Tune in for the December edition of the Milecast now!

If you play it backwards you hear ways of manufacturing spend.

Thank you all for the great response to our first ever Milecast in November. I’m happy to announce that I’ve just put the finishing touches on the so-bad-it’s-good edition for December, and it’s ready for public consumption now.

On this very special Christmas-themed episode, join me as we

  • Break down SQ’s latest Christmas present to its customers
  • Explore some Christmas gift ideas for the miles chaser in your life
  • Answer a Christmas question from the Milebag
  • Have a Christmas chat with Shopback, who are giving away $150 to new customers listening to the Milecast



I’m still learning the ropes of podcasting, so pardon any weird cuts, pops, crackles or bodily functions you hear on the audio file. It continues to surprise me just how much time it takes to produce a podcast, and I think it’ll still be quite a while before I’ll have the bandwidth to make this a regular thing. That said, I continue to welcome your feedback, and if anyone out there has experience making podcasts and would like to help out, do reach out to me.

Happy listening!

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