Major Lifemiles improvement- mixed cabin redemptions

Lifemiles, everyone’s favourite South American FFP, has quietly launched a major improvement to its program.

It used to be that mixed cabin bookings were not possible. That is, your ticket would have to be flown in all First Class, or all Business Class, or all Economy class. This created routing problems. Suppose I wanted to fly First Class from Singapore to Europe. Because SQ does not release first class award space to partners, I’d need to try and book on another carrier that did, eg TG or NH. But getting to that “gateway city” would be a problem because although SQ allows business class partner redemptions on its A330 regional business class flights, Lifemiles would not allow that mixed class booking.

What I can do now is book an award ticket that goes SIN-BKK-FRA (For example), with SIN-BKK on SQ business class in their A330, and BKK-FRA on TG first class in their A380.

Or to show another example visually….


Prior to the Lifemiles revamp the mixed cabin options shown here would not have been available. (OT: Am I immature for sniggering at Fukuoka’s airport code?)

While this doesn’t change the “cost” of your booking, it certainly opens up more possibilities to include airlines that do not offer First class products  (EVA) into your routings, and should improve the availability situation overall.

Remember that Lifemiles has frequent sales, and I’ll keep posting whenever they come up.


Happy routing!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Whoa. I’ve been checking Lifemiles recently as I wanted to fly to France this March, but I never noticed this! Or maybe it only appears on certain routes… hmmm


Yeah I just tested. Now it has more options. It’s just annoying that the SIN-Europe flight is on economy, then the intra-Europe is on business (which is also technically economy), then they charge you business class redemption values. Ugh


for regional travel this is amazing though! hopefully the next sale comes soon!


“OT: Am I immature for sniggering at Fukuoka’s airport code?”

yes you are! 😉

sorry for the absence. have been swamped with work and was away the whole last week. unfortunately. away didn’t mean flying or hotels. lol!

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