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Bank of China cuts SmartSaver interest rates, and I’m so out of here

BOC will nerf the SmartSaver account from 1 August 2020, significantly cutting the bonus interest. It's time to jump ship.

Bank of China backtracks on CardUp rewards exclusion

CardUp transactions will continue to earn rewards points on BOC credit cards, even from 15 June 2020.

No waste: What are the best ways to cash out your Bank of China points?

You need to cash out your BOC points for miles before 15 June 2020. But what can you do with orphan points?

Nerfed: Major BOC Elite Miles devaluation taking place on 15 June

Batten down the hatches and cash out all your BOC points before 15 June 2020.

The upside down world of the BOC Elite Miles card, where an annual fee waiver can mean paying more

Bizzaro world alert: BOC will waive your BOC Elite Miles' S$190 annual fee...and charge you 31,667 miles instead.

BOC Elite Miles cardholders: Watch out for mysterious interest charges

If you've ever had a refund processed to your BOC Elite Miles card, you may be paying unwarranted interest.

Shedding some light on the new BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard T&Cs

BOC introduced new T&Cs for the BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard on 15 March. Here's more info on what is and is not happening.

Brace yourself: the new BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard T&Cs are here

BOC redefines overseas payments, imposes a cap on mileage transfers and adds new rewards exclusions in this bumper T&C update.


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