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Part 2 of The Milelion-iPayMy materials are now up!

Last night we had the second half of The Milelion-iPayMy webinar series on redeeming miles. Thank you to all who joined and I hope you learned something useful (and if not, please feel free to leave questions below).

A recording of the presentation is available below

And here are the updated materials


I realise there were a few things we mentioned during the presentation that we had to sort of rush through because of time constraints. The $100 Bangkok trip was one nifty thing in particular I thought deserved a better explanation, so I’m going to do a proper article on that very shortly. If there’s anything in the materials you feel needs a bit more explaining do let me know in the comments too.

And if you want to read more about some of the analysis I alluded to in the presentation, you can find links here

How bad is the Krisflyer waitlist situation, really?

Further analyzing the Krisflyer partner award chart

Why Krisflyer’s new Tigerair and Scoot redemption options are a waste of time

Is AsiaMiles the answer to SQ’s ridiculous award surcharges?

Is Alaska’s Mileageplan the new Lifemiles?

Some people have mentioned they’d like the option of attending a live presentation. That sounds exciting too, so let me give it a think of how that can best be arranged and get back to you. Once again, thanks for attending and hope you learned something new!

Milelion-iPayMy webinar materials are now up!

Thank you again to the 60 or so of you who joined me for the introduction to miles earning workshop hosted last night. It was great to see so many of you (albeit online- we really should do a physical meet up one of these days) at the event and although the material we covered was pretty basic, I hope it nonetheless served as a good refresher (or primer for those of you who were completely new!)

The materials for the first webinar are now up and you can view a recording here. Be warned that I speak progressively faster as the webinar goes on, but I’m told if you play the recording backwards you can hear the secret code to enter on the SQ website to unlock saver award space on SQ25. Or so the legend goes.

An updated version of the slides I used can be found here. In the appendix you’ll find some useful resources and backup slides with more details on different cards.

Do remember to register for Thursday’s session if you haven’t already done so. This Thursday, we will be looking at what to do with all those miles you’ve earned- what frequent flyer program should you join? What should you spend your miles on? How can you improve your chances of snagging award space? How can you minimize surcharges on awards?

The webinar will take place at the same time (7pm), same place (anywhere you are!)

Register now for Session 2: Top Tips for Redeeming Air Miles

Hope to see another good turnout and to answer as many of your questions as I can

P.S- if you’ve still got pending questions from last night’s session please feel free to post them below. I realise I still owe you an answer on MatchMove, a program I’m vaguely aware of but never researched in detail. Look out for an article on that hopefully over the weekend

Mark your calendars: The Milelion-iPayMy Webinar, 5th & 8th December

The Milelion is pleased to announce a collaboration with iPayMy to hold two introductory travel hacking webinars on the 5th and 8th of December!

These sessions will be targeted at beginners to the miles and points game. If you don’t know your credit cards from your debit cards, your points from your miles, your One Alliance from your Star Worlds, these sessions will most definitely help.

Because I am hopelessly long winded, the material will be split over two sessions.


The first webinar will be on Monday 5 December at 7pm and will cover everything related to earning miles

This includes things like

  • Why do I need credit cards?
  • What types of rewards can I earn?
  • How should I value my miles?
  • Which is the best credit card to use for (insert category here)
  • What should my credit card spending strategy be?

and much more!

Register now for Session 1: Top Tips for Earning Air Miles


The second session will be on Thursday 8 December at 7pm and will cover everything related to redeeming miles. 

This includes things like

  • Which frequent flyer program should I join?
  • What can I redeem with my miles? What should I redeem with my miles?
  • How can I make my miles go further?
  • How do I improve my chances of redeeming awards for my family?
  • How can I minimize surcharges on my award tickets?

and much more!

Register now for Session 2: Top Tips for Redeeming Air Miles

There will be live Q&As during both webinars where you can pick my mind on anything.

Both webinars will run for roughly 40 minutes (unless I ramble) with 20 minutes for questions (unless I ramble).

These sessions are absolutely free of charge and anyone can sign up. So get your mileage-challenged friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, other halves who don’t understand why you’re so insistent on them using the “right card” and have them sign up!

Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

IPaymy.com like to help you travel more for less. We give you a new way to pay your rent and other expenses online to earn air miles through the power of your credit card! Turn your school fees, trade services, supplier payments, and other expenses into fun trips away, or flights to visit family & friends. www.iPaymy.com