Enhancement to Lifemiles sale with up to 140% bonus

Buy Lifemiles at 1.375 cents each.

Lifemiles is currently holding a sale with a bonus of up to 125%, depending on how many miles you buy. I said that this is a decent price, all things considered, but if you can I’d hold off because I consider 140% to be the minimum bonus I’d consider.

Well, thanks to Lucky at OMAAT (he does this for a living, you know), you can get a maximum of a 140% bonus on the current Lifemiles sale. All you need to do is register on this page between May 17 and May 29, and buy your miles between May 18 and May 30.

This is how your bonus structure looks like with the additional 15% that OMAAT readers get.

As you can see, your bonus now maxes out at 140%, or 1.375 cents per mile, if you buy 101,000 miles or more. You need to wait 24 hours after you register for your enhanced bonus to be reflected.

Another interesting development is that if you buy at least 15,000 miles during this promotion, you’ll receive a follow up email offering to let you buy up to 5,000 miles with a 200% bonus. That means you get 15,000 miles for US$165, or 1.1 cents per mile. I’d definitely jump on that.

Usual caveats about Lifemiles apply, see any of my previous Lifemiles articles for the FAQs.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I was offered the 140% bonus without the extra registration. Perhaps it’s a targeted offer.


Is redemption for ticket only entitled to account holder? Or can I redeem the ticket for someone else using my account?
Can’t seem to find the exact T&Cs with regards to this matter? Unlike SQ Krisflyer where I can nominate my family members.


Aaron, do you know if it’s possible to route from Europe to India via South East Asia using Life Miles? Been trying to piece together a route on the site, but can’t seem to get it to work.


where can i fly direct to from Singapore or HK? Is there a table to refer from? thank you xx


You should play around witg the lifemiles search engine to see what are the possible routings.. there isnt any tables as its all redemption on star alliance partners


Do these miles expire? I couldn’t see on their FAQ page


My Awardwallet tells me that they expire after two years of last activity in the account.


hi Aaron,

i’m considering flying to western europe over the new year period. was trying my luck with london but seems like the only option i got for j class is via turkish airlines. any recommended country to fly to with good j class flights?


Hey Aaron,

SQ and Avianca just signed a code sharing agreement.

I wonder if this will open up interesting new routes (and non-regional SQ planes) to Lifemiles. Will be interested in hearing your thoughts / take on this!



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