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Singapore Airlines trials unlimited Wi-Fi for Business Class and PPS Club passengers

SIA passengers are getting an enhanced Wi-Fi allowance, as the airline trials more generous data caps throughout its fleet.

Singapore Airlines offering complimentary Wi-Fi to all passengers

From now till 31 March 2022, all SIA passengers will enjoy a complimentary 2-hour Wi-Fi package, on top of existing allowances.

Singapore Airlines now offering unlimited Wi-Fi for First Class, 100MB for Business and PPS Club

Singapore Airlines has upsized its free data allowances for premium cabin passengers, and will standardize Wi-Fi prices across the fleet.

Your Singapore Airlines inflight Wi-Fi and connectivity guide

Which aircraft have Wi-Fi, and how much does it cost?

Free WiFi on Singapore Airlines: A field report

SQ now provides complimentary WiFi for First/Suites, Business and PPS passengers. But just how good is this in-flight connectivity?

Singapore Airlines to offer free Wi-Fi for First, Business and PPS passengers

100MB for First/Suites passengers, 30MB for Business and PPS passengers.

Unlimited inflight WiFi for less than S$17 a month sounds too good to be true

60 million hotspots, 90,000 hotels, 120 countries, 28 airlines for S$17 a month

Hack your laptop, save on wifi costs

Today I'm going to teach you how to get around number of user restrictions for Wifi. This is one of the most arbitrary and annoying restrictions that hotels/airlines have on their networks.For example, SQ's new aircraft come equipped with T-Mobile's awesome time-based wifi (whole flight $21.95 as opposed to...


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