Earn 5% miles-back on Spontaneous Escapes with KrisFlyer UOB Cards

Save 5% off a Spontaneous Escapes redemption with your KrisFlyer UOB Credit or Debit Card, capped at the first 158 participants.

Earlier this month, UOB teased an upcoming 5% miles-back offer for KrisFlyer UOB Credit and Debit cardholders, on this month’s edition of Spontaneous Escapes.

Well, Spontaneous Escapes are now here (a full week ahead of schedule), and we have the full details of how this offer will work. Since there’s a cap on the number of participants — it wouldn’t be a UOB promo if not — let’s quickly dive into the details so you can take advantage of it.

5% miles-back on Spontaneous Escapes

KrisFlyer UOB Credit or Debit Cardholders who redeem Spontaneous Escapes awards from 8-31 August 2023, for travel between 1-30 September 2023, can earn a 5% rebate on the miles used for their redemption.

  • A cap of 158 eligible participants applies
  • The redemption can be for Economy, Premium Economy or Business Class tickets
  • You must pay for the taxes and surcharges with a KrisFlyer UOB Credit or Debit Card
  • You must register by sending the following SMS to 77862:
📱 SMS to 77862
KFSPE<space>Last 4 alphanumeric digits of NRIC/Passport<space>Booking Reference Number
(Example: If your NRIC is S1234567A and booking reference is XYZ123, send “KFSPE 567A XYZ123″)

Do note that registration requires a booking reference number, so you’ll need to make a booking first, then send in the SMS.

The 5% miles-back is capped at one redemption booking with a maximum of two segments, and could either be:

  • A one-way journey (1 booking, 1 segment)
  • A round-trip journey (1 booking, 2 segments)

The following illustrations are provided:

  • if one one-way Eligible ticket under Zone 2 of the Saver award chart is redeemed in 1
    Redemption booking at the promo mileage of 5,950 miles, the Eligible participant will
    receive 297 Bonus Miles under this miles-back promotion
  • if two round-trip Eligible Tickets are redeemed in 1 Redemption booking, the Bonus
    Miles will be applicable on the first round-trip Eligible ticket;
  • if two round-trip Eligible Tickets are redeemed in 2 Redemption bookings (i.e. one
    Eligible Ticket for each Redemption booking), Bonus Miles will be applicable to the first
    Redemption booking; and
  • if two one-way Eligible Tickets are redeemed in 2 Redemption bookings (i.e. one
    Eligible Ticket for each Redemption booking), Bonus Miles will be applicable on the first
    Redemption booking only (i.e. 1 segment) as the Bonus Miles are only applicable for 1
    Redemption booking.

Each eligible participant is only entitled to receive the 5% miles-back on a single redemption booking, capped at two segments. So based on this month’s Spontaneous Escapes list, the most you could save would be 5,250 miles for a Premium Economy round-trip redemption to San Francisco (5% of 52,500 * 2).

That’s better than nothing, I suppose, but all the same I wouldn’t have too much FOMO here. It’s not like the miles-back offers we’ve seen for the recent F1 packages on KrisFlyer Experiences, where being a KrisFlyer UOB Cardholder could save you up to 30,000 miles per ticket!

Finally, do remember that the 5% discount is off the already discounted Spontaneous Escapes price (30%), so you’re not saving 35%; you’re saving 33.5%. So why KrisFlyer is advertising 35% off, I can only put down to bad math!

Source: KrisFlyer Facebook

When will the miles-back be credited?

The miles-back will be automatically credited to your KrisFlyer membership account by 31 December 2023.

Terms & Conditions

The full T&Cs for the 5% miles-back campaign can be found here.


KrisFlyer UOB Credit and Debit Cardholders can enjoy a 5% rebate on a single one-way or round-trip redemption during this month’s Spontaneous Escapes. A limited quantity of 158 redemptions is available, but since the maximum you can save is 5,250 miles, I wouldn’t call this a “must grab” deal.

For my picks of this edition of Spontaneous Escapes, refer to this post. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Booked a spontaneous escape flight quite late into the promotion on 29 August and registered for fun thinking I won’t qualify for the first 158 booking. Well, got the 5% rebate credited to my account on 24 November.



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