH issued QR code. So if you don’t want to, you can show the downloaded QR code from notarise itself.

Benjamin S

Still doesn’t work for me.
Heading over to Europe next week…hope everything works by then.


Thank for update, got the new certificate, works in the Swedish app (Sweden just launched a verify app here:, Did not see this one in your list.

But for several of the other similar issues, like the French one showing “expired” for all the QR codes (including booster). Also my full name is put under the header “transliterated name” and the first and last name is left blank, even though I have a western name. In the Swiss app it puts all my first and last names in the Last Name box.


Yea, the QR codes issued by notarise are not compliant with EU DCC, some data fields are empty or wrongly populated.. hope they can fix it soon. Even if you manage to load it into an app, the verifier/scanner is not going to accept it unfortunately, so all useless until fixed.


I don’t have a 7 Dec one to compare against, but the newly issued Notarise QR codes now have the cert expiry set to 1 year out from issuance.

For the names, supposedly only the fnt field (transliterated surname = what is printed at the bottom of our passport biodata page) is required and that’s exactly what is in the cert right now, but it might be that the EU country-specific apps are not coping well with certs that don’t also have non-transliterated surname or the forename fields…


Hi, it is now working with the French app.


Same here! Finally!


Just adding another data point here… I’ve successfully loaded the certs onto the French TousAntiCovid app. Glad they’ve managed to fix the problems with the expiry date! 🙂


Guys, please, if you encounter a problem with your QR code (e.g. name showing as “null null” or validity period not valid), please write to Notarise support email at

They cannot work on a problem if they do not know it exists. The more of us that write in, the more information they can use to troubleshoot and the more priority they will give the issue.


Yes I wrote in with this issue – the certs covert now into the various apps (so one problem solved yay) but names are “null null”, which makes it look fake. I used the app “green pass” to scan my own certs to see what a European business would see when they scan it.


I’m going to Italy next week so I used the Italian QR reader app to test it as well. My birth date comes out right and the code is valid but my name unfortunately is also “null null” :(:(:(

I really hope they fix this soon because I know the app is used by small vendors in Italy to check vacc status. Let’s hope on Monday the team sees our messages 🥺🥺 *cross fingers*


They have updated the QR codes. I’ve downloaded a new vaccine cert from notarise, and uploaded it to and now it works on Apple Wallet and Green pass..


tested in Spain just then with the new, still doesnt work.


working now

Stephen Wise

I encountered an interesting issue: scanned the Sin notarised EU compat qr into TousAnticovid app on android phone, accepted, but displays incorre t DB (13 Jul vs 14th). On iOS version on ipad, correct DoB. On neither was my name displayed. Tested again with qr from a pcr test i had done in France….similar issue, same incorrect DoB. An android app problem? Anyone had similar isdues?
Have msgd TousAnticovid support folk. Meantime will carry paper and ipad to enter France next week!


I managed to finally get the france app to recognise the sg qr code. First, download green pass wallet and upload the notarise pdf file. Next, screenshot the digital certificate qr code in the app. Third, open the france app and scan the screenshot. Hope this helps.


Name still show up as Null Null in Swiss App and no name indicated for France app


Please help to write in to the Notarise team about this! 🙂 Let’s give them more info to help!

Moritz Huss

I am in Berlin and after updating the notarize cert yesterday most shops and restaurants accept it for entry. For some places their app still shows null null and then they won’t let you in because they can’t verify your name. Notarize will have to split the name into first and last name to fix this issue. Now the notarize cert displays the name as JON<PETER<DOUGH without the split into first and last names and some apps cannot deal with it and Display NULL<NULL


I went to and tried to upload a screenshot of my Pfizer Dose 2 QR from Notarise SG. But it just says “The uploaded file does not contain a certificate or was not recognized. Try uploading a file in better quality”. I tried original PDF, screenshots, camera etc but all do not work. In Green Pass Wallet, it recognized the QR codes though. But it shows my name as first line: – second line: (TAN AH GAO) It alsoshows vaccination date and doses carried out, vaccine name and certificate issuer. But this doesn’t mean it is EUDCC format is… Read more »


hihi anyone knows what about travelling to Italy? which app can i use ? Thanks!