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Grab offering bonus GrabRewards points for top-ups via PayNow

Earn up to 1,000 bonus GrabRewards points for topping up your GrabPay balance with PayNow...but give up credit card rewards.

What happens when there’s no more credit card rewards for GrabPay top-ups?

It's surely only a matter of time before all credit cards stop rewarding GrabPay top-ups. What happens then?

UOB PRVI Miles adding new exclusions: no more miles for GrabPay top-ups or insurance

From 16 March 2020, UOB will make some changes to the PRVI Miles cards, affecting insurance and GrabPay top-ups.

AMEX raising FCY fee to 2.95%, adding new exclusion categories (including GrabPay top-ups)

Heads up: from 1 March 2020, it'll cost more to use your AMEX card overseas, and you won't earn rewards on SAM, insurance, SPC or GrabPay top-ups.

Review: GrabPay Mastercard

Grab's virtual (and now physical) card is finally open to all. Here's what you need to know.

Use GrabPay credits with FavePay, earn 10X, GrabRewards, FavePay cashback

Earn 10X. Earn Cashback. Earn GrabRewards points. What's there not to like?

Why settle for anything less than 10X? Mobile payments and the rise of 4 mpd everywhere

4 mpd, once an elusive category bonus, is becoming increasingly possible everywhere.

Using Grabpay to earn miles at hawker centres

In a bid to head towards a "cashless" society, Singapore has been launching new mobile payment platforms left right centre. We'll investigate the case for one of them, GrabPay.


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