Maybank Horizon Visa Signature- dining, taxis and petrol

Maybank cards don’t really get a lot of love around these parts, but I’ve been tipped off as to an ongoing offer that might be worth some attention.

The Maybank Horizon Visa Signature card is offering 3.2 miles per $1 spent on dining, petrol, taxi and bookings at

You normally earn 1 TREATS point per S$1 of spend (0.4 miles). You get a bonus of 7 TREATS points (2.8 miles) when you spend on the aforementioned categories.

The T&C, which can be found here, say this is subject to a minimum monthly spend of S$300 and the bonus points are capped at 30,000 TREATS points per month, meaning you max this out at S$4,285 of spending. Interestingly, Maybank includes GrabTaxi as part of taxi transactions but not Uber. There is no indication as to whether this is a limited time promotion or not.

That said, you could always use your HSBC Advance/DBS Woman’s World card for Uber/Grab to get 4 miles per $1, and for regular taxis you could use Paypass or Dash to get 4 miles per $1. I suppose the real benefit here is for petrol payments, where I’m struggling to think of any card that will give you a bonus (Samsung Pay isn’t offered at gas stations is it?)

You can also use your Maybank Horizon card to get 2 miles per $1 on air tickets and overseas spend.

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Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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How about using it as a dining card for those who dont have advance/uob ones?


what’s the next best alternative for petrol if u don’t use Maybank?


i use UOB PPV for SPC which has paywave.


Do wait until 1 October before using UOB PPV at SPC paywave because you will not get the 4 miles per dollar paywave bonus while the spend $51 get $3 discount promotion is ongoing.


If I’m not wrong, under the T&Cs for the UOB PPV, you don’t get ANY points at SPC regardless of whether you use paywave or not….


The problem with Maybank for petrol is that it only has a station/card discount with Shell, and you must apply for a corporate card to get it.


In addition, if one is intending to use Maybank, the Maybank World Mastercard gives 4 miles per dollar, which is a better rate than the Horizon Visa Signature.


On this statement “That said, you could always use your HSBC Advance/DBS Woman’s World card for Uber/Grab to get 4 miles per $1, and for regular taxis you could use Paypass or Dash to get 4 miles per $1”; how do I get 4 miles per dollar using Dash?


You can use pay pass in taxis? Isn’t that going to cost 10% additional admin charges?


Thanks Aaron for the heads-up. A few questions – if I use DBS Women on Uber, I get 4 miles / $1? Also, how does the paypass in taxi work? Thanks!


Can I just wave a paypass enabled Mastercard credit card?


just saw that treat points expire after 1 yr… kinda sucks..

Jerrick Lim

What about the Maybank World MasterCard ?


So given the death of the HSBC advance 4mpd on dining, is it accurate to say this is the next best option for local dining ?


with the death of my HSBC advance dining card, I am now considering the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature for 3.2 airmiles per S$1 spend on restaurant dining. Or the Maybank Visa Infinite Card which is 2 airmiles on any retail dollar spend (S$1). Horizon Visa Signature card Treats Points only last 1 year but if you enroll into their Rewards Infinite program by spending S$24000 in the preceeding calendar year, then the Treats Points has no expiry. Visa Signature card auto enroll into the Rewards Infinite program and has no expiry. Also 2 mpd for a general spending card seems… Read more »


ok i am officially blind. the 2mpd for the Visa Infinite is for foreign currency general spending…

guess it’s back to option 1


I believe the maybank 3.2 has a non waiveable annual fee plus a minimum spend per month. In other words, annoying small print.

The Blend

Annual fees are waiveable. Minimum spend of $300 a month to get 3.2 miles for dining, which honestly is not difficult to reach.



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