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Singapore scraps COVID-19 test requirement for transit passengers through Changi Airport

From 22 February, no more COVID-19 testing and no more Transit Holding Area for transit passengers through Changi Airport.

Good news: Transits no longer count towards travel history when entering Singapore

From 27 October, Singapore will no longer include transit countries when assessing a traveller's 14-day travel history. Here's the implications.

My experience flying out of Changi Airport during COVID-19

If the last time you flew out of Changi was pre-COVID, you might be in for a bit of a shock the next time you set foot airside...

Transit approval granted for SIA Group passengers from Istanbul, Milan, Nanjing and more

SIA Group passengers from 28 different cities can now transit through Changi Airport en route to other destinations in the network.

Changi transit now available from all Singapore Airlines European destinations

Barcelona, Paris and Zurich are now eligible starting points for transit passengers through Changi, meaning SIA's entire Europe network is now connected.

Singapore Airlines scales up flights for August; keeps same destinations

Singapore Airlines will operate more than 600 flights in August 2020, with the same 27 destinations kept in its network.

Changi transit now available for SIA passengers from selected European cities

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and London are now all valid starting points for passengers wishing to transit via Singapore's Changi Airport.

SIA passengers from China, Japan, and South Korea can now transit via Changi

Singapore Airlines can now carry transit passengers from China, Japan and S. Korea through Changi Airport en route to other destinations in the SIA network.


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