Kris+ cuts earn rates for 70 merchants from October 2023

From 1 October 2023, Kris+ will reduce earn rates for 70 dining, lifestyle and wellness merchants, some by up to 67%.

In late 2021, Singapore Airlines decided to go all-in on the Kris+ platform by launching a mega promotion with up to 9 mpd on dining, retail, and lifestyle merchants. The offer was initially set to run for four months, but was later extended till 31 March 2022, and then indefinitely until further notice. 

S$5 for new Kris+ Users
Get S$5 (in the form of 750 KrisPay miles) when you sign-up with code W644363 and make your first transaction

But money doesn’t grow on trees, and the party started to wind down in May 2023, when Kris+ cut the earn rates at 71 merchants, including popular ones like Harvey Norman, Audio House, Challenger and iStudio.

It was hoped that’d be the last devaluation for the year, but we now know there’s another round coming from 1 October 2023, and unfortunately it’s all bad news. 

Kris+ cuts earn rates from October 2023

🛍️  Kris+ Earn Rate Adjustments
Earn RateTill 30 Sep 23From 1 Oct 23
 9 mpd 161154
 7 mpd 14
 6 mpd 173177
 5 mpd 101
 3 mpd 3398
 2 mpd 3
1.5 mpd11
 1 mpd 1314

Here’s a high level summary of how Kris+ is changing from 1 October 2023:

Out of 448 merchants:

  • 378 are unchanged
  • 8 are cutting their earn rate from 9 mpd to 6 mpd
  • 12 are cutting their earn rate from 9 mpd to 3 mpd
  • 14 are reducing their earn rate from 7 mpd to 6 mpd
  • 26 are cutting their earn rate from 6 mpd to 3 mpd
  • 10 are cutting their earn rate from 5 mpd to 3 mpd

A quick and dirty calculation shows that the weighted average earn rate of all Kris+ merchants will drop from 6.8 mpd to 6.2 mpd. That’s still good, given the possibility of stacking an extra 4-6 mpd from credit cards, but obviously not as generous as before.

If we just look at the 70 merchants which are cutting their earn rates, the average earn rate drops from 6.9 mpd to 3.9 mpd.

While Kris+ pretends to be helpful by providing a PDF showing the revised earn rates, this document is highly misleading. On first glance, you might be tempted to say “Yay! Everything’s going up!” 

But on closer inspection, you’ll realise the “before” column shows the base rate, and not the actual rate you’re earning now. Take Dancing Crab as an example: the table shows a base rate of 2 mpd, but the actual rate in the app is 7 mpd. Therefore, it’s going down from 7 mpd to 6 mpd, not up from 2 mpd to 6 mpd as the document suggests. 

Since the PDF disguises the impact of the changes, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a Google Sheet that shows that actual rates now, versus what they’ll be from 1 October 2023. 


9 mpd merchants cutting rates

Of the 161 merchants currently earning 9 mpd, 20 are moving down:

  • 8 are cutting their rate to 6 mpd
  • 12 are cutting their rate to 3 mpd

These are exclusively spa and wellness merchants, so if you’re planning to buy a package at one of these places you might want to act soon.

MerchantTill 30 SepFrom 1 Oct
FE The Nail Lounge93
HADA Aesthetics93
House of Traditional Javanese Massage93
La Source Spa96
Mirage Aesthetic96
Multiflora TCM Spa93
N20 Nail Spa93
Perky Lash93
Regina Hair Removal Specialist93
St. Gregory (PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering)96
St. Gregory (PARKROYAL on Beach Road)96
St. Gregory Spa (Pan Pacific Singapore)96
The Big Blow93
Willow Stream Spa96

7 mpd merchants cutting rates

All 14 merchants currently earning 7 mpd will reduce their rate to 6 mpd, eliminating the 7 mpd category altogether.

This basically comprises the entire Tung Lok Group, including brands like QIN, Lao Beijing, Slappy Cakes and USHIO.

MerchantTill 30 SepFrom 1 Oct
Dancing Crab76
Douraku Sushi76
Lao Beijing76
LingZhi Vegetarian76
QĪN Restaurant & Bar76
Slappy Cakes76
Sushi Mieda76
Tóng Lè Private Dining76
USHIO Sumiyaki & Sake Bar76

6 mpd merchants cutting rates

Of the 173 merchants currently earning 6 mpd, 26 are moving down to 3 mpd. 

This includes several restaurants like Bangkok Jam and Barossa Steak & Grill, together with more wellness and spa merchants (what does Kris+ have against bald folks anyway; this is the second cut to PHS Hairscience in a year!).

MerchantTill 30 SepFrom 1 Oct
Bangkok Jam63
Barossa Steak & Grill63
Chez Vous63
De Arte Hair Studio63
Dopo Teatro63
Ikeda Spa63
Joyre TCMedi SPA63
Kenko Wellness Spa & Reflexology63
Princess’s Cottage: The Nails Story V2.063
Rocku Yakiniku63
Shunji Matsuo63
SK Jewellery63
Splice Barbershop63
Suki-Ya KIN63
Sultans of Shave63
Tajimaya Yakiniku63
Tanglin Cookhouse63
The Chinese Wedding Shop63
The Thai Spa63

5 mpd merchants cutting rates

Of the 10 merchants currently earning 5 mpd, all are moving down to 3 mpd.

This basically consists of the Paradise Group, including Canton Paradise, Paradise Classic, Paradise Dynasty and Taste Paradise (those tourists could have earned a lot of miles!).

MerchantTill 30 SepFrom 1 Oct
Beauty in The Pot53
Canton Noodle & Congee House53
Canton Paradise53
Le Shrimp Ramen53
Paradise Classic53
Paradise Dynasty53
Paradise Hotpot53
Paradise Teochew53
Seafood Paradise53
Taste Paradise53

Following this change there will only be one merchant in the 5 mpd band: Kind Kones.

Earning miles via Kris+

Kris+ miles can be earned at more than 1,500 partner outlets across Singapore

To earn miles at Kris+ merchant, all you need to do is:

  1. Scan the merchant’s Kris+ QR code
  2. Enter the amount to be paid, and press “Pay” to pay via Apple/Google Pay

Don’t forget to transfer any KrisPay miles you earn to KrisFlyer within seven days of the transaction, in their entirety. If you wait longer than seven days, or spend any of the accrued miles, the balance will be stuck in Kris+ (with a six month expiry, to boot).

What card should I use with Kris+?

In-app payments in Kris+ follow the underlying merchant’s regular MCC (with some limited exceptions, like CDG taxi rides). In other words, simply use whatever credit card you’d normally use at that particular merchant.

The following cards are MCC agnostic; you’ll earn 3-4 mpd on Kris+ regardless of the underlying merchant.

💳 Best Cards for Kris+ (All Categories)
CardEarn RateRemarks
4 mpdMax. S$2K per c. month
Citi Rewards + Amaze
4 mpdMax. S$1K per s. month. Do not use Citi Rewards Card alone- no bonuses
KrisFlyer UOB Card
3 mpdNo cap

However, there’s also scope to use other cards like the HSBC Revolution and UOB Lady’s Card for up to 6 mpd, depending on what type of Kris+ merchant you’re transacting with. To learn more about this, refer to the article below.

What’s the best card to use for Kris+?


S$5 for new Kris+ Users
Get S$5 (in the form of 750 KrisPay miles) when you sign-up with code W644363 and make your first transaction

Kris+ will be cutting earn rates at 70 merchants from 1 October 2023, with some reductions of up to 67%. Since the spa and wellness category is particularly hard hit, I’d recommend making use of the next few days to purchase whatever packages or treatments you might be thinking of doing.

For what it’s worth, there’s no changes to 378 merchants, including Bottles & Bottles (6 mpd), Fullerton Health (3 mpd), Tapas 24 (9 mpd) and TWG Tea (6 mpd), and you can still stack up to 6 mpd extra from the right credit card.

As always, don’t forget to transfer any miles earned via Kris+ to your KrisFlyer account immediately!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I certainly did not expect the party to continue forever. I know there was an outlet that gave 6 miles and actually 3 miles subsided by SQ. I already did get a substantial amount of miles from Kris+ when the going was good.


at least not many dining are cutting down. but unforunately there arent any new dining partners added on most of them are soso.

if possible aaron can organise your list by diff categories haha.. yes its more work…


Aaron, when using citi reward card for Kris+, do we have to key in amaze card in Kris + instead of citi reward card?


Yes, you need to use the Amaze card in order to get 4mpd with the Citi Rewards card. It converts the offline transaction to an online one.


Cannot hiam la. It is free miles after all


It was good while it lasted… but the way they’ve publicised/framed the changes is distasteful


Seems like even 20cent check in challenges is dead. Didnt see any this week


PHS Hairscience is gonna be off the Kris+ program after Oct’23 too, btw. This was what my hair consultant said when I was there this past weekend.


exhausting my 3k UOB Lady’s this month won’t be enough to save my postpartum hair loss too 🥲



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