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Ended: BOC Elite Miles Card uncapped 7-8 mpd promo (but what does that mean exactly?)

Riddle me this, BOC Elite Miles Cardholders. What does "fully redeemed" mean?

Insane: BOC Elite Miles Card giving uncapped 7-8 mpd on overseas & online spend, dining, and SIA Group

From 1-31 March 2024, BOC Elite Miles Cardholders will earn an uncapped 7-8 mpd on virtually all their spend. What the what?

BOC Elite Miles Card launches 60,000 miles welcome offer

Just in time for Halloween, the BOC Elite Miles Card has been resurrected with a 60,000 miles welcome offer. But beware: ghouls lurk in the T&Cs!

Review: BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard

With dismal earn rates, arbitrary rules, antiquated processes, and dysfunction at every turn, the BOC Elite Miles Card is best suited for fans of Marquis de Sade.

Which banks pool credit card points?

If you use more than one card from a given bank, credit card points pooling makes life so much easier. Which banks offer it, and which don't?

How to check credit card points breakdowns

Regularly checking your points balance is good miles game hygiene. Which banks make it easy to track points, and which don't?

How to calculate credit card points: General spending cards

How do banks calculate credit card points, and how does rounding affect you? Here's all you need to know for general spending cards.

It’s alive: BOC Elite Miles Card offering 20,000 miles sign-up bonus

BOC Elite Miles is back from the dead with a 20,000 miles sign-up bonus...and of course, the T&Cs are to die for.