Free unlimited Wi-Fi for Singapore Airlines Business Class and PPS Club now permanent

Singapore Airlines' trial of expanded Wi-Fi access has now been made permanent, with free internet for more passengers.

Over the past six months, Singapore Airlines has been working on various initiatives to reduce the cost of staying connected while flying. 

This started back in August 2022 with a trial which saw Business Class and PPS Club members upgraded to all-flight unlimited Wi-Fi plans, and KrisFlyer members given a 2-hour allowance. In November 2022, the trial was expanded to cover all aircraft types in the fleet, while volume-based Wi-Fi plans were replaced by much more generous time-based plans instead.

In a welcome development, Singapore Airlines has now confirmed that the trials have been made permanent. Per a press release issued today:

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has rolled out complimentary unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi for all Business Class customers, as well as its PPS Club members. In addition, KrisFlyer members travelling in Premium Economy Class now enjoy free three-hour Wi-Fi plans, while KrisFlyer members travelling in Economy Class now enjoy free two hour Wi-Fi plans.

Customers who are not KrisFlyer members, and members who may have consumed their complimentary plans, may take advantage of SIA’s new attractive and simplified Wi-Fi price plans. These range from US$3.99 (approximately S$5.25) for one hour, US$8.99 (approximately S$11.80) for three hours, and US$15.99 (approximately S$21.00) for the entire flight

-Singapore Airlines

I could be wrong, but this would make Singapore Airlines the first carrier in Asia to offer such a perk to its premium cabin passengers. With constant connectivity becoming more and more of a hygiene factor, that’s a great way of standing out from the crowd. 

Singapore Airlines’ expanded Wi-Fi access

Singapore Airlines passengers previously received Wi-Fi allowances according to the following table.

📶 SIA Wi-Fi Allowances
(Previous Scheme)
Suites & FirstUnlimited
Premium Economy100MB2-hrs chatN/A
For avoidance of doubt, allowances do not stack. A PPS Club member in Business Class receives 100MB, not 100MB + 100MB.

While Suites and First Class passengers had unlimited Wi-Fi, Business Class and PPS Club members had to make do with 100MB. I don’t need to tell you that’s woefully inadequate in this day and age.

The good news is that effective immediately, Singapore Airlines’ Wi-Fi allowances have been enhanced as follows.

📶 SIA Wi-Fi Allowances
(New Scheme)
Suites & FirstUnlimited
Premium EconomyUnlimited3 hoursN/A
Economy2 hours

Here’s the main changes to note:

  • Business Class passengers now enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi, regardless of their status with Singapore Airlines
  • Solitaire PPS or PPS Club members (or supplementary cardholders) now enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi regardless of which cabin
  • Premium Economy Class passengers who are KrisFlyer members now enjoy 3 hours of Wi-Fi, with no data limits
  • Economy Class passengers who are KrisFlyer members now enjoy 2 hours of Wi-Fi, with no data limits

Since it’s free to join KrisFlyer, there’s really no reason not to do it (unless you want to credit the flight to a different frequent flyer programme, I suppose).

If you’re enjoying Wi-Fi access by virtue of your PPS or KrisFlyer membership, do remember to add your member number at the time of booking, or at least during check-in (it can be tempting to leave it off a redemption ticket, since you won’t earn miles on that flight anyway). Once onboard, it’s too late to do anything!

Singapore Airlines’ new time-based Wi-Fi plans

If you’ve finished your complimentary Wi-Fi allowance or are otherwise ineligible, buying a paid plan won’t cost an arm and a leg anymore.

Singapore Airlines previously offered the following Wi-Fi plans onboard its aircraft. 

📶 SIA Wi-Fi Pricing
(Previous Scheme)
ChatUS$3.992 hours
SurfUS$15.993 hours

You’ll notice that with the exception of Chat (which is only good for text-based messaging) and Surf, the rest of the plans are based on volume. On long-haul flights, I’d often have to buy multiple Surf plans, since the volume-based plans would disappear almost as soon as you purchased them. 

Effective immediately, Singapore Airlines’ Wi-Fi plans are now priced as follows:

📶 SIA Wi-Fi Pricing
(New Scheme)
Full FlightUS$15.99

Instead of just three hours, you can now enjoy Wi-Fi for the entire duration of your flight at just US$15.99. If you’re taking a shorter flight within the region, then the 1-hour or 3-hour plans might also be viable options. 

Which Singapore Airlines aircraft offer Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi reminder on B737-8
Wi-Fi sign on the B737-8

Singapore Airlines has invested heavily in inflight connectivity over the past few years, and it’s starting to pay dividends. With the retirement of the A330-300s, B777-200s and B777-200ERs during the pandemic, Wi-Fi is available on virtually every aircraft in the fleet. 

Aircraft TypeInflight Connectivity
A350-900 Regional
A350-900 Long Haul
A350-900 Ultra Long Haul
B737-800 NG

The sole exception are the B737-800s, of which there are seven in active service at the time of writing: 

  • 9V-MGC
  • 9V-MGD
  • 9V-MGE
  • 9V-MGK
  • 9V-MGL
  • 9V-MGM
  • 9V-MGN

These ply short-haul routes such as Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Medan, Penang, Phuket, Surabaya and Yangon.

How is the Wi-Fi holding up?

While it’s far from conclusive, I’ve flown more than a dozen flights since the trial began and haven’t noticed any discernible worsening in connection speeds, despite the expanded access. 

Of course, your actual experience will vary depending on weather, location, and passenger usage, so it’s a classic YMMV situation. 


Wi-Fi for all!

Singapore Airlines Business Class and PPS Club members can now enjoy unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi on all their flights, a dramatic improvement from the paltry 100MB allowance previously. 

There’s love for plain vanilla KrisFlyer members too, who will enjoy 3 or 2 hours in Premium Economy and Economy Class respectively, provided they enter their membership number into their booking. 

The only catch is that Singapore Airlines fleet isn’t 100% Wi-Fi equipped; if you’re on one of those Boeing 737-800s then your only distraction will be what you bring on board (these aircraft offer streaming entertainment, but no internet connectivity).

All in all, a very welcome move indeed. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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It has always been so slow, I could never even use the 100MB if I tried. The real question here, is what speeds will you get?


Might be even slower if more users logged on.


My personal experience is that the connection is rather intermittent, and it’s slow.
Slow enough for me to not bother doing a speedtest lol


Can surf, can watch 144p videos (lol). But somehow no matter what game i try to launch, it never seems to load.


YouTube no longer loads, when previously under paid plans it did.


And once again Kris Gold members are forgotten. When will SQ give real recognition for their middle class elite members.


I concur with you. KFEG is the only group that consistently clock miles in the air. Meaning we are the actual group that needs connectivity…


The wifi doesn’t work half the time though. I get 2 hours connectivity on my flights. But once I connect, it will fail to load for an hour plus and only work for the last 10min. 10min is better than nth since all I do is whatsapp my family but it’s annoying that the wifi is so unstable.


With the advent of unlimited complimentary wifi in Business Class, it begs the question of what distinguishes the value proposition of First Class.


So annoying that India doesn’t allow aircraft flying over to have wifi.
As others have observed, SQ wifi is a bit intermittent. On my last flight I had to frequently reconnect as it kept dropping out. Very frustrating when I just wanted a quick check for an email I was waiting for!



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