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$5 off 9 Grab rides and 10th Ride free with Android Pay

From now till 1 Jan 2017 Grab is offering $5 off your first 9 Grab rides and the 10th ride free (up to $15). All you need to do is link an Android Pay account to your Grab account and put it as the primary payment method.

The discount is automatic and no code is required. I started using this today and saw the discount removed in my final receipt (somewhat confusingly, the initial quote on the Grab app does not factor into account the $5 discount).

A few caveats to note

  • Campaign runs till 1 Jan 2017 (23:59 hours).
  • Eligible for usage on all vehicle types except GrabHitch.
  • Valid on Android mobile phones only.
  • Valid only with the Android Pay payment method.
  • Cancellation of a successful booking disqualifies you from the promotion.
  • Only eligible on latest version of the app.

I’m personally an Uber man but I’m not about to say no to $5 off. Anyway, all AndroidPay transactions are eligible to earn 4mpd with the usual suspect cards (DBS WWMC etc).

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Unfortunately HSBC card is not enrolled in the android pay programme in Singapore yet. For reference: