PSA: Singapore Airlines accepts MOH recovery memo or HealthHub status as proof of recent recovery

Recently diagnosed with COVID-19? Show an MOH recovery memo or HealthHub status and be exempt from pre-departure and on-arrival testing, as well as any SHN.

Ever since 24 January 2022, fully vaccinated travellers who have recently recovered from a COVID-19 infection have been granted special concessions when travelling to Singapore. 

Simply put, they’re exempt from:

  • Pre-departure testing when flying to Singapore
  • SHN on arrival in Singapore, regardless of whether or not they take a VTL flight, their travel history or point of origin
  • On-arrival testing in Singapore

This means a wider range of flight options, as well as cost savings from the absence of testing when flying to Singapore (do note that pre-departure testing may still be required when flying out of Singapore, depending on country). 

By this point, everyone probably has caught or knows someone who has caught COVID-19. The question, then, is how to go about proving your recent infection. 

Here’s some good news that should reassure anxious travellers: Singapore Airlines has confirmed that they will accept MOH recovery memos and HealthHub status screenshots in lieu of a pre-departure test. 

Procedures for recently-recovered travellers

Travellers must take an ART/PCR test within 2 days of flying to Singapore, unless recently-recovered

Fully-vaccinated travellers who have recently recovered from COVID-19 may present either of the following documents to excuse themselves from SHN and testing requirements:

  • a positive COVID-19 PCR or professionally-administered ART result dated between 7-90 days before date of departure to Singapore or
  • a discharge memo 

Either document must:

  • state the traveller’s name and at least one other personal identifier (e.g. date of birth, passport number)
  • state the date of infection or discharge date, which must be within 7-90 days before the date of departure for Singapore
  • be issued by a relevant state authority or licensed medical professional

To reiterate, you can present either a positive COVID-19 PCR or professionally-administered ART result or a discharge memo.

Now, it’s already possible for COVID-positive patients to visit a QTC or CTC to take a supervised ART and have their infection recorded in the HealthHub system. They can also request a recovery memo via this link (it says it’s for protocol 1 patients, but protocol 2 patients have used it without any issue). 

But the issue is that the recovery memo redacts all but the last four digits of one’s NRIC. This has raised concerns as to whether it will be accepted by the check-in desk in lieu of a pre-departure test result.

Screenshot credit: Vinz

I’ve reached out to Singapore Airlines, and they have confirmed that passengers can present any of the following documents at the overseas check-in counter to exempt themselves from pre-departure testing: 

  • HealthHub status showing a positive test result with “Licensed Provider” indicated

  • An ART/PCR test certificate indicating when he/she tested positive (must be at least 7 days ago)
  • An MOH recovery memo which features the patient’s name and last four digits of NRIC/FIN

It’s important to note that this response comes from Singapore Airlines; there’s no guarantee that other airlines will follow the same SOP. 

However, the wording on the ICA website is pretty unambiguous, and if you want to be extra sure, you can always arrange a tele-ART with DoctorAnywhere to get a positive test certificate for S$12.84 (plus the cost of an ART kit).

Remember that there’s two parts to this process:

  • Check-in overseas: Show proof of previous infection to excuse yourself from pre-departure testing
  • On arrival in Singapore: Show proof of previous infection to excuse yourself from on-arrival testing and SHN

I haven’t got an official statement from ICA, but based on anecdotal data points I’ve read online, there haven’t been any issues showing your HealthHub status to get exempted from SHN and on-arrival testing.

A MileLion reader also shared the above correspondence.

Vaccinated Recovered Traveller lane

At the immigration area, don’t take the automated channels. Instead, look out for a special lane called “Vaccinated Recovered Travellers”. Here’s where you’ll show your HealthHub status, and be issued with a special sticker with “E” on it. 

Exempted passengers can leave the airport by any means they wish

This grants you exemption from all on-arrival measures; you could even take the MRT home or go to Jewel straight after arrival if you so wished!


Passengers who have recently recovered from a COVID-19 infection can exempt themselves from pre-departure testing when flying Singapore Airlines by showing an MOH recovery memo, HealthHub screenshot, or positive ART/PCR test certificate. This must have been issued at least seven days and no more than 90 days ago.

On arrival, they will also be exempt from testing and SHN by showing this document to the ICA officer. 

Hopefully, this will soon become irrelevant if/when the VTLs are eliminated!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Alvin Koh

Hi Aaron

Thank you for clarifying with SQ and the detailed elaboration in this article. Does this also apply to only non-VTL return flight to Singapore or only meant for VTL flights please? TIA

Sam L

Hi there – great development 🙂 What about those who contracted and recovered overseas? Is there some kind of serology test accepted?


I contracted COVID in January in Australia but had neither a professionally administered PCR or ART to confirm it. However, I had a serology test done here in Singapore early in February which confirmed a natural infection. When I landed in Singapore from Australia last week the immigration officer accepted my positive serology test as evidence that I had had COVID and I was therefore exempted from the post-arrival test. I tried the same thing a few weeks earlier but at that time the immigration officers told me that only a PCR or professionally administered ART would be accepted. It… Read more »


Good share, from what it sounds, its always better to perform supervised PCR or ART anywhere in the world even if DIY kits already confirm positive just to get the “green card” so as to skip PDTs and PATs ? How long does this exemption lasts for ?

Brian Chua

Hi Aaron, does this apply to departure FROM Singapore to overseas?

I am recently recovered and tested negative for ART (Indicated in HealthHub and have the MOH recovery memo)
However, I have taken PCR 2 times and still tested positive.

Does overseas country accept this recovery memo (MOH) even if the PCR is positive?

Best regards

H Cram

Different countries have different recovery periods for in-bound travel. For example, Australia allows those recovered within 30 days of the scheduled flight to be exempted from PDT.


If pre-departure PCR still positive most airlines still won’t allow you to check-in.
I suppose have to wait till pre-departure all move to Supervised ART…..

Brian Chua



Different airlines and countries operate differently. I was infected with Covid 1 mth ago. Took PCR last week and turned out positive. Clinic and MOH did later share it’s very common to still be positive up to 180days. Cambodia where i was traveling to confirmed (by both Embassies) that no recovery memo nor doctor signed exemption letter would be accepted. Strictly PCR results. Jetstar was neutral, following regulations of both departing and destination countries.


Hi Aaron

I understand this might not be possible but could you share any written statement that SQ shared with you regarding this so that it could be used as evidence if there are any issues at the check in counter. Both a friend and a work colleague of mine have had issues whereby the SQ check in desks in other countries were not updated with current rules and were therefore willing to deny boarding.

Thank you!


Thank you, that would be appreciated!


Hi Aaron, any particular SIA email you have sent to? I have tried contacting them via their online form and I haven’t reply me for almost a month now.


Yes, please have SQ to post it on their website to clarity purposes.
I have heard instances that SQ counter staff insist on Pre-departure ART even though they have recovery memo from doctor and MOH.


Hi Aaron, thanks for the article with great detail about the on arrival process for recently recovered travellers. I recently spent a lot of time trying to find information about it via SQ and ICA for my own travel with my partner (we are a Singaporean/Malaysian couple). As you noted, Singaporeans are exempt from the SHN and testing, if they are recently recovered, regardless of which flights they arrive on. However it seems that non-Singaporean recently recovered short term visitors must continue to travel on VTL flights, or have an “Entry Approval” letter (in addition to the usual supporting documentation)… Read more »

Chris Teoh

I wonder if we can make use of the tele-ART with Doctor Anywhere for our pre-departure VTL ART test 2 days before departing to Singapore. If so, it would be really convenient and we won’t have to run around overseas looking for a test clinic

SQ Flyer

We would all hope that would be the case, but unfortunately it isn’t at the moment.


Hoping they can ease up on this too.


Thanks Aaron, this is extremely helpful!

While it seemed logical to me, the SafeTravel website/hotline could not explicitly confirm whether Heath Hub would be accepted or not upon re-entry or not.

The website mentions they require a “medical document”, which is quite vague. The contact centre employee initially stated Heath Hub would be sufficient, but then advised me to take a hard copy with me as well.

Seems like they could tighten up comms a bit here and reduce uncertainty/admin.

COVID Partier

Hmmm, one can eliminate the trouble/costs associated with VTL by infecting oneself with COVID and recovering in 5 days!

SQ Flyer

Yes, especially if one is triple-vaxxed and not living with children/elderly. The exemption has created a somewhat perverse incentive to contract COVID-19.


Anyone able to elaborate how those in protocol 2 can request for recovery memo?


Hi, Aaron,

Is there the risks of airlines (SQ or otherwise) on VTL flights that doesn’t understand this and stop one from boarding?

That is do you suggest that for such vaccinated recovered travellers to take non-VTL flights rather than VTL flights?


Agreed. Many information from SIA or ICA website are pretty vague.
The MOH discharge memo lacks the “Passport Number” or “Date of Birth” as required.

Just hope that Singapore will drop the pre-departure test for arrivals

KC Chan

Hi Aaron, Your site has been my go-to place when it comes to VTL confusion. My helper wants to go back next month for Hari Raya and I will buy her VTL ticket. She caught COVID last month and we did not bring her to a “Licensed Provider” to document it. Can we bring her to do a PCR test now cos if she is still C+ due to residual virus, she can at least show that she has recovered? The last thing I want is for her to be tested positive days before her flight. Any advice is greatly… Read more »

KC Chan

Thank you. Keep updating the site with interest updates and “lobang”s 😁


This website is really helpful for me !
My family recovered from COVID. They had a proof of positive result as they did an online supervised test. But it seems we can’t have a recovery memo (i asked for it online for mt 11 yo daughter but never received anything). Is this positive proof sufficient to not have to test before coming back to Singapore ?
Thank you !


Anyone COVID-recovered traveling to USA? Can we use HealthHub’s positive status (from >14 days ago) to board and travel to USA, or do they still require an ART test?

For departure to USA, they require either a COVID test or exemption from COVID recovery, but they’re asking for a recovery memo AND doctor’s letter, which MOH Protocol 2 does not provide



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