2023/24 Edition: The Maybank Manchester United Card gamble

Glory glory miles and cashback- even on donations, education, hospital bills and utilities.

With the 2023/24 English Premier League (EPL) season now underway, it’s time once again to revisit the Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa, in my opinion the most fascinating credit card in Singapore.

Now, it is a matter of public record that I am the biggest Manchester United fan there is. My wall is adorned with posters of club legend Eric Djemba-Djemba and midfield maestro Kleberson. My most prized possession is a jersey signed by all-time great Carlos Tevez. And whenever I’m down, nothing cheers me up more than belting out that timeless Manchester United hymn: Glory, glory Man United, you’ll never walk alone!

But even if you’re not, and even if you couldn’t care less about 22 grown men chasing a ball, you’ll want to listen up because we’re talking about an opportunity to earn 3% cashback and 2 mpd on commonly excluded categories like charitable donations, education, hospital bills and utilities.

Overview: Maybank Manchester United Card

Apply Here
Income Req.S$30,000 p.a.Points Validity12-15 months
Annual FeeS$80
(2 year waiver)
Miles with
Annual Fee
  • SIA
  • Cathay
  • Air Asia
  • MAS
FCY Fee3.25%Transfer FeeS$27
Local Earn1% + 0.4 mpdPoints Pool?Yes
FCY Earn1% + 0.4 mpdLounge Access?No
Special Earn3% + 2 mpd
(if Man Utd win)
Airport Limo?No
*10,000 KrisFlyer miles, 5,000 Asia Miles/ Enrich miles, 2,000 AirAsia points
Cardholder Terms and Conditions

Manchester United and Maybank signed an agreement in 2011 which saw the latter become the club’s official retail banking partner in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. This was followed by the launch of the Maybank Manchester United Card in Singapore in March 2012. 

Maybank Manchester United Cardholders earn:

  • 1% cashback and 1X TREATS point (0.4 mpd) per S$1
  • 3% cashback and 5X TREATS points (2 mpd) per S$1, on days where Manchester United win an EPL match

While the regular earn rate is underwhelming, the bonus is very tasty indeed. The additional 2% cashback is capped at S$20 (so you’ll max it out with S$1,000 spend), but there’s no cap on the additional 4X TREATS points.

That said, the post-Fergie years have not been kind to cardholders. In the debut season of the Maybank Manchester United Card, cardholders could look forward to bonuses on 28 of 38 matchdays, an astounding 74%. Subsequently, the win ratio has averaged around 50% (talk about unannounced devaluations!), though 2022/23 under Erik ten Hag brought more cheer at 61%.

⚽ Manchester United EPL Performance
(since launch of Maybank Man Utd Card)

SeasonWin/Total  Manager
 2012/13 28/38  74% Alex Ferguson
 2013/14 19/38  50David Moyes
 2014/15 20/38  53Louis van Gaal
 2015/16 19/38  50Louis van Gaal
 2016/17 18/38  47% Jose Mourinho
 2017/18 25/38  66Jose Mourinho/ Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
 2018/19 19/38  50%  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
 2019/20 18/38  47%  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
 2020/21 21/38  55%  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
 2021/22 16/38  42%  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer/ Ralf Rangnick
 2022/23 23/38  61Erik ten Hag

But leaving aside the probability of a win, 3% cashback + 2 mpd would make the Maybank Manchester United Card hands down the best general spending card in Singapore, trashing the competition which maxes out at 1.6 mpd.

There’s just one problem: time zones.

Squeaky bum time

Here’s an illustration of how the Maybank Manchester United Card’s bonus mechanism works:

  • Manchester United play an EPL match on Sunday, 13 August 2023 (UK time) and win
  • All transactions charged to the Maybank Manchester United Card on Sunday, 13 August 2023 from 12.00 a.m to 11.59 p.m (Singapore time) receive a bonus 2% cashback + 1.6 mpd (i.e. 3% cashback and 2 mpd total)

I hope you see the problem already. Because the UK is 7-8 hours behind Singapore and most EPL matches take place in the mid to late afternoon, it’s rare that you’ll be able to confirm a Manchester United win in advance of spending.

Here’s a complete list of Manchester United’s EPL fixtures for the 2023/24 season. I’ve put a check next to the matches which will conclude before the end of day in Singapore (for the uninitiated, a football match lasts 90 minutes + a 15 minute break).

⚽ Manchester United 2023/24 Fixtures
DateOppositionK.O Time (UK)
14 Aug 23Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)8pm
19 Aug 23Tottenham Hotspur (A)5.30pm
26 Aug 23Nottingham Forest (H)✅ 3pm
3 Sep 23Arsenal (A)4.30pm
16 Sep 23Brighton & Hove Albion (H)✅ 3pm
23 Sep 23Burnley (A)8pm
30 Sep 23Crystal Palace (H)✅ 3pm
7 Oct 23Brentford (H)✅ 3pm
21 Oct 23Sheffield United (A)✅ 3pm
28 Oct 23Manchester City (H)✅ 3pm
  Clocks go back at 2 a.m on 29 Oct 23 
 Time difference with SG: +8 hours 
4 Nov 23Fulham (A)3pm
11 Nov 23Luton Town (H)3pm
25 Nov 23Everton (A)3pm
2 Dec 23Newcastle United (A)3pm
6 Dec 23Chelsea (H)8pm
9 Dec 23AFC Bournemouth (H)3pm
16 Dec 23Liverpool (A)3pm
23 Dec 23West Ham United (A)3pm
26 Dec 23Aston Villa (H)3pm
30 Dec 23Nottingham Forest (A)3pm
13 Jan 24Tottenham Hotspur (H)3pm
30 Jan 24Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)7.45pm
3 Feb 24West Ham United (H)3pm
10 Feb 24Aston Villa (A)3pm
17 Feb 24Luton Town (A)3pm
24 Feb 24Fulham (H)3pm
2 Mar 24Manchester City (A)3pm
9 Mar 24Everton (H)3pm
16 Mar 24Sheffield United (H)3pm
30 Mar 24Brentford (A)3pm
 Clocks go forward at 1 a.m on 31 Mar 24 
 Time difference with SG: +7 hours 
3 Apr 24Chelsea (A)7.45pm
6 Apr 24Liverpool (H)✅ 3pm
13 Apr 24AFC Bournemouth (A)✅ 3pm
20 Apr 24Newcastle United (H)✅ 3pm
27 Apr 24Burnley (H)✅ 3pm
4 May 24Crystal Palace (A)✅ 3pm
11 May 24Arsenal (H)✅ 3pm
19 May 24Brighton & Hove Albion (A)4pm

Based on the current schedule (which may change due to fixture clashes), 12 out of 38 games will conclude before midnight in Singapore. While that sounds like a decent number, you need to remember that they all end at 11.45 p.m SGT (and that’s not even counting Fergie time!), which leaves you with 15 minutes or less to spend.

Now, you might argue that’s just the price you pay for being a plastic fan. A true fan would be spending throughout matchday with wild abandon, because a Manchester United win is never in doubt.

🎵 The fat lady sings

Who says you need to wait till the end anyway?

Per the stats, Manchester United have never lost a home game when leading at half-time since 7 May 1984. And if we expand that to both home and away games, Manchester United have only lost four Premier League games (which started in August 1992) where they were winning at half-time.

Assuming a 3 p.m kick-off (UK time), you could be spending from 10.45 p.m (SG time) with history firmly on your side!

That may be so, but the prawn sandwich brigade can still stand to benefit through online transactions. And I’m not talking about the stuff where you can earn 4-6 mpd with the Citi Rewards or UOB Lady’s Cards; I’m talking about commonly-excluded categories like donations, education, hospital and utilities bills.

All these still earn rewards with Maybank cards, so it’s a simple matter of waiting till the final whistle, firing up your laptop and making payment. 

Remember: the 3% cashback + 2 mpd applies regardless of transaction currency, and the 2 mpd is uncapped. Moreover, the Maybank Manchester United Card is on the Visa network, so acceptance shouldn’t be an issue.

❓ Posting date vs transaction date

In this post I’ve been assuming that bonuses are awarded based on transaction date. Obviously the entire house of cards collapses if posting date is used (because there’s no certainty at all- even if Manchester United win, your transaction may not post on the right day).

While the T&Cs seem to suggest that posting date is the one that’s used…

“Maybank will use the date on which the transaction is posted to the Cardmember’s Card account to calculate the TREATS Points awarded, unless the transaction is excluded by Maybank in its absolute discretion.”

…the Maybank CSOs I’ve spoken to tell me unequivocally that this is incorrect, and their system shows that transaction date is the relevant one to use. For what it’s worth, I’ve not heard any complaints from cardholders who used transaction date as the basis of their spending, though I haven’t tested it personally either!


Celebrating Michael Owen, a true Manchester United great

The Maybank Manchester United Card presents an opportunity to earn 3% cashback + 2 mpd on commonly-excluded transactions like charitable donations, education, hospital bills and utilities, and there are days where you can confirm the win in advance of spending.

With so many credit cards nerfing these categories (remember: AMEX is set to follow suit with donations and education from 1 October 2023), this could be a useful option to have in your Arsenal.


Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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mic drop…..with the last Word

Hei Chee

Have been using the card for match day. Based on my records, bonuses are given based in transaction dates. But tracking is a chore since the time line for bonuses posting is typically a few weeks later and not having fixed patterns.

Just Passing by

Per the stats, Manchester United have never lost a home game when leading at half-time since 7 May 1984. And if we expand that to both home and away games, Manchester United have only lost four Premier League games (which started in August 1992) where they were winning at half-time.

==> But that doesn’t mean winning …. it can be a draw which means you still have to take risk

Mr Roboto

Gunning for it. Heheh.

Fred the Red

Hello! I have been a long time follower of your site. I bleed Red and am really tempted to get this card, but surely this cannot be the current design of the card? If it is, it is very disappointing… No self-respecting fan of Manchester United will sign up for a credit card that features Cristiano Ronaldo and Mason Greenwood front and centre…



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