Details: Simplified Thailand Pass application

A simplified Thailand Pass application will go live on 29 April, for those looking to enter Thailand with no testing from 1 May.

Thailand scrapped its pre-departure test requirement in April, and recently announced plans to eliminate on-arrival and Day 5 testing for fully vaccinated international arrivals, effective 1 May 2022. This means that fully vaccinated travellers can soon enter Thailand with no testing required.

With the removal of on-arrival testing, there will no longer be any need to book a one-night hotel stay, or dedicated transport from the airport to the hotel. Consequently, the Thailand Pass application process will be simplified, and we now have further details on what that will look like. 

Here’s the tl;dr:

  • If you have an existing Thailand Pass for entry before 30 April 2022, nothing changes
  • If you have an existing Thailand Pass for entry from 1 May 2022, you can enter under the simplified scheme with no need to reapply
  • If you do not have a Thailand Pass yet and plan to enter from 1 May 2022, you’ll need to wait till 29 April 2022 1.01 a.m Singapore time to submit an application

Recap: Entry to Thailand from 1 May

Koh Samui Island

From 1 May 2022, Thailand’s three entry schemes (Alternative Quarantine, Sandbox, Test & Go) will be consolidated into just two:

  • Vaccinated
  • Unvaccinated

Fully vaccinated travellers (and unvaccinated travellers aged 17 and below accompanied by fully vaccinated parents) will only need to purchase travel insurance (with US$10,000 of coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses, down from US$20,000) and apply for a Thailand Pass.

🇹🇭 Thailand Entry for Vaccinated Travellers
(from 1 May 2022)
  • Fully vaccinated with approved vaccine (age 17 and below exempt)
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. US$10K COVID-19 medical coverage (foreigners only)
  • Apply for Thailand Pass
  • Download MorChana app (Android | iOS) and use for venue check-in

No more testing on arrival or on Day 5 is required, and travellers have freedom of movement from the moment they land. 

Simplified Thailand Pass application

Thailand Pass

While there were rumours the much-despised Thailand Pass would also get the chop, we’re unfortunately stuck with it for at least another month.

If it’s any consolation, the application process will be simplified, with Richard Barrow reporting that approvals for vaccinated people could now take only 2-3 days (versus up to 7 days currently).

As per an update on the Thailand Pass portal, travellers seeking to enter under the new entry measures from 1 May 2022 may submit their Thailand Pass applications from 29 April 2022, at 12.01 a.m Thailand time (1.01 a.m Singapore time).

Registration on Thailand Pass for travelers entering Thailand from 1 May 2022 under new entry measures will be opened from 29 April 2022 onwards (00.01 hrs Thailand time).

-Thailand Pass portal

If Richard Barrow’s 2-3 day prognosis is accurate, this should provide enough time for someone looking to enter during the labour day break, though I imagine it could get a little hairy. 

In anticipation of this change, the Thailand Pass portal is no longer accepting applications for entry from 2 May 2022 onwards (don’t ask me why 2nd; it’d make more sense if 1st were the cutoff). If you wish to submit a new application for arrival from 2 May 2022, you will need to wait till 29 April 2022 to do so.

The simplified application will require the registration of your trip details (flight number, port of arrival, date of arrival, estimated date of departure, purpose of trip), as well submission of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Proof of insurance (with min. US$10,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses)

As a reminder, Thailand Pass entry approval validity was recently extended to +/- 7 days from the original entry date. For example, if your approved entry date is 15 May 2022, you may enter from 8 to 22 May 2022.

However, if your Thailand Pass is approved under the new scheme, you won’t be able to use it for entry before 1 May 2022. That’s because on-arrival PCR testing will continue until the end of 30 April 2022, and you’ll require a hotel to isolate in while waiting for the results. 

What if I already have an approved Thailand Pass?

If you have an existing Thailand Pass, there is no need to reapply. Your Thailand Pass can be used for entry as originally planned, regardless of whether your entry date comes before or from 1 May 2022.

For travelers whose Thailand Pass have already been issued can travel with the issued QR Code and do not need to register for new Thailand Pass.

-Thailand Pass portal

What you will need to do is ask your hotel for a refund of the COVID-19 PCR test and airport transfer (assuming you want to take another mode of transport from the airport), although most hotels won’t entertain such requests until the Royal Gazette is updated with the new entry rules (which should happen early next week). 

In the meantime, don’t get itchy fingers and cancel your reservation prematurely. This may cause issues with your existing Thailand Pass.


Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

Thailand will be modifying its Thailand Pass application process to match the simplified entry rules that take effect from 1 May 2022. Applications for the new scheme will open from 29 April 2022 at 1.01 a.m Singapore time, so try and apply as soon as possible if you’re planning to enter Thailand in time for the labour day break. 

If you’re already holding on to an approved Thailand Pass, you can enter as originally planned, with no further action needed from your side (although you’ll want to contact your hotel to arrange for a refund of the PCR test and airport transfer, if applicable).

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James Quek

I had earlier re-scheduled my BKK trip to June 2022, hopefully Thailand Pass will not be required by then.


The insurance is “strange”. I am in Thailand now. I paid for insurance to get in, that expires soon. When extending my visa, I did not have to provide further insurance cover. So soon I will be uninsured. But if I choose to leave, and re-enter, I will have to buy insurance again to get back in !


Weekend trips to Thailand becoming reality again


System is not accepting applications from 1 May (can’t click any dates in May). I am flying in on 1 May and am now anxiously hoping nothing goes wrong when I apply on 29 April and I get my approval just 1 day later on 30 April.


Data point: Applied just before 1 am (system was Live at about 12.40 am) and got it approved at 1 pm. Under 13 hours.

Siriporn Reinthong

Fått svar med engang NO NO
No – QRCode
Jeg er thai, Fullt vaksinerte og forsikring for helse personal


I applied for our Thailand Passes late at night on April 21st and they were issued at 3AM+ on the 22nd. Meaning, took just 5-6 hours for approval for ours!


Which Covid insurance did you get for the Thai pass requirement?


Applied at 1am and got approved at 1pm. For travel on 1st May



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