Earn up to 13 mpd on KrisShop duty-free shopping via Kris+

From now till 31 December 2021, earn 9 mpd on duty free shopping on KrisShop via Kris+, plus 4 mpd from your credit cards.

Kris+ has added KrisShop as its newest partner, allowing customers to shop for duty-free items directly from the Kris+ app. 

To mark the tie-up, customers will earn 9 mpd on all KrisShop purchases made via Kris+ till 31 December 2021, eclipsing the regular 1.5 mpd rate available directly through KrisShop.com. By stacking this with the right credit card, you can earn up to 13 mpd in total– an excellent return for online shopping. 

KrisShop now available via Kris+

Download the latest version of the Kris+ app, and you’ll notice a new button for KrisShop added to the top left of your screen. Tap on it, and you’ll be directed to KrisShop, with the full range (edit: a subset, actually) of items you’d normally find on KrisShop.com. 

Checkouts must be done via in-app payments, using American Express, Mastercard or Visa cards linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Earn 9 mpd on KrisShop via Kris+

Customers shopping on KrisShop via Kris+ will normally earn 3 miles per S$2, but from 9 a.m on 6 December 2021 to 11.59 p.m on 31 December 2021, the rate will be upsized to 9 miles per S$1. 

What’s also noteworthy is that with KrisShop via Kris+, you earn miles on the post-tax, post-shipping amount of your payment, as opposed to the pre-tax, pre-shipping amount. 

To illustrate, suppose I want to buy an iPhone 12 Mini. The list price for this item is S$914.95, or S$979 after 7% GST (remember, the pricing on KrisShop is before GST). 

At the payment screen, Kris+ informs me that I’ll earn 8,811 KrisPay miles, based on S$979 @ 9 miles per S$1. 

However, if I buy the same item from KrisShop.com, I only earn miles on the pre-tax S$914.95 component. 

While there’s no shipping costs involved in this particular example, you’ll also earn miles on shipping via Kris+ (and not with KrisShop.com). 

I suspect this might be an oversight, however. When you pull up the FAQs, you’ll find this clause (emphasis mine):

3. Can I earn miles when I shop on KrisShop via Kris+?

You will be able to earn 3 KrisPay miles for every SGD 2 spent, which can be transferred to your KrisFlyer account.

Earned KrisPay miles must be transferred to your KrisFlyer account within 7 days of earning the KrisPay miles. KrisFlyer miles will have a validity of 3 years from the date of accrual and will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the KrisFlyer programme.

The miles are only earned on the nett amount paid with a credit or debit card, excluding delivery charges, prevailing taxes, customs/import duties and postal clearance (applicable for home delivery and vary between countries, if applicable).

If KrisPay miles are used to pay for part of the purchase, KrisPay miles will only be earned on the portion paid with a credit or debit card, excluding taxes, delivery fees, import duties and postal clearance charges.

But if not, it means that even after KrisShop via Kris+ reverts to the regular 3 miles per S$2 rate, it’s still better to shop here than on KrisShop.com.

How is KrisShop via Kris+ different from KrisShop.com?

The table below highlights some other differences between shopping on KrisShop.com, versus KrisShop via Kris+.

  KrisShop.com KrisShop via Kris+
Delivery Worldwide and inflight Singapore only
Earn Rate 1.5 miles per S$1 3 miles per S$2
(9 miles per S$1 from 6-31 Dec 2021)
Miles Transfer to KrisFlyer Miles credited directly to KrisFlyer within 30 business days Miles earned instantly; transfer to KrisFlyer account within 7 days
Pay with Miles 125 miles per S$1 125 miles per S$1*
Min. Miles Redemption 1,000 miles 15 miles
PPS Club Privileges 10% off Not available yet
*150 miles per S$1 with 16.7% instant milesback

The key differences to note are that KrisShop via Kris+ offers delivery to Singapore addresses only, and does not (yet) support the 10% discount for PPS Club members or PPS Club gift voucher redemption.

What card should you use for KrisShop?

KrisShop purchases with code as MCC 5309 Duty Free Stores, even if you pay via Kris+.

Using the following cards will earn you an additional 4 mpd extra, creating the opportunity to clock up to 13 mpd on your purchases.

Card Earn Rate Remarks
DBS Woman’s World Card
4 mpd Cap S$2K per c. month
UOB Pref. Plat Visa 4 mpd Cap S$1.1K per c. month
HSBC Revolution 4 mpd Cap S$1K per c. month
AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend 3.2 mpd*
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card 3.1 mpd* S$200
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card 3 mpd^ No cap
*Registration required, available till 2 March 2022
^Subject to min. spend of S$500 per year with SIA Group
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Month

I’m receiving reports from Citi Rewards Card members that they’re not earning the 9X, with CSOs pointing to the “excluding mobile wallet” clause in the T&Cs as grounds for exclusion. To my knowledge, the “mobile wallet” clause was always meant to exclude top-ups to mobile wallets, not using mobile wallets as a form of payment. I am in the midst of clarifying this with Citibank.

Earn status credits from KrisShop spending

Full Details

Singapore Airlines is currently running a campaign that allows KrisFlyer and PPS Club members to earn Elite miles or PPS Value by converting rewards points, spending on co-brand cards, or making purchases with KrisShop or via Kris+. 

For every S$1 spent at KrisShop, KrisFlyer and PPS Club members will earn 3 Elite miles and 1 PPS Value respectively. 

  KrisFlyer  PPS Club
Spend on KrisShop 3 Elite miles per S$1 1 PPS Value per S$1

The same earn rate applies if you spend on KrisShop via Kris+

  KrisFlyer  PPS Club
Spend on KrisShop via Kris+ 3 Elite miles per S$1 1 PPS Value per S$1


KrisShop is now available via Kris+, and from now till the end of December you can earn up to 13 mpd on the full range of duty-free items. 

It’s even better when you consider the fact that GST and shipping charges earn miles, but it remains to be seen whether this is an oversight or a feature. 

Do make sure you’re not paying over the odds for items on KrisShop, however, as based on my experience the same items can sometimes be found elsewhere for less.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I’m getting “We are unable to complete your request” when I try to pay with Citi Rewards Master/Visa via ApplePay. Anyone experiencing the same?


It doesn’t seem to be the full range? Tried searching for some of the more premium wines and they weren’t listed


wanna by hakushu whiskey from krisshop. website hav buy 3 get 22% off promo. it’s more attractive than 9mpd. dun know when app can share the promo.


Besides Citi Rewards, any idea whether UOB VS and UOB PPV are also excluded from this because its “in-app payment”?