Singapore Airlines enhances catering on Kuala Lumpur flights

Business Class passengers flying to and from KL will no longer face the dreaded "sandwich service", as SIA upgrades its refreshments to more substantial cold offerings.

Singapore Airlines Business Class passengers on the Kuala Lumpur route will be all too familiar with the dreaded “sandwich service”, which is exactly what it sounds like: a choice of two cold sandwiches, presented in a rather unappetising clear plastic wrap.

Sandwich service | Photo: OMAAT

This is done out of necessity more than anything else, because even though the flight time is blocked at 60-70 minutes, the actual flight is closer to 40-45 minutes. Once you factor in the time the crew spends seated during take-off and landing, there’s very little left to heat and serve a warm meal.

You might argue that no one needs a meal on such a short flight, but even so, a pre-wrapped sandwich is hardly the height of culinary excellence, especially given the premium Singapore Airlines charges.

Fortunately, that’s now changed…

Singapore Airlines’ enhanced catering for Kuala Lumpur

From October 2023 onwards, Business Class passengers on the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur route with lunch or dinner departure slots can now enjoy more substantial cold refreshments like a Caesar salad or a vegetable poke bowl.

On the return leg from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, a choice of cold soba or gado gado is offered.

Here’s some photos of the meals, courtesy of MileLion reader A Lian. 

Gado gado
Soba noodles

If their flight takes place during the breakfast window, Business Class passengers  from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur will have a choice between a cold cut platter or bircher museli. 

On the return leg, it’s a choice between a cold cut platter or overnight oats. 

I have no photos of these (please send them if you do!), but they’re surely better than the previous catering of….wait for it…a muffin and a yoghurt tub.

Previous breakfast service on SIN-KUL | Photo: The Chef Cat

However, this isn’t the end of the sandwich service just yet! Business Class passengers on Singapore Airlines’ other ultra-short haul flight, SQ378/377 between Barcelona and Milan, will still receive sandwiches on their <70 minute flight.

Business Class meal on SQ377 from MXP to BCN | Photo: YTHK

As an aside, those of you craving bubbles should make sure to get them in the lounge before flying. Kuala Lumpur, along with Penang and Medan, are the only Singapore Airlines Business Class routes where champagne is not loaded.

You can preview the menu for your upcoming flight up to eight days in advance via this link.

Which meal will my flight get?

Whether you get the breakfast or lunch/dinner option depends on your flight’s departure window. Here’s a rundown of all the flights between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and what meal service Business Class passengers can expect.


Flight Dep. SIN Arr. KUL Meal*
SQ104 0700 0810 BF
SQ106 0830 0930 BF
SQ108 0920 1020 BF
SQ114 1235 1345 L/D
SQ116 1515 1625 L/D
SQ118 1605 1710 L/D
SQ126 1835 1945 L/D
*BF= Breakfast, L/D= Lunch/Dinner


Flight Dep. KUL Arr. SIN Meal
SQ103 0855 0955 BF
SQ105 1025 1135 L/D
SQ107 1110 1210 L/D
SQ113 1430 1530 L/D
SQ115 1710 1810 L/D
SQ117 1805 1905 L/D
SQ125 2040 2105 L/D
*BF= Breakfast, L/D= Lunch/Dinner

SIA deploys its B737-800NG on the Kuala Lumpur route

Business Class on the B737-800NG

If you’re flying Business Class to or from Kuala Lumpur for any reason, remember that Singapore Airlines deploys its Boeing 737-800NG aircraft on this route, which have what’s widely regarded to be the worst Business Class seats in the fleet. Seat recline and leg rests rely on manual operation, lumbar support is saggy, there’s no privacy to speak of, and forget about Wi-Fi or seatback IFE (wireless entertainment streaming is possible, to be fair).

These former SilkAir aircraft are due to be retired between 2024 and 2026 when their operating leases expire. Since they’re not long for this world, SIA has opted against installing flatbed seats, simply slapping on some new upholstery and calling it a day. 

In case you want to know which Kuala Lumpur flights use this aircraft:

  • SQ104/103: B737-800NG
  • SQ106/105: A350-900
  • SQ108/107: B737-800NG
  • SQ114/113: B737-800NG
  • SQ116/115: B737-8 MAX
  • SQ118/117: B737-800NG
  • SQ126/125: A350-900

The B737-800NG aircraft can also be found flying to Penang, Phuket and Kathmandu, so take care if you’re on these routes.


Singapore Airlines Business Class passengers flying to and from Kuala Lumpur can look forward to enhanced catering options from October 2023 onwards, as the airline replaces pre-wrapped sandwiches with more substantial cold offerings.

This isn’t Bib Gourmand stuff, and I’m sure there’ll be people saying “but Qatar…” in the comments. Still, it’s an improvement on the status quo, and those who need a more substantial meal would be better off spending more time in the lounge before their flight anyway. 

Which do you prefer: Sandwich service or the new options?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Youre lucky you get a cold sandwich or salad on a 40minute flight.Really?Do you really need to eat on such a short flight?Ridiculous.SQ passengers are just too spoilt.
Compare that to what you get in the US or Europe.


You don’t need food on such a short flight, but if there’s no food the SQ prices need to reflect that.


How about you compare the prices then?

Sam G

BA serves food on all flights – I recently had a decent salad, warm bread and multiple rounds of champagne on a 30 min LHR-Manchester flight . They even carry plastic cups to transfer it to so you can hold it for landing!

Agree re: US though, you likely wouldn’t get any service on a flight this short


MH provides a hot meal on the short flight too, have had satay and martabak


MH? Don’t even get me started on the kind of catering they provide on board these days. Completely gone down the gutter, at times it’s even worse than those offered on budget airlines.


The “Chicken Caesar salad” pictured is actually the gado gado; the peanut gravy is on the top left in a plastic cup.


Kudos to SQ for willing to invest in this shortest flight. Perhaps something wishful would be to have the full BTC pre pandemic back and also removal of flight time limits to select dishes. Also breakfast BTC is currently pathetic in terms of selection.

SQ Flyer

But MH…


It is indeed a welcome move considering the previous fare. My strategy is to get to airport early enough and enjoy the meal at the lounge before boarding. Much of the sandwiches might have gone to waste as I am sure there is a time limit when it is to eaten.


Not keen on these dishes. Sandwich is better


Do these Biz passengers not realise that they have lounge access where they could eat to their hearts’ content? And it’s not like the lounge is substandard, and you’d know it. I mean, “Dreaded” ? Give me a break with that first world problem.


The irony is that I was so disappointed with the sandwiches that I always have meal in the lounge and just ask for a cup of coffee on the plane. But the FA insisted I try and both dishes were pretty good (missus joined me in this work trip so had chance for both options). Thus I took the photos you see to share.


People could be in a rush, say due to tight schedules or short connections and not have time for a stop in the lounge. Not everyone originates in SIN, and even so, may not have time to get to the airport early.

And this is biz class.


Some changes on the long haul snack menu as well… I see carrot cake and Hokkien mee


Speaking of the menu there seems to be an improvement in the long haul snack menu. I see carrot cake and Hokkien mee