Bali scraps Day 3 PCR test and minimum 3-night stay requirement

Travellers to Bali no longer need to do a Day 3 PCR test, and can book any accommodation they wish for any duration of stay.

Quarantine-free travel to Bali is now even simpler, with the Indonesian Government deciding to remove the Day 3 PCR test and the requirement to book a minimum 3-night stay at a CHSE-approved property.

Andaz Bali

This reduces the number of COVID-19 tests that visitors from Singapore must take to four: 

While virtually every major hotel in Bali was already CHSE-approved, travellers will now be able to choose from a wider range of accommodations including Airbnb villas, with the freedom to change hotels every night if they wish. There is no longer the need for a trip to be at least three nights in duration.

These changes have already come into effect. 

🇮🇩 Summary: Quarantine-Free Travel to Bali
  • Fully vaccinated with any approved vaccine (booster not required; exemption for children aged under 18)
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. US$25K coverage (non-residents only)
  • Complete e-CD form
  • Download PeduliLindungi app and complete e-HAC (Android | iOS)
  • Verify vaccination status online
  • Take PCR test 48h before flight (regardless of age)
  • Pay for visa-on-arrival (or obtain B211A visit visa beforehand)
  • Take PCR test on arrival in Bali, isolate in hotel until negative result received
Tourist Information

Bali scraps Day 3 test and minimum stay requirement

Bali has simplified its quarantine-free travel protocols

Indonesia recently updated its travel health protocols (link in Bahasa) to remove quarantine requirements across the whole country. Fully vaccinated travellers will be allowed to enter Indonesia via the following ports of entry:

  • Airports
    • Bali (Denpasar)
    • Jakarta
    • Lombok
    • Manado
    • Riau Islands (Batam & Bintan)
    • Surabaya
  • Seaports 
    • Batam
    • Benoa Bali
    • Bintan
    • Nunukan, North Borneo
    • Tanjung Pinang

As part of the update, Bali has scrapped its Day 3 PCR test requirement, along with the need to book a minimum 3-night stay at a CHSE-approved property. Travellers can now book any accommodation they wish, with no minimum duration of stay. 

Other requirements remain, namely the need to be fully vaccinated (no booster jab is required, and children aged below 18 are exempt) with a recognised vaccine

All travellers must also:

  • purchase travel insurance with at least S$20,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses
  • complete a customs declaration form (e-CD)
  • download the PeduliLindungi contact tracing app (Android | iOS) and complete an in-app health declaration (e-HAC)
  • verify their vaccination status online, which can then be uploaded to the PeduliLindungi app

A total of two PCR tests will be required on the way to Bali: 

  1. Within 48 hours prior to departure (see options here)
  2. On arrival in Bali at the airport (pre-book here if not included with your hotel rate)

On arrival in Bali, travellers take a PCR test (IDR 275,000/S$26; it may already be included with the hotel package you booked) and head directly to their hotel to wait for the results.  This should take up to 6 hours, though I’m still waiting for more data points. 

Following the receipt of a negative result, they will be free to explore the whole of Bali, or travel elsewhere in Indonesia.

For travellers who test positive on arrival:

  • Those with no symptoms/ mild symptoms will be sent for isolation in designated isolation hotels or centralised isolation facilities
  • Those with moderate/ severe symptoms will be transferred to a hospital for treatment

All costs of treatment will be borne by the traveller (except for Indonesian citizens). 

Do you need a visa?

Bali Airport arrivals area

While Bali suspended its visa-on-arrival facility for tourists at the start of COVID, this has been resumed from for nationals of the following countries:

🇮🇩 Bali: Eligible Visa-on-Arrival Countries
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • UK
  • USA
  • Vietnam

A visa-on-arrival costs IDR 500,000 and is valid for 30 days with the option to extend it for a further 30 days. This is paid for at Bali Airport upon arrival.

Singaporeans were previously exempt from this fee prior to COVID, but are currently required to pay. There is no visa requirement for those who carry an APEC Business Travel Card with Indonesia listed as one of the countries on the back. 

If your nationality is not covered under visa-on-arrival, you will still need to apply for a visit visa (B211A). This is valid for 60 days and can be extended up to four times, for 30 days each time.

Singapore – Bali travel: Total testing costs

⚕️ Testing: Singapore-Bali Travel
Location Remarks Price
🇸🇬 Singapore 48h before departure (PCR) From S$90
🇮🇩 Bali On arrival (PCR) IDR 275,000
🇮🇩 Bali 2 days before departure (ART/PCR) IDR 99,000^*
🇸🇬 Singapore Within 24h of arrival (ART)
-Eliminated from 1 April-
*Children aged 2 and under exempt
^Price at airport health centre

Travellers from Singapore to Bali can expect to do up to four COVID-19 tests in total, which should cost around S$130. 

This will be reduced to three COVID-19 tests from 1 April 2022, when Singapore eliminates on-arrival testing as part of its Vaccinated Travel Framework (VTF). 

It is possible to combine your on-arrival PCR test with the pre-departure test requirement, should your departure be within 2 days of your arrival date. A sample of the certificate is given below, note how it features the name and date of birth.

Unfortunately, travellers in Indonesia are not permitted to take remotely-supervised ARTs at the moment. 

Travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days may be exempt from pre-departure testing when traveling to Singapore, subject to presenting documentary proof.

For the cheapest pre-departure testing options in Singapore, refer to this post. 

Travel from Bali to Singapore

Singapore will be reopening to all vaccinated travellers from 1 April 2022

From now till 31 March 2022, travellers from Bali to Singapore must take designated VTL flights to avoid a quarantine on arrival, as per the rules below.

✔️ VTL Eligibility Criteria
(Until 31 Mar 2022)
  • 7-day travel history only includes Singapore and/or VTL countries and/or Category I countries and/or EEA countries (from 16 Mar)
  • Fully vaccinated with any vaccine on the WHO EUL^
  • Complete SG Arrival Card
  • Present negative pre-departure ART/PCR test taken within 2 days of flight to Singapore*
  • Take designated VTL flight to Singapore
  • Take self-administered ART within 24 hours of arrival and isolate until negative result received*
Short-term visitors & Work permit holders
  • Apply for Vaccinated Travel Pass
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. S$30K coverage (short-term visitors only)
*Children aged 2 or under in the current calendar year are exempt
^Exception for children aged 12 and below, if they are accompanied by vaccinated traveller

From 1 April 2022, travellers may take any flight to Singapore, as per the Vaccinated Travel Framework (VTF) rules below. 

✔️ Vaccinated Travel Framework
(From 1 April 2022)
Fully Vax.
& Unvax. Children ≤12
  • Present negative pre-departure ART/PCR test taken within 2 days of flight to Singapore*
  • Complete SG Arrival Card
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. S$30,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses (short-term visitors only)
  • Most unvaccinated travellers will be barred from entry from 1 April 2022, with limited exceptions
  • Present negative pre-departure ART/PCR test taken within 2 days of flight to Singapore*
  • Complete SG Arrival Card
  • Apply for entry approval (short-term visitor or LTP holder aged 18 and above)
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. S$30,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses (short-term visitors only)
  • 7-day SHN at home or hotel
  • Take PCR test at the end of 7-day SHN*
*Children aged 2 or under in the current calendar year are exempt

For the full details of travel under the VTF, refer to the article below.

Goodbye VTLs, hello VTF: Singapore reopens borders to all fully vaccinated travellers


W Bali

Bali has scrapped its Day 3 PCR test requirement and minimum 3-night booking at a CHSE-approved hotel, effective immediately. This makes short trips viable again (although who spends just two nights in Bali?), and gives travellers a wider choice of accommodation. 

Don’t forget that Singapore Airlines is currently offering 30% off awards to Bali, for travel in April and May 2022. Economy and Business Class tickets start at just 5,250 and 13,300 miles each way, and I’ll probably be booking one of these for a short trip in early April. 

Stay tuned for a trip planning post!

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There is a website to prepay for your PCR on arrival at the airport, this should speed the arrival up.


Does anyone know if a VOA is still required if one has an ABTC?


No thanks. Why would anyone do PCR tests nowadays for travelling. Ridiculous


Hi – do you know whether the Recovery Memo from MOH can excuse a person who tests PCR positive on arrival? This is because there is a good chance that the PCR will remain positive for weeks after recovery. If I travel to Bali now, and that I am tested positive while there, will they accept the MOH recovery memo stating that it is due to a past infection? I really do not want to be whisk off to an isolation facility when the PCR results come back positive. Anyone with experience on this?


Wish the article can go further and state the process for recently recovered covid 19 travellers who may test positive on arrival in Bali even with a doctors memo


Exactly what I asked one day ago. But no one responded. I have decided to cancel the Bali trip as I do not want to be quarantined when my PCR is positive on arrival. FYI, my infection was in early March 2022, I am ART negative on Day 9 till now. But I just did a PCR test two days ago and it turned out positive. I am told that the PCR test can still show +ve 2 or more months after initial infection. Hence, better not take the chance of travelling to a country if they still require a… Read more »