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Phase Whatever-This-Is: Implications for travel, staycations, cruises and attractions

Singapore will tighten COVID-19 measures from 27 Sep to 24 Oct 2021. Here's what it means for your travel and leisure plans.

Where can vaccinated Singaporeans travel without quarantine?

As Singapore prepares to reopen her borders, here's the list of countries offering quarantine-free travel to Singaporeans (and vice versa).

Singapore Border Restrictions: Poland & Saudi Arabia upgraded to Cat. II; six European countries moved to Cat. III

Singapore will modify its border measures from 23 Sept 2021, easing restrictions for Poland, Saudi Arabia and six other European countries.

Germany VTL: Pre-departure COVID-19 PCR testing in Munich

Getting a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test in Munich is simple and easy, with turnaround times as fast as 35 minutes.

Explained: Germany COVID-19 restrictions, testing and proof of vaccination

Visiting Germany on the VTL? Here's what you need to know about COVID restrictions, testing, and proof of vaccination.

Farewell Hong Kong ATB, we hardly knew ye!

The Singapore - Hong Kong ATB will be consigned to history, as differences in COVID strategies doom the scheme which never got off the ground.

5 things to know about Singapore’s new border restriction categories

Singapore is introducing four border restriction categories from 21 August 2021. Here's how it affects you.

Has the plan for “SHN-free travel” from September been abandoned?

Vaccinated Singaporeans were supposed to enjoy SHN-free travel come September. But the latest developments suggest that's no longer the plan.


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