Singapore Airlines serving Krug 2004 and Krug Rose in December

Suites and First Class passengers flying from mid December are in for a treat, with the exquisite Krug 2004 making a short cameo.

Ever since Dom Perignon became an Emirates exclusive in November 2022, Singapore Airlines loyalists have fretted that the remaining half of the “Dom or Krug?” question might be living on borrowed time. Those fears seemed to be confirmed last week, when Krug Grande Cuvee vanished from the inflight menu.

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic. As explained to me by an SIA spokesperson, not only is Krug’s absence temporary, it’s set to make a roaring comeback by the middle of next month.

In short, SIA Suites and First Class passengers are in for a treat, as the impeccable Krug 2004 returns for the first time since 2017, and Krug Rose makes its customary appearance over the Christmas festive period.

Where’s the Krug?

Krug Grande Cuvee is missing in action- albeit temporarily

First up, where’s the Krug gone?

Up till 22 November 2023, Singapore Airlines was pouring the following three champagnes in Suites and First Class.

🍾 SIA Suites/First Champagnes
(Till 22 Nov 23)
Champagne Vivino Rating
2012 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 4.5/5★
Krug Grande Cuvee NV 4.6/5★
Champagne Henri Giraud MV 18 Aÿ Grand Cru 4.5/5★

Henri Giraud is served under the “Celebration of Champagne” programme, which started back in June 2023 and is tentatively running till March 2024. This showcases grower champagnes like Vilmart & Cie and Champagne Geoffroy, alongside the usual houses.

How can I find grower champagnes?

If you’d like to explore grower champagnes, one way to identify them is to look out for the letters RM on the bottle label.

Here’s a guide to what the letters mean:

  • NM – Négociant Manipulant: This is the most common labeling of them all, signifying that 94% or more of the fruit was purchased from external growers. Most House Champagnes will show ‘NM’ on the label.
  • CM – Coopérative Manipulant: This signifies that one single co-op produced this wine from numerous regional growers’ fruit. 
  • RM – Récoltant Manipulant: Bingo! This little labeling signifies that 95% or more of the fruit within the bottle was estate-grown and not purchased. AKA, RM = Grower Champagne. 
  • RC – Récoltant Coopérateur: This means that a vigneron (grower-producer) grew their fruit but used a co-op facility to vinify and brand their wine.

Source: Verve Wine

From 23-30 November 2023, Singapore Airlines has removed Krug Grande Cuvee in favour of a 2007 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires.

🍾 SIA Suites/First Champagnes
(23-30 Nov 23)
Champagne Vivino Rating
2012 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 4.5/5★
2007 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 4.4/5★
Champagne Henri Giraud MV 18 Aÿ Grand Cru 4.5/5★

This is extremely highly regarded, the 7th edition of a cuvee whose production traces back to 1983. It is made of 100% Chardonnay with a 7g/l dosage, suitable for cellaring for up to 30 years, and retails for S$315 in Singapore.

🍾 2007 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires

Charles Heidsieck was established in 1851 by Charles, a scion of the famous Heidsieck family, and today is one of the most admired and exciting Houses in Champagne.

Blanc des Millénaires is their Prestige Cuvee and is made entirely from Chardonnay grapes grown on some of the greatest sites in the Cote des Blancs sub-region.

At over 15 year old this wine is proof of the longevity of these wines and has developed wonderful toasty aged Chardonnay characters from extended time in bottle. In short an exceptional Blanc des Blancs Champagne of great quality and individuality.

-Sommelier’s Notes

The selection changes again on 1 December 2023, with the Henri Giraud making way for a 2016 Champagne Geoffroy Volupté Premier Cru Blanc De Blancs.

🍾 SIA Suites/First Champagnes
(1 Dec to 13 Dec 2023)
Champagne Vivino Rating
2012 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 4.5/5★
2007 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 4.4/5★
2016 Champagne Geoffroy Volupté Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs 4.3/5★

This was previously served from August to September 2023, and is making an unscheduled return for the first half of the month. While not nearly as acclaimed as the Charles Heidsieck or Taittinger, it should still provide an interesting contrast, if nothing else.

🍾 2016 Champagne Geoffroy Volupté Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs

I first visited the cellars of Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy because I had heard that he made that most unusual of wines – a delicious still red champagne wine – no bubbles-just scented, fragrant red.

The reason he could do this lay in his vineyards. They are set in the village of Cumieres, on a steep, south-facing amphitheatre which tumbles down towards the river Marne near Epernay. This is famously one of the warmest, earliest-ripening sites in Champagne.

The majority of the vines are black Pinots, but he has a patch of precious Chardonnay from which he crafts one of the most voluptuous, intriguing Blanc de Blancs in Champagne. It’s called ‘Volupte’ because Jean-Baptiste says that his Cumieres Chardonnay is always ‘tender’, and he wants to create its most beautiful expression. He’s done that brilliantly with a wine that is poised yet generous, matching purity with ripeness, achieving a rare balance of elegance with power.

-Sommelier’s Notes

And then in mid-December, the real fun begins…

Krug 2004 and Krug Rose coming in mid-December

Krug 2004 is making a return to Singapore Airlines

From 14 December 2023, SIA will serve the critically-acclaimed Krug 2004 in Suites and First Class.

🍾 Krug 2004
  • Combining delicacy, balance and bountiful citrus notes of all types, Krug 2004, named “Luminous Freshness” by the House, evokes the sensations of early summer mornings in Champagne.
  • Krug 2004 is a dialogue between shining Chardonnays (39%) and the backbone of Pinot Noir (37%) combined with the vivacity, tension and citrus notes of Meunier (24%)
  • The elegance of Krug 2004 comes after 12 years in the cellars gaining in harmony, expression and finesse

-Krug Tasting Notes

This, needless to say, is an exquisite champagne. I’ll spare you my amateurish commentary and let the experts speak:


Combining subtleness with complexity, the coolish Krug 2004 Brut opens with a highly elegant, fascinatingly clear, bright and refreshing bouquet of ripe (apple) fruits.

Dense and round, with a delicate mineral soul, the pure but perfectly balanced 2004 reveals great finesse and weightless elegance with a long and round finish.

-Robert Parker


This is an extremely fresh edition and remains in a restrained mode with an intense serve of Chardonnay’s lemon citrus dominating the nose alongside lime zest, bright florals, grassy elements, fresh dough, white stones and very subtle background spice.

The palate has a svelte and elegant shape. Smoother than the 2002, it shares the same quality of precision but not the raging power of that vintage.

The poise is unquestionable, the wine very reserved, with plenty of lemon-infused citrus flavors, hints of fresh cashew and a lot of potential. Acidity holds superbly, the dosage is exactly where it should be.

This is a classic release. It’s all about Chardonnay. Best from 2022 and will mature gracefully in linear style in bottle for several decades.

-James Suckling

There is, if you can believe it, a special piece of music composed by British singer Lianne La Havas “to express the emotion she felt when tasting Krug 2004.”

It wasn’t clear which of the three champagnes this will be replacing, but my bet is on the Geoffroy. Serving three champagnes in First Class is already a rarity; four might be a bit too much to ask!

This isn’t the first time that Singapore Airlines has served Krug 2004, incidentally. This champagne previously appeared for a limited run in November 2017, and since some felt it was too early for drinking, it’ll be interesting to see how six years has changed things. 

Krug Rose will be served during the Christmas festive period, just like it was last year and in 2019. The dates weren’t explicitly mentioned, but 24-26 December 2023 would be a safe bet based on what we’ve seen previously.

Krug Grande Cuvee will return from 1 January 2024, at which point the line-up should look like this.

🍾 SIA Suites/First Champagnes
(1-31 January 2024)
Champagne Vivino Rating
2012 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 4.5/5★
Krug Grande Cuvee NV 4.6/5★
2007 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 4.4/5★

Charles Heidsieck will then be replaced by Extra Brut ‘VP’ Grand Cru by Champagne Egly-Ouriet in February and March 2024, bringing a Celebration of Champagne to a close and returning the Suites and First Class selection to two options (Taittinger and Krug).


Long-time stalwart Krug Grande Cuvee has been temporarily removed from the Singapore Airlines Suites and First Class menu, but it’s set to make a return by the middle of December in the form of Krug 2004. Passengers flying around Christmas can also look forward to Krug Rose, something of an annual SIA tradition.

So congratulations to those of you who managed to score a Suites or First Class redemption for the latter half of December. You’re in for a real treat, and might even want to hold back at The Private Room in anticipation of what’s to come!

If you’re one of the lucky few to fly in December, let us know how it goes!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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I hope there are enough stocks to last till my next suite flight to LHR in March next year lol


First world problem and debate…


Flying SQ from Auckland to SQ on 17 Dec. Hopefully can try the Krug