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Prata time: Thailand drops vaccination requirement for international arrivals

Thailand drops its planned vaccination requirement on the day of implementation, capping a strange, messy and damaging weekend.

Full details: Thailand’s new vaccination and travel insurance requirements

From 9-31 January 2023, Thailand will require all visitors to be fully vaccinated, and some to purchase travel insurance. Here's the full details.

Thailand to introduce vaccination requirement for all travellers

Thailand will be introducing a vaccination requirement for all travellers, plus mandatory travel insurance for selected individuals.

Thailand Pass to be scrapped from 1 July

Thailand's frustrating Thailand Pass requirement will end on 1 July, allowing fully vaccinated travellers to visit just like pre-COVID days.

Thailand Pass: Entry window tightened to 3 days again

Thailand Passes are now valid for 3 days after the original date of arrival, a reversal of the previous 15 day entry window.

Thailand Pass will offer instant approval from 1 June

From 1 June, Thai nationals will no longer require a Thailand Pass, while fully vaccinated non-Thais will enjoy instant approval.

Report: Thailand Pass to be scrapped from 1 June

The Thailand Pass may be a thing of the past from 1 June, removing one of the most annoying requirements for entry to Thailand.

Details: Simplified Thailand Pass application

A simplified Thailand Pass application will go live on 29 April, for those looking to enter Thailand with no testing from 1 May.


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