Mileslife/AMEX Krisflyer cobrand sign up promo- 7.5K miles + 2X miles on Mileslife

Sign up for a Krisflyer Blue AMEX and use it with Mileslife for extra miles.

Last month AMEX ran a sign up promotion for its Krisflyer Blue and Ascend cards that saw the regular 5,000 miles first spend bonus doubled to 10,000 miles.

That promotion is no longer available, but for the months of September and October Mileslife is offering a 7,500 miles first spend bonus when you sign up for a Kirsflyer Blue/Ascend card through Mileslife. In addition to this, both new and existing Krisflyer cobrand AMEX cardholders can get 2X the regular miles on Mileslife app spend.

Here’s a quick rundown on both offers

7,500 miles first spend bonus

Here’s the breakdown of how you can maximize your sign up bonus for both the Blue and Ascend card. The diagram assumes, of course, that you spend all $2,500 on Mileslife.

If you spend that $2,500 elsewhere, you’re looking at 17,750 miles maximum for the Blue and 29,700 miles maximum for the Ascend.

To get the 7,500 miles first spend bonus you need to do the following (full T&C here)

  • Apply for the Card between 1st September to 31st October 2017 (both dates inclusive)
  • Receive approval for the Card by 30th November 2017 (inclusive)
  • Limited to applications via the dedicated URL for this campaign only (
  • Make first spend on Card within the first three months of Card membership
  • A minimum spend of S$1 is required

2X miles on Mileslife

If you hold any Krisflyer cobrand card (Blue, Ascend, PPS, Solitaire PPS) and spend on Mileslife, you will get 2x the regular miles you’d earn (eg if the merchant offers 3 mpd, you earn 6 mpd)

You do not need to have signed up for your Krisflyer cobrand card through the Mileslife link to take advantage of this- this applies to both new and existing Krisflyer cobrand cardholders.

I received a question asking how you can get up to 10 mpd (as the banner above shows) when the maximum any restaurant is offering on the app is 3 mpd (or 6 mpd after bonus). The answer is that Mileslife has more than just restaurants, there are attraction tickets etc also for sale and those will correspondingly have the miles on offer doubled.


If you missed out on the sign up bonus last month, this might be another way of getting an enhanced sign up bonus. Also, in the absence of a specialized spend card for Mileslife (none of the 10X cards currently work for Mileslife) this makes the AMEX cobrand cards the best card to use (thought I’d never say that) for Mileslife spending until the end of October.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Made the jump and signed up for it last night..


Hi Aaron, for the up to 10miles, I could be wrong but I remember seeing 3x miles on new merchants which offers 3 miles. Effectively each $1 spend will have 3×3 + 1 mile.


hotel and other merchant has 1:5, which bump to 1:10


Hi Aaron,
Is this promo only for new signup that have never have any SQ co-brand credit card?


I wonder if previous AMEX cardholders who have cancelled the card can sign up for the card and enjoy the signup benefits?


Hi Aaron,

Thanks much for sharing. I signed up for the card during the 10,000 miles promo. Wonder if it worth it to spend $2500 to get the extra 7500 miles? If it worth, is there a way to prepaid the amount, don’t think will spend that amount in the coming three months.


Can you not use the UOB Preferred Platinum Amex to earn 10x on top of this promotion?



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