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PSA: GrabPay’s nonsensical fraud reporting policy

Hit by a fraudulent transaction on your GrabPay Card? Filing a chargeback claim may be anything but straightforward.

PSA: GrabPay adds government services to rewards exclusion list

No more GrabRewards points for season parking, passport renewals, road tax or other government transactions, from 25 Feb onwards.

Earn miles or cashback for CPF top-ups with GrabPay and PayNow QR

Planning to top-up your CPF Special Account? Earn 1.8 mpd or up to 3% cashback via GrabPay and PayNow QR.

New GrabPay Power Up Challenge: Up to 20K bonus points

Earn up to 20,000 bonus GrabRewards points from 15 October to 14 November when you top-up your GrabWallet and spend with GrabPay.

CIMB nerfing cards; adding GrabPay top-ups to exclusion list from 1 Sept

Heads up: CIMB won't offer cashback on GrabPay (or other e-wallet) top-ups from 1 Sept 2021. Last call for an easy sign-up gift.

Latest GrabPay Power Up Challenge: Up to 20K bonus GrabRewards points

The latest GrabPay Power Up Challenges are out, and although they're less generous than last month's, it doesn't hurt to register.

Should you buy Grab’s Rewards Multiplier package?

Misleading descriptions, a miserly cap, and a whole lot of opportunity cost. All yours, for S$9.99 per month.

New GrabPay Power Up Challenge: Up to 20,000 bonus GrabRewards points

Register for the latest GrabPay Power Up Challenge and earn bonus points for topping-up and spending via your GrabPay wallet.


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