Mark your calendars: The Milelion-iPayMy Webinar, 5th & 8th December

The Milelion is pleased to announce a collaboration with iPayMy to hold two introductory travel hacking webinars on the 5th and 8th of December!

These sessions will be targeted at beginners to the miles and points game. If you don’t know your credit cards from your debit cards, your points from your miles, your One Alliance from your Star Worlds, these sessions will most definitely help.

Because I am hopelessly long winded, the material will be split over two sessions.


The first webinar will be on Monday 5 December at 7pm and will cover everything related to earning miles

This includes things like

  • Why do I need credit cards?
  • What types of rewards can I earn?
  • How should I value my miles?
  • Which is the best credit card to use for (insert category here)
  • What should my credit card spending strategy be?

and much more!

Register now for Session 1: Top Tips for Earning Air Miles


The second session will be on Thursday 8 December at 7pm and will cover everything related to redeeming miles. 

This includes things like

  • Which frequent flyer program should I join?
  • What can I redeem with my miles? What should I redeem with my miles?
  • How can I make my miles go further?
  • How do I improve my chances of redeeming awards for my family?
  • How can I minimize surcharges on my award tickets?

and much more!

Register now for Session 2: Top Tips for Redeeming Air Miles

There will be live Q&As during both webinars where you can pick my mind on anything.

Both webinars will run for roughly 40 minutes (unless I ramble) with 20 minutes for questions (unless I ramble).

These sessions are absolutely free of charge and anyone can sign up. So get your mileage-challenged friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, other halves who don’t understand why you’re so insistent on them using the “right card” and have them sign up!

Looking forward to seeing all of you there. like to help you travel more for less. We give you a new way to pay your rent and other expenses online to earn air miles through the power of your credit card! Turn your school fees, trade services, supplier payments, and other expenses into fun trips away, or flights to visit family & friends.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Hi Aaron, thanks for organising this. Just signed up and received the email, it stated 6pm as the webinar time. So, is it 6pm or 7pm? Thanks!


Thanks Aaron 😉 feeling excited…


where the venue for the talk? address please


Hi Aaron, would the webinars be recorded as I will probably be stuck in the train with choppy speeds unsuitable for streaming?


Thanks Aaron for this, will be registering now!

Did you get a chance to experiment with I’m keen on getting onboard but can’t shake off the feeling of the risk involved – given that it’s still a start up and could shut shop anytime.


I’ve been paying rent via for the last 3 months and seems to work. I know others who use this website and they haven’t had issues either.



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