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Review: OCBC 90°N Mastercard

The OCBC 90°N Mastercard offers non-expiring points and free conversions, but is held back by the lack of a bonus category and S$5 earning blocks.

DBS yuu Card Review: That’s enough, Gurmit Singh

The yuu Card will appeal to the aunty segment, but if this is "Singapore's Best Rewards Club Ever", we might as well all start earning cashback.

Review: OCBC VOYAGE Card

The OCBC VOYAGE isn't the best in class at all it does, but its unique proposition of "any seat, any flight" redemptions make it a useful tool to have.

Trust Link Credit Card Review: Too many emoji, not enough free rice

The Trust Card's ambitions, while noble, are hamstrung by a hopelessly confusing rewards scheme with numerous gotchas. The best thing might be the free rice.

Review: Standard Chartered X Card

With a hefty annual fee and close to zero benefits, the Standard Chartered X Card could be the most expensive paperweight you ever buy.

Review: American Express Platinum Credit Card

The AMEX Platinum Credit Card isn't a great choice for spending, though Love Dining and Chillax benefits can make it worth your while.

Review: UOB Lady’s Card & UOB Lady’s Solitaire

Like a veteran leading lady, the shapeshifting UOB Lady's Card can play many roles- just not all at the same time.

Review: HSBC Visa Infinite Card

The HSBC Visa Infinite offers excellent travel benefits, though its mediocre earn rates and lack of renewal miles hold it back.


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