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Obituary: GrabPay (2017-2023)

Remembering the life and times of GrabPay, once the best friend of rewards chasers everywhere.

Nasty: GrabPay nerfs insurance payments without notice

PSA: GrabPay balances originating from credit cards can no longer be used to make insurance premium payments!

Nerfed: GrabPay to block AXS transactions from 16 January

From 16 January 2023, GrabPay will remove support for AXS transactions, (mostly) ending an era of free miles and cashback for bill payments.

UOB Absolute Cashback Card nerfs GrabPay top-ups

From 15 January 2023, UOB Absolute Cashback Cardholders will only earn 0.3% cashback on GrabPay top-ups, instead of the current 1.7%.

Could GrabPay’s annual spending limit be increased to S$100,000?

GrabPay users may soon be able to store and spend more money through their e-wallet, if MAS approves a proposal to increase limits.

GrabPay nerfs support for Revolut and other e-wallet top-ups

More bad news for GrabPay Cardholders, as Grab drops support for all e-wallet top-ups and remittance services.

Explained: GrabPay’s $30,000 annual transaction limit

How does GrabPay's annual transaction cap work, and why does it matter when GrabRewards is so underwhelming?