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Will Changi Terminal 4 be suspending operations imminently?

Cathay Pacific is moving to Terminal 1 from tomorrow, which almost certainly seals Terminal 4's fate.

Here’s where the Terminal 2 airlines are moving to from May 1st

Changi has announced the terminal reshuffles, and as expected, most Star Alliance carriers head to T3, while Malaysia Airlines shifts to T1.

5 things I’ll miss when Changi Terminal 2 closes

Terminal 2 shuts its doors at the end of this month for a year and a half. What do we lose during this period?

Changi Terminal 2 to be closed for 18 months; SIA to operate all flights from Terminal 3

T2 will suspend operations from 1 May 2020 to save costs and speed up its renovation. This means Singapore Airlines will consolidate all operations under one roof in T3.

7 things travelers to Jewel Changi Airport should know

Changi Jewel is on the verge of opening to the public. Here's some things travelers may like to know.

Does SQ’s survey hint at upcoming improvements in ground services at T3?

I received an invitation from SQ to take part in a survey yesterday that would help "redesign your future pre and post flight experience at Terminal 3 in Singapore" I think it's well known that as good as Singapore Airlines is in the sky, its ground services are nowhere near those...


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